How to Log Out of Twitter On All Devices
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How to Log Out of Twitter On All Devices

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’ll show
you how to log out of Twitter on all devices using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Password managers make it easy for you to
log in to Twitter and other applications across the various devices you use. However, one downside of that is that if someone
else gets their hands on one of those devices that will make it easy for them to access
those accounts as well. If you’re concerned about someone accessing
your Twitter account without your permission, for this or other reasons, you should change
your Twitter account password and log out of Twitter on all devices. The focus of this video will be how to log
out of Twitter on all of your devices. I’ll link to my video about how to change
your Twitter password in the description. Now let’s walk through the steps to log out
of Twitter on all of your devices. Step 1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad
or Android device. Log in to your account if prompted. You’ll land on your Twitter home screen. Step 2. Tap your Twitter profile icon in the upper
left corner of your home screen. A menu appears. Step 3. Scroll down the menu, and then tap “Settings
and Privacy.” The Settings and Privacy screen is displayed. Step 4. Tap “Account” in the menu that appears on
the screen. The Account screen appears. Step 5. Scroll down to the Data and Permissions section,
and then tap “Apps and Sessions.” The Apps and Sessions screen is displayed. Step 6. Scroll down to the Sessions section. You’ll see your active session associated
with your current device displayed on the top part of this section, and all of the other
active Twitter sessions that you’ll be actively logged out of listed toward the bottom of
this section. Step 7. Tap “Log Out Of All Other Sessions.” A dialog box appears asking if you want to
end your other Twitter sessions. Tap “Log Out” in the dialog box. You’ll be returned to the Sessions section,
where you’ll see your active Twitter session is the only active session and all other Twitter
sessions have been logged out. Let me know what your favorite social media
platform is in the comments below. If you liked what you saw here, click the
video link on the right side of the screen to check out another video, or click the logo
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