How to Livestream on Facebook and YouTube AT THE SAME TIME!
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How to Livestream on Facebook and YouTube AT THE SAME TIME!

– Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. We’ve recently been doing a heap of videos around live streaming, the
advantages of live streaming, and how you can use it
to grow your audience and interact with your audience online. We recently did a video on how
you can use Wirecast Studio to live stream live to
Facebook professionally so using multiple cameras,
and screen sharing, and really taking live streaming on Facebook to the next level. We’ve also done videos on how
you can live stream direct to multiple YouTube
channels simultaneously. So the advantage there
is you can actually hit two different audiences,
yourself and maybe someone that you’re interviewing, at the same time and then interact with
both audiences live. So this video is how you
can live stream direct to Facebook and to YouTube at the same time using Wirecast Studio. And we’re going to run
through how to do it. Okay, so the first thing to do is to open up Wirecast
Pro or Wirecast Studio and we will add our camera here just so you can see what’s going on. I hit Live. Right, we’re going to add an
output source for Facebook so click on Output, Output Settings, and choose Facebook. The first thing to do is to give your live stream to Facebook a name so we could call it “Test 1” and you’ll just see it updates on the side here Facebook Test 1. So that’s this live stream. Facebook doesn’t let you
change your quality settings so we’re stuck with 720p
which is more than fine. The next step is to authenticate
your Facebook account that you’re going to be live streaming to so click on Authenticate. Log in to Facebook. Once you’re logged in you can choose where you want the live stream to go so whether it’s to your personal profile or whether it’s to a page. And you can give the live stream a title and a description for the post. Now it’s just a matter of clicking Create. And when you click Create what it does is it generates you an RTMP stream or all the details that you
need to be able to stream from Wirecast direct to Facebook. So what that means is it’s
created the live stream on Facebook’s end and
these are the details that we’re gonna use
to push our live video to Facebook from Wirecast. So the next step, Facebook is set up, we’re gonna add a second source which we’re gonna use for Youtube and instead of choosing Youtube here we’re gonna choose RTMP Server, you click OK. Up until recently, you could
just add an output source for Facebook and another one for Youtube but something’s changed
either at Facebook’s end or at Wirecast’s end and the
two no longer work together. So the way around it is to
add Youtube as an RTMP stream. So that’s what we’re gonna do now. So we’ll give it a name
and call it Youtube, “YT” for Youtube, destination is an RTMP Server. Here we do get to choose
the quality settings. I’d recommend keeping them at 720p because it’s the same stream that you’re gonna be
pushing out for Facebook. Now this is where we
have to log in to Youtube in order to get the details for the event. Okay, so head over to Youtube and select the account that
you want to live stream from and click Create a Studio. When that loads click on Live Streaming and under Stream Now,
down a little bit here you’ll see Server URL, we’ll copy this and we’ll paste it back into Wirecast. So the other part that
we need to grab there is the stream name. You want to click Reveal to reveal that and copy and paste it back into Wirecast which becomes your stream name. So what this says is we’ve generated a new live stream on Youtube, it’s gonna be pushing it to Youtube and the stream name is this, so that’s our unique
code for this live stream so that when we’re pushing
data to that stream name Youtube knows to play it on our channel. Same as we’ve done with Facebook. So what we’ve ended up with here is two output streams, one
that’s going to Facebook to this RTMP stream which we’ve generated, and one going to Youtube using RTMP with the stream name that
they’ve just provided us. Now we just click OK and
hit the big button up here Stream when you’re ready to go live. If you’ve found this video helpful, we’d really appreciate a share,
a thumbs up, or a comment. If not, thumb it down,
we’d like the feedback. Make sure you head over to to subscribe to our weekly video updates. We’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “How to Livestream on Facebook and YouTube AT THE SAME TIME!

  1. Since Wirecast 7 is out, you canot stream at 2 place at once. Facebook will not permit it. 🙁 And you using Wirecast 6

  2. Thank you very much. That really helped me in my live stream in a church i work for… God Bless…. You should definitely do even more videos

  3. Hi, Justin. Nive video. Would you know how to broadcast on Facebook and Periscope at the same time using, for example, vMix software? Is it the same process to stream on Facebook and Youtube at the same time using Wirecast but vMix or OBS? I appreciate your help. Thanks!

  4. Can you stream to more than one Facebook and YouTube at the same time? Ex.. can you stream to 4 Facebook pages and YouTube at the same time?

  5. Justin – it would be VERY helpful if you were to do ONE more of these, streaming to Facebook and a YouTube EVENT simultaneously. Perhaps I can figure it out – I'll go look now. But even if I can, I'm probably not the only one of your viewers who needs to know! Thanks for everything you do. 😉

  6. I'm just watching this. The people who are hacking your live video may be using the code you use in this video. Just a thought.

  7. You should make an updated video cause youtube and facebook dosent work like this anymore threw wirecast but there are alternatives.

  8. Hey Justin, great videos. Thank you very much.
    I'm interested in Facebook LIVE – streaming to two different pages. Is there a way to program this through wirecast and if not are there other programs you recommend which can stream to two facebook pages simultaneously?

  9. please inform how we can stream to facebook and youtube at same time using xsplit or any free broadcasting software

  10. Hey Justin do you know of a solution that allows broadcasting to multiple Facebook locations (profile, fan page, group etc.) AND YouTube simultaneously?

  11. Thanks for the tutorial, we hit a wall trying to use the Youtube option, but having found this we're using the work around and are dual streaming on both of our streaming servers now.

    Much appreciated!

  12. Have you ever use an external audio interface such us focusrite or apogee? Then stream with wirecast?

  13. I want my first YouTube live stream interview to be with you Justin! Take care and thanks for the help!

  14. The stream is going live but I can't seem to get my mic to work. Any suggestions? Btw thanks for the vid

  15. Thanks for this Justin. I've been trying for a while and was selecting YOUTUBE thinking I had to do it that way. Of course, I assumed there was no way to simultaneously do this! I salute you buddy. Thanks for the help!!!

  16. Justin. Was able to get this to work, but when I stream them both live they both has a significant delay. the audio is well ahead of the video in both cases. is there a setting or something to optimize and sync up the audio/video? I don't care if there's a few second delay between live and viewing, but the audio and video are out of sync. Appreciate your help. thanks!

  17. Hello ! Very helpful video 🙂
    Just a question, can we add a third and more rtmp address to stream simultaneously ? Thanks

  18. I think it would help me if you had show how your stream appeared in Facebook and Youtube. How do viewers find such pages.

  19. is there an area where you put titles etc and what about stream time like i go live 10am daily…is it just that i set all that up at 9:45 and go live at 10 still? great videos

  20. Thanks Justin! Do you know if it's possible to do this with OBS? Wirecast is out of my price range. Cheers 🙂

  21. This is great. Do you have a work-around for FB live on a business page adding a guest? I was actually on with FB support chat and they say it isn't possible.

  22. Help

    I'm a Quadriplegic I want to use multiple external audio sources like using 4 wireless Movo lavalier microphones, as I would like to hold panel discussions with fellow disabled people, I need a simple system that once setup will run on its own and record to my Macbook or iPad and stream live, I want the camera to pick up everyone's audio and point the camera to the correct person
    Does anyone know of affordable software that will allow me the stream live to multiple sites like Facebook and Youtube
    please help me


  23. OK, I do everything exactly as was shown on the video. But it's only streaming 7 minutes on Facebook and then just stop… I try a second time and streaming was only 4 min on Facebook… Youtube is not a problem… So anybody has a solution for this? I am using Wirecast 7.4…

  24. Justin Love watching your videos, helps me out a lot.. Just curious if you have done a video on how to get a split screen on youtube? Going to be interviewing people.. Thank you so much for anything you can share with me.. 🙂

  25. What is the recommended upload speed to push out FB and YT @ the 720 settings? What about audio? Do you suggest 4100 or 4800 kHz since the camera pushes it out at 48000. Thank you for the tutorial.

  26. using wirecast pro or wairecast studio can we livestream on multi facebook pages and multi youtube channels simultaneously

  27. Great video . . . I have tried to do this with setting up YT first and it was a mess. If you follow this method and THEN want to add Periscope or Twitch, can I do those natively, or do I have to do RTMP for each additional feed?

    Also: If I do this same method, do I have to pull a new RTMP from YT each time I wish to create a new stream? (I do a weekly show)

    Thanks for the great video Justin.

  28. Hey man just got wirecast and it looks like facebook took a big dump and wont let me stream elsewhere simultaneously. Is there a workaround?

  29. Great video – one question – you didn't fill out the "set credentials" on the YouTube log in. Do you need to do that or does the unique code take care of that? Thanks for the video!

  30. Hi ,
    Im looking to stream simultaneously on to different Facebook pages, will it work with this setting?
    or any suggestions

  31. When doing a video if the stream key is showing be sure to reset it ever time u notice it being used upon some one else be sure to reset it your clear thought …it’s not really hacking it’s mainly you gave them your stream key 🔑 but it’s ok easy fix

  32. HI Justin, thank you, excellent videos.. I have 2 questions… I am streaming daily to FB and youtube live every night at 8pm. Would I expect higher viewers if I schedule these as events, rather than just going live? And… as in your video, i need to publish the youtube stream to the RTMP server, is it possible to connect this stream to an event?

  33. Thank you, you did and excellent job of explaining it well. Can you also stream to Periscope Live along with Facebook live & You Tube?

  34. hiii Sir,

    Not Livestream on Facebook and YouTube at the time show error some time.

    Can't add multiple steaming destinations
    Facebook restricts simultaneous streams to other online

    Help me sir…

  35. Hey Justin how do you live stream to Facebook and twitter/periscope at the same time, hope you can help?  cheers

  36. I know this is an older video but here is our situation. We currently stream church services on YouTube using OBS. Right now, all we have to do is click "Start Streaming". It would be nice to be able to stream to Facebook AND YouTube but if we have to go through this process every time we want to stream that just isn't going to work. Is there no way to automate this more? Is each login to FB and YT a unique stream code or key? Thanks

  37. Hi Justin, great video 🙂
    I have one question: if we are two or more speakers, how can we use wirecast? Thanks!

  38. is this the same with air server? because im live streaming a game from my phone. but i want to do is to live stream on my youtube and facebook at the same time. btw im using OBS.

  39. Is it against facebook's terms to simulcast to facebook and any other third party such as Youtube? I'm confused because I keep seeing statements like this "As an official Facebook Live partner, we are not able to implement simultaneous streaming from directly within the app" I am hoping to broadcast using a business's facebook and youtube page and I'm afraid to get any privileges revoked by using work-arounds. I'm hoping to go live like this very soon, so any response I can get to this comment will be helpful. Thank you.

  40. Hi Justin, Do I need a streaming box for this? actually what is the purpose of using a streaming box etc? came across people recommending it but I don't know what it is for.. 😛

  41. Halo Justine..
    Can this grows our view YouTube, from facebook go to our chanel youtube? Or they are different. Thx

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