How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… AT THE SAME TIME!  (Wirecast)
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How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… AT THE SAME TIME! (Wirecast)

100 thoughts on “How to Livestream to Facebook and Youtube… AT THE SAME TIME! (Wirecast)

  1. Hey this video is great, i'm just wondering could Wirecast also stream on two other platforms at the same time too, so Google Hangouts and Periscope?

  2. Hello Justin, i couldn't find facebook as a second stream option on my wirecast pro.
    Please what could be the problem?

  3. Justin I tried to set up multiple streaming with YouTube and Facebook. I'm getting an indication that Facebook does not allow multiple streaming. Has that changed since you made this instructional video? Thanks BTW – I'm using Wirecast 7.7 Studio

  4. Greetings from Germany. Is it possible streaming in different sizes. Like 720p on Facebook and 1080p on youtube? Both simultaneously? I use teradek vidiu but its not perfect with youtube in 1080p!!! Some frames are missing

  5. what extra device do you need for external camera feeds? do you know if wirecast works with the Mevo camera from Livestream?

  6. Hi Justin, I am starting from zero and wanted to know what other streaming programs if any you recommend. Thanks in advance brother…

  7. Hmm. I've updated my free wire cast to wire cast play. And when I follow your instructions I only can choose between Youtube, 'record to disk mov' and 'record to disk Mp4'. But no Facebook. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. Take a look at this Live Stream app. Go Live directly from your IOS Device –
    Follow us on Facebook –

  9. Justin, can I run a, free wirecast for youtube and broadcast one camera , and at the same time run OBS with another camera and broadcast to Facebook live?

  10. Hey Justin, thanks for the great vid. Just a question (not a stupid one I hope). I want to run a live webinar for a client but stream live on YouTube and FB – how can I do that yet make it only for those that have registered? Private FB group? Cheers, Tariq.

  11. Thanks, it's really helpful but I have a problem. If I'd like to open the Authenticate, I can't see anything. There's nothing where I can log in to my Facebook or anything else. Just the white nothing and the window.
    Here's the video about my problem:
    Could you help me PLEASE? 🙁

  12. Hi Justin, great video thanks. Any advice regarding specifics in terms of software versions etc and bandwidth/line-speed requirements when dealing with high definition/4k?

  13. I ran Livestream Studio Waiting for simulcast platform, I use wirecast for you tube, but your video just made us able to broadcast 3 Platforms- Livestream, Facebook, and YouTube. Thankyou By Raul Martinez & Diosesamor Itv

  14. I had a question. Is there anyway to view comments being made on your livestream on facebook? I was recording my desktop and have no idea how to view peoples comments live.

  15. Great tips

    do you have any experience doing sports events?
    We're looking at a few different 3 camera setups with the cameras 50-100m apart at a pool (for water polo).

    any tips or advice for gear and for workflow?

  16. Hi Justin,
    Great tutorial, but when I tried FB and YT, got the message that Facebook restricts Simultaneous streams to other online services. What's the way around?

  17. Thank you! This is great info for my roSSolutons Client! Wirecast is very User friendly to use. Does Wirecast allow screen sharing or for webinars or online engagement over fb and You tube Live? ie: Can I share my desktop of my webinar then invite people to it while showing over fb live and You Tube using Wirecast?

  18. Hello, in the free version of wirecast play isn't possible to do both outputs, right? What should I do? Do you know any soft free for stay in youtube and facebook at same time? Thanks 😉

  19. I tried to stream FB en Youtube at the same time, but got a pop-up that it's against Facebook regulations. Has it changed and is there another way to do it?

    (Full text: "Multiple streaming destinations with Facebook prohibited. Facebook policies allow recording your stream locally, however, streaming to other destinations will be disabled".)

  20. I get an error Can't add mulitple streaming destinations… Facebook restricts simultaneous streams to other online services… 3 days? nothing?

  21. Thank you Justin. I have not done any live stream ever. But like the way you explain the process. You are a natural!

  22. Hi Justin, Thanks for this wonderful video. I am watching you first time and i found this video very helpful. I have a questoin, i want to live stream on my android smartphone so how can i go live on youtube and facebook at both time?? Please make a video on this topic to.

  23. Not sure why, but when I create the set up on Wirecast it said Facebook do not allow to cast to youtube and facebook simultaneously… Any help? or this is just standard since x date? Thank you

  24. I tried this but it didn't work. I received a message that Facebook live restricts streaming on facebool and YouTube at the same time.

  25. Hi Justin
    I try to livestream to facebook and youtube at the same time by using wirecast pro
    But facebook dos not accept to do that
    Do you know please how to fixed this problem
    Thank you

  26. Great video man! I have wirecast but haven't ever used it with YouTube, in fact I haven't done any live stuff with YouTube, this video totally helps!! 🙂

  27. so does this equal to two times the bandwidth? also howabout twitch and youtube or three of them at once? that is the area that must be explored i case you are a dev.

  28. How many streams at the same time is the maximum? can i stream on FB, Youtube twitch and mixer (4) at the same time? do it need more internet?

  29. Does it depend on the camera or camcorder plus the the PC , to stream? For months I have spent over $600 on devices and still have not been able to live stream, to facebook.

  30. I multistream with To YouTube and Facebook. The Social Alerts helps me not to worry about notifying my audience that I am live – the feature does it automatically

  31. hello justin,,,, how to record u r vidoe ,,it is so clear and nice ,,can u tell about ( what lights and camera and how do u use )

  32. Hello, would I be able to connect both Livestream YouTube & Facebook simultaneously on my mobile phone even if I have under 1000 YouTube subscribers? Would I also be able to record my live video on my mobile phone or does it need to be done on a desktop/webcam? During the livestream do I get to view both platforms status such as viewers interactions?
    Any help would be so WONDERFUL as there’s so many options & technicality.

  33. Hi justin, which YouTube link should I use to link with website to go Live on website? I live stream with wirecast and everytime the live link is changing. Please help me with that, you can test it, it will work for the first time and it doesn't make live for the second time. Thanks

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