100 thoughts on “How To Link YouTube to your Bank Account and get Paid

  1. indraraj raigar मै आपसे एक बात पूछता हूँ. की you tube se account कैसे जोडते है i am indraraj raigar village kohliya post radoli th: kotkhawda jila jaipur rajasthan pin cord n' 303908 mo'number 8306144939 par whatspp kijiy video mere pyare ankal bhai dost palej

  2. Hello friends I am new on YouTube,so today i want to reach 600 subscribers,so let's start subscribe each other and grow together, subscribe me and I will Subscribe you back

  3. Can you help? I recently got monetized. youtube says i have earned ad revenue but my adsense account says 0! is it because I haven't met the first payment threshold yet?

  4. I got a gaming channel and after linking your youtube channel with AdSense (MAKE SURE YOU ADDED YOUR CORRECT ADDRESS WHEN YOU SET UP ADSENSE), you will have to request a PIN number to verify that it's you. I waited about 3 weeks and it came through post (mail). Now, I added the PIN and also linked my bank account (had to add in my name, IBAN and SWIFT Number of the bank). I'm currently trying to figure out how to send the money over from AdSense to my Bank account (can I do that manually OR it's automated) 🙂 but that's kinda how it works.

  5. Can I use a different email address to sign up for Adsense account to connect my youtube account?

  6. Hey Tim, I have multiple channels on my account, but YouTube keeps paying for only one, and not the others. How do I also link the other channels to my bank, too? Thanks a bunch.

  7. Hey there how or what would you set up or link my bank account to my channel so people can purchase things

  8. I have nearly 3000 dollars and no matter what I do it won’t accept my bank account it tells me information is missing WHAT DO I DO

  9. Hi, there! I really like your videos on YT and they help me a lot in my own channel to grow UP. I have a simple question for you about a paid content. People ask me to cooperate time to time and they want to put them links into my description. My question is how i can charge them for a 30 days period and is this possible?Thanks.
    Hope we can collaborate too..)

  10. I’ve got 1m views and 10,000 hours of watch time, I’m still not Monitise and I’ve looked it up and I still can’t do it, as help ?

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  12. Hi, actualy I don't have "monetization" on my youtube account. Please advise, how do I get to that or need to update youtube apps? Thanks

  13. I Need help.. it says on youtube studio that i have 120 dollars from ad revenue.. However when i go to google adsense it says i have 0 dollars.. somebody help..

  14. I already have a YouTube channel but please someone should help me on how to create an absence account and monetize my account then connect my account to my YouTube channel to get paid,

  15. Hi. I reached the threshold $100 but still my AdSense account showing zero balance. When it shows the balance amount and when can I withdraw my amount? Please explain me. Thank you

  16. what will be if my channel is moneterized and i add my bank account after 2 years? Will those money be stored or they will not give? please give a reply as soon as possible.

  17. Can u please help me that, my account is disapproved in AdSense..I've just subscribed your channel that you will help me out..

  18. I don't have a bank account don't trust banks. Only use credit cards. I guess creative comments videos won't work then without a bank account.

  19. How do you switch bank accounts on YouTube for example if you are a child and you are using your parents account and you are 18 and you have a bank account haw to switch to your account to be paid

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