How to make a NEXT LEVEL INSTAGRAM photo series!
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How to make a NEXT LEVEL INSTAGRAM photo series!

– Alright, we just sat here for what, I don’t know, 20 minutes, while this dude, welcome back, tried to find his keys. Where did you find them anyway? Where were they? – I put them in the side pouch. – They were in the side pouch, and what is the first thing
I told you when we got here. I was like, “I don’t
know, check your bag, man. – Check your bag.
– “Maybe it’s in your bag.” It’s okay.
– Yeah. – [Peter] I still love you because you’re an amazing photographer. – Thanks for that. – What’s up everybody? Welcome to another day in the city. And I guess you could kinda call this like a part two of the Instagram
video that Alan and I made, was that like two weeks ago already? Wow time flies. Anyways, you guys mangled
his Instagram account, which was absolutely amazing. But he’s been doing
like new tips and tricks that I wanna teach you guys today that kinda fall in line with the video that I did months back, and so I mean he’s been doing recently. So, we came down to the city
to make that video today. Let’s get started. Random dude passing through frame. Okay. (upbeat music) – [Alan] You ready for this? – They’re gonna let me pour my own art. I mean, I’m terrible at pouring art. I’m not terrible, I’m okay, but what coffee shop lets
you pour your own art? That’s beast. – [Alan] It’s amazing; I’m so excited.
– I’m super pumped. – [Peter] I’m so bad at this. Oh no, no. – [Alan] Ohhhhhh. – [Peter] No, no. Redo. Redo. Whatever, I’m over it. I don’t even care. Yeah, let’s go over to
that yellow bridge, behind. – That one right there?
– Ready? – Yeah, ready? One, two (grunts) – That was way faster. – That was a lot better. – That was way better. Great idea, Alan. – Better than anything else. – I didn’t wanna walk that whole way so that was much better. Okay, let’s get into why
we’re doing this video today. Action. – We’re here in downtown
Toronto on this yellow bridge, I don’t know if this place has a name, but – I don’t think so.
– It’s a really cool spot and we’re gonna take
some pictures of Peter and then we’re gonna animate them and show you guys some cool techniques you can do and apply to your photos so that your Instagram stories are bomb. And not only that, it’s
just really cool details, you know what I mean, like you wanna expand your portfolio, you wanna expand your work, this is an easy way to
make your work stand out. – What he said. It got really, really cold suddenly, like really, really cold and windy, so we’re gonna make
this shoot fast because this is more about what’s
going on in post-production. (upbeat music) – Change of plans. It got way too windy out here
and way too cold to shoot. Headed back to Alan’s place to finish the rest of this
little tutorial ’cause – It’s cold and windy. – We can’t learn in these conditions. Toes are numb. – Fingers are ice right now. – Oh, it’s cold. (upbeat music) – [Peter] Bro, this guy is in a T-shirt. Who are you? How? That, dude, come on. (upbeat music) Alright, now we are in Alan’s place. Thank you Alan for having us. It was literally so windy outside. I was like, “We need somewhere
that we can film an intro so that people know exactly
what they’re learning, that you’re not gonna
hear like (wind noises) That’d make a good gift by the way. Look at, this dude created a magazine. – [Alan] A magazine. – [Peter] Like a full-on, oh
my goodness this is insane. This looks so good. Look at it. – [Alan] It was a really cool experience. And feel it. Feel it, feel. – Oh, yeah. That is nice. – Quality. – That is like, I’ll do the back. Yeah, that is nice. – [Alan] (laughs loudly) So we’re continuing the dialogue around creating series of photos and really documenting
your storytelling process so this is another really cool technique that you can apply to your photos, and animating your photos is really cool. I mean, the fact that the photo is cool, and then you can animate it, win-win. – Whoa, this is super comfortable. – [Alan] It’s too comfortable. – Wow, I did not expect that. – It was like, you like, sink in. – I know, I was like, “What is happening?” This is sorta the same concept
of the tutorial that I did on how to make your photos
move and come to life, and I taught you guys how to animate your
shots within Photoshop, kind of like a parallax effect. This isn’t the parallax effect but Alan’s been using it to bring certain elements of his
photos in and out of frame by vanishing them or making them appear, making them move throughout
the frame and transition, all within his Instagram stories which is absolutely phenomenal. Now it’s not limited to Instagram stories, you can do this just for your photos if you wanna post them
on Instagram or whatever, but stories is a great way being that this guy is
like the series expert on, you know when he goes on trips so, that’s kind of what
we’re teaching you today. It’s funny too because
when you go on a shoot, like in the city wherever you go, I don’t know about you guys, I take so many photos. And you guys don’t see half of them but I take so many shots. – We were talking about this last video where we were saying that you don’t necessarily just have
to archive those photos; you can bring them back and you know, create a story around them and this is another way of really
bringing those photos to life. So Peter and I were on the bridge and I was trying to take photos so that we could show you guys an example but sometimes you might get a
photo that is very difficult to manipulate and create the animation, so here’s an example
of that being the case. Oh.
– Ohhh. – [Peter] I mean like, no. – [Alan] No. – [Peter] It works, but
like it doesn’t work. – [Alan] Yeah. – Okay, so let’s jump ahead in time back to the studio, so that I can teach you guys how to do this with screen share. We’ll do that in three, two, one. (time travel noise) Alright, and welcome to the studio. I’ll try to make this as quick as we can and we’ll get back to Alan’s place but I wanted to preface this by saying it is very important the photos that you’re gonna use
to do this technique. Like we mentioned, the more
intricate, busy, detailed shots are gonna be harder to do. When the backgrounds have
a lot of stuff going on, and there’s cities and cars and buildings and just stuff everywhere, if you’re trying to remove
something from that photo you gotta recreate that background. So it’s much harder to do
it in a photo like that opposed to something
where you’re maybe only painting back the sky, which is what we’re gonna
use for this example. As you continue and progress with your Photoshop skills
and your photography skills and all of that, your post-processing, you can start moving up
to more advanced photos and then it looks even more impressive. But, I would say, personally, start with something that’s
not gonna stress you out and make you rip the
computer out of the wall, throw it down the stairs, so for that sake we’re gonna start with a very nice, simple, clean
photo for this demonstration. Look how official that sounded, right? That was pretty good, right? Okay, so we’re gonna start in Photoshop. So find the file that you wanna use, bring that into Photoshop. We’re gonna duplicate that layer. So just come over here to “background,” drag that down into the new layer and you have it duplicated. Now go over to the side
panel and select the pen tool and we’re gonna use that to
just select this building. So just click at a point,
click at another point, at another point, at another point, for this next one click and hold and you can drag it around the building and then just hold “option”
to remove that little tail right there and bring it
back to where you want, join it at the bottom. Now come over here and
right-click on one of those points and just choose “make selection.” Hit “okay,” and you are good to go. Now we have a selection, but you need to delete
this from the photo. So hit “edit,” go over to “fill.” If you want the shortcut for
that it is “shift delete.” It’s gonna bring up the same box. Hit “okay” and wait for Photoshop. Boom, to make it disappear. “Command D” is gonna get
rid of those marching ants, is what we like to call them. From this point we’re gonna
select the clone stamp tool. His “S” on your keyboard to get that. You can control the size of that brush by using the brackets on your keyboard. Once we have “S,” when
you hold down “option” a little target’s gonna pop up. Wherever you click that target, the next paint strokes
you use with that brush are going to paint where
you chose that target. So what we wanna do is just kind of take away this darker, shadowy area. So all we’re gonna do, let me make that brush bigger, different target spots, we’re just selecting
different target spots, making that brush bigger,
painting on the area, just to try and mask away
those darker shadows. I mean that looks pretty good right there. It doesn’t take much work,
clone stamping’s pretty easy. Now when hide and unhide that layer, as you can see the building
appears and disappears, and we’re pretty much done in Photoshop. All you’re gonna do is
start with the top layer, we’re gonna save this photo, then we’re gonna turn this layer off and save the next photo. So hit “command shift S.” That’s gonna bring up
the save dialogue box. Name this to “one,” change it to “jpeg,” choose where you wanna
save it, hit “okay,” and do the same thing for the next photo. Alright, so now we’re gonna
bring them into Premiere. So open up a new Premiere project, choose nothing, don’t select
anything, just new project, and then we’re gonna go to
where we saved these photos and we’re gonna drag them
directly onto the timeline. What that does is creates
the timeline specifically for the files we just dragged onto it. So here we have our clip with no building and clip with the building. So, all we’re gonna do
is grab that second clip and place it to where we want it to start coming into frame. So we can start here, see how that looks. I think that probably
takes a little bit too long so we’ll move it to here and we’ll just drag out that bottom clip. Now what you wanna do is
raise those tracks up. So just come over here and grab that line, drag them both up, and it exposes a kind of little timeline. Hit “P” on your keyboard
to get that pen tool and you can actually
click and create points. Click another one, drag it down, and that’s gonna actually
adjust the opacity. So now when we play that back you can see that building’s fading into view. If we drag this to the end, it’s gonna make that fade
happen longer, over time. If you want it a little bit faster we can drag that back to the middle. Somewhere like that looks good to me, so once you’re happy just select your in and your out points, that’s “I” on your keyboard
and “O” on your keyboard just like that. And we selected our points. We go over, “file,” “export,” “media,” and we’re pretty much
just gonna save it as is. Just output name, we’re gonna change this to “building” up here, choose the target where we wanna save it, and again, hit “save,” hit “export,” and you are pretty much good to go. Now if you wanna send it to
your phone so you can post it on your Instagram stories
or anything like that. If you’re using a Mac
and you have an iPhone you can right-click on that file, hit “share” and go down to “air-drop.” And if you’re phones on (lip pops). Your contact info is gonna pop up there and you can just select your own name and it’ll send it high-res
right to your phone, which is also, pro-tip,
how I send all my photos for Instagram to my phone. That’s it, you’re done. – So that’s it guys. It’s a pretty simple technique. Just remember that you have to have a good foreground and a good
background to work with, and like Pete was saying in his tutorial, to take your time and
just keep working at it and perfect the skill. This is another cool technique that we’re sharing with you
guys that goes hand-in-hand with what we were talking
about earlier about stories and how you can really make
your photos come to life, and also just work with
the photo and content that you already have and
not always thinking about what to create next. – That’s it. Thanks, man. – But you promised me a card trick. – [Peter] I didn’t promise you anything. – Pete promised me he’d do a card trick so – [Peter] I didn’t promise you anything. – I know that Peter is a magician, and he will say that he’s not but you are. – I don’t know what he’s talking about. – He’s a magician. – I don’t know what he’s talking about. – And he has tricks.
– Alright, fine. – I’ll show you.
– Show me one. – One card trick. – I’ll show him one. He gets one. Instead of naming a card just name a number between 1 and 52. Doesn’t matter what it is. – Okay. 24. – 24. Okay. You don’t
want to change your mind? – No.
– You happy with that one? 24. Like the show. Okay, so in my Notes app, where is it, uh, right here, you click Notes, you touch it. I have commonly selected
cards, click on that. And then you’ll see I have
a list of playing cards. There’ll all here, you can attest to that. – Yeah, they’re all there. – I can show you this. I don’t know if it’ll
pick up in the screen, but it’s just a big list of playing cards. So, 24, what does it say? – 24 says 7 of diamonds. – So 24 is the 7 of diamonds. Let me see if I can focus on this so that you guys, oh that’s super blown out. Let’s see, I’ll stop down. 24, where is it? Everyone’s gonna be like,
“You cut 7 of diamonds.” Okay, whatever. I think they can see it there. So, that’s fair, you named anything, deck of cards has been
sitting here the whole time. So, if we were to spread this on the table you’ll notice that there’s one card that’s actually reversed. – [Alan] What? – [Peter] You can see it right there. You can flip it over. Take a look at it. – No way. (clap) How? How did you do that? – [Peter] Very well. – No, I’m serious. Like, how? – [Peter] Alright Alan,
thanks, see ya later. – (laughs) What the hell, man. I’m like, this was not staged at all. – No, no, no. This was legit. – This is insane. Take your cards and go, get out of here. (upbeat music)

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