How To Make A Facebook Messenger Bot In Under 10 Minutes!
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How To Make A Facebook Messenger Bot In Under 10 Minutes!

Let me show you how to set up a Facebook Messenger bot in under 10 minutes and you guys stick with me to the end I’m gonna give you the actual copy and paste facebook Messenger bot templates if You like this video So just give the video a thumbs up and I will share all of the templates with you at the end of this video now Before I show you the step-by-step setup I want to show you how this facebook Messenger bought actually works And so you can kind of see the benefit of why you should actually go through and use this for your business So let’s just say your it doesn’t matter what business you’re in This is gonna be a real-estate messenger bot example, but let’s say you’re sending someone from Facebook or Instagram They click on your ad they go to your landing page like right here. They come in they opt-in they put in their name Their email address and then let’s just put in this phone number for right now. They hit submit at this point They become a lead for your business well The cool thing is is we can actually take this a step further Because now we have their name we have their phone number we have their email address We can also connect with them with facebook Messenger So it says hey, thanks help me put some homes together for you. So we say find homes for me So this is gonna take them into facebook Messenger We’re just gonna take them through the sequence that happens on all complete autopilot So while you’re out and about running your business and doing other things Facebook can automatically follow up with this person through messengers so you can see down here it says hey Jason I see you’re looking for homes in the blank area. So you put whatever area you live in this is that’s great Is there a certain number of bedrooms that you’re looking for so I can come in here and then me as the lead I’ll say Hey, I’m looking for three to four bedrooms and so it goes into third here and it records that so then at the end of the day when you go back and see All the leads you generated you can see what lead came through You can see their exact name and you can see what type of home they’re actually looking for. Okay, this is okay. Perfect Are you a first-time homebuyer? Can they say yes or no? We’ll say yes on this example Ok, so then it goes and it’s gonna automatically follow up with another question Okay, great. How soon are you looking to move? Because any lead that comes in your business? It’s really important to know how soon they’re looking to actually take action is it like as soon as possible or is it a few months out that you can have time to like actually like You know nurture them work with them, or maybe they’re just like they’re we’re looking around but they’re not really ready to take action Right away. So I’m just gonna put in one two three months. Okay, so this is okay. Awesome Let me compile a list of homes that would fit what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible Okay, and if you have any further questions, just ask them here And remember guys, if you just give this video a thumbs up, I’ll share with you guys the copy-and-paste messaging sequence I’ve got right here with you so you can just copy and paste and go through and set up this whole thing along with me in this video now to get all this set up what we’re Gonna do is use a service is 100% free. It’s called mini chats. So ma NYC h8 t comm here I’ll zoom in a little bit So it’s easier to see for everyone and this is gonna allow you to go through and have this back and forth Conversation with all of the leads that are coming in. Okay, so go through jump in get an account Once again I said it’s 100% free and that will do we’ll come over here to the growth tools So just click on that now what we’re gonna do from here is we’re gonna come up here to new growth tool and then for this exact Campaign that I’m showing you guys right here. We are gonna use the messenger reference URL. So we’ll just click on this Okay, and then we’ll give it a name up here We’ll just say, you know, we’ll save the YouTube demo And then what we want to do is we want to edit this opt-in message So we’ll just click on edit right here. And okay, we got to save it so now once it’s saved and ready to go all We’re gonna do is use this copy and paste template right here Which remember if you guys just give this video a thumbs up, I’ll be able to share this with you also You can just copy and paste makes it a lot simpler instead of you having to go through and type out Everything that I’m showing you guys for right here in this video So make sure you give the video a thumbs up and I will share that with you Okay, so back to the mini chat messenger bot So we’re just going to click on here and it’s going to allow us to edit this message now The nice thing is it says first name. So that’s going to we fill in whatever name that person has on their Facebook profile So we know that we’re using their correct name So we’re just gonna come over here and it’s gonna say hey first name, so we’re just going to go over here Just copy this and so we’ll say hey, we’ll just exit this out hey and then Just come select all of this and Then paste this in and so we say I see you’re looking for homes in the Phoenix area Which not really sure why is highlighting that okay that went away there. That’s great Is there a certain number of bedrooms that you’re looking for? Okay So now we come in here and we just click on this button. Do we say want to two? Bedrooms and then once they press this we want to send a message Okay, so we’ll just click on that and we’ll go like that. Just leave that there for now and we’ll click done We want to give other options three to four bedrooms and then this one we don’t need to say when the button is pressed Send message. We just click done. Okay, and then this one will say if they want like a big home Five plus bedrooms done, okay so now what you can do technically is Depending on what question they answer Then you can send different messages based on all those but what I like to do just to simplify things Because usually you want pretty similar contact or pretty similar information Is we’re just gonna drag these all over here to the same message. Okay, so now we’re just gonna click on this one This is the next step Come back over here to this little template that you guys are getting if you guys just liked this video give it a thumbs up Okay, just copy this then come over here and we’ll paste it in. Okay. Okay. Perfect. Are you a first-time home buyer? And then all we do is say yes, and then send message Done or we click on no, okay So then we just go through and we can zoom out so we can kind of see what this looks like But we’re creating this little flow now. Obviously, I’ve got a few questions right here They’re just like, you know, four messages right here, but you can create as many follow-up messages as you want However, keep in mind if you’ve got like 10 to 12 questions Typically people are just going to get a No, and they’re not going to go through and fill out all that information So I usually like to start with about three to five initial messages get that information and then I can see who is Responding and based on who’s responding get a good idea of who I should actually be following up with based on their answers Okay, so now we’re going to come in here and just copy this next one. So how soon are you looking to move? And once again, we want to drag this one over here as well So depending on what they answer we’re gonna drag it over here and then we’ll just paste this in here How soon are you looking to move and I usually like to do as soon as possible? Send message that creates the the other follow-up message done We add a button just click right here, and they usually you got like one two three months Hit done, and then we could say four plus Months done and then we just drag all of these once again these circles all over to this last message So we’re getting some valuable information From this lead that just opted in and this is really pretty simple to go through and set all this up Especially with these copy and paste templates right here. Okay, so then we just come in here copy this last message And we’ll just go over here. Click on this. This is okay. Awesome. Let me compile a list of homes That would fit what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible If you have any further questions, just ask them here now Obviously if they go when they type in a message, it’s not going to go through and have the auto response but if they do have other questions Once you get to your facebook Messenger, you can see what questions they have So, you know how to go through and continue the conversation and respond to that person. Okay So now all we’re gonna do is come over here and click publish It says content published and now to actually use this campaign right here what we’ll do is come back here to YouTube demo and We’ll hit next and then we have to save this and then it’s going to give this this URL right here. Okay So if we copy the URL to our clipboard we can come over here open up a new tab Paste it in and then this is going to take us through this exact sequence that we just did So this is hey Jason. I see you’re looking for homes in the fina area. That’s great is a certain number of bedrooms You’re looking for okay One two to three to four or five five plus so we come in here just takes us through this exact same sequence Now you might be asking yourself Well, Jason What do I actually do with this URL like where am I putting that to get people to actually click on that? Well if you remember We initially had the landing page they put in their name for an email And then on that next page was called a thank-you page We put that link right there that button so they can click on that opt-in to messenger and then we can have this whole Facebook Messenger follow up with the bot that we just set up So what I recommend you use is arsalan kg which obviously is our software that we build out specifically for real estate professionals But if you have another software that you use you love all that stuff Totally fine is the same exact method the same exact setup. But all we’ll do is go over here to create another lead page Okay, so this one is for a buyer leads. No listing So we’ll just click on this one. And this is basically the landing pages pre-built pre setup everything done for you. Okay? so all you got to do is say You know come in here click on this and this is welcome to the and they will put Phoenix because that is the demo we’re using right here the Phoenix homes under and then maybe we’ll say under five hundred thousand because Homes right now in this market are absolutely insane They’re they’re extremely expensive compared to what I’ve experienced previously here in this exact same market And so what we’ll want to do is come over here. So you got the landing page This is where they put in their name phone and email and then we go to the Thank You page which is that next part Okay, then it says hey five more homes for sale here. So we just click right here and then over here It’s got the link that’s where we’re gonna copy and paste that Link that we grabbed from mini chat right over here. So we just copy this Put it in right here We’ll hit save It says website saved and published and then I will show you guys This exact process that we literally just set up in just a few minutes. So now we got right here They come in opt-in the cool thing about Arsenal just little quick plug is you’ve already got the automated email and text marketing follow-up already Pre-built for you right here where you can go through and customize that so you’re following up via email You’re following up via text message You’ll get a notification Inside the mobile app that someone became a lead so you can call them right away and then on top of that You can have them being followed up with Facebook Messenger, okay, so we just come in here throw in some information Bulbs just like that submit just like we set up. Hey find more homes for sale right here We click on this kicks us into the messenger bot that we just set up Hey, Jess, you’re looking so it’s just this whole process so anyway guys once again Go ahead and give this video a thumbs up if you guys liked it. Also if you guys want my copy and paste’ Messenger templates and what I’ll do is I’ll have a link to this exact template right here down in the description as well as in the top comment that you guys can grab this and just be able to simply use For your business because it’s just gonna make things so much easier. So just watch this video I know I went fairly quickly. But as you’re going through it, you can pause it You can even put the YouTube video on half-speed if I’m going way too quick, which I probably am But that’s just kind of the overall rundown of how to go through and set up a facebook Messenger bot in under 10 minutes So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching if you guys are brand new here Make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell so you can be notified every time we launch new videos Which we do that every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will talk to you all later

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  2. hey Jason! i would love to learn from you brother, you are the best marketer in RE ever maybe for all 🙂 btw FOR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS – Buyer Leads Mastery Link does not work. it leads to the webinar… can i get a link to sales page?
    also if i want to start doing marketing agency for RE like you where should i start learn from?

  3. @Jason Wardrop  thank you Jason! Do you think i can start with buyers lead course deal? Im trying to close this RE client by providing them with buyers lead so i can join the course! If i can close the deal i can join the course!! Please provide me the link for the buyer lead! Thank you 🙂

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  8. I have a question. I just created my flow on manychat. I ran thru it and it worked great. My question is, how can I make this my default messenger response for every single message I receive, whether it's thru a landing page or just people coming to my business page randomly? I spend too many hours daily responding and this would help me a ton if its my default messenger. Can you help??

  9. If you're working this on a Macbook. It may not work exactly how you want it too. I was having the same problems with this layout, I had to use windows.

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