100 thoughts on “How To Link Your YouTube Video From Facebook The Right Way

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  2. How does YT know who is watching? ie: I watched on my pc at home and the wife watched on her laptop via wifi (same) router/connection so I guess that just counts as one view? What I am getting at is it by different IP addresses?

  3. 1,262 views on my FB "post" that had the "click here >" link to YT in it BUT only 184 view count on the linked YT vid. That is not good 🙁 Most people looked at the post but couldn't be bothered to click the link OR something is very wrong?

  4. If you put it in the description just press the x it cancels it out.. Then you can upload your thumbnail video..

    Like this..
    Comes out like this… Click it and directs you to youtube..

  5. Question, if I posted videos on facebook years ago, but never posted them on youtube. is their a way for me to now post the youtube videos on my channel and the views transfer and show on my youtube from my facebook?

  6. I need subscriber… who will subsrcibe my channel i will subscribe his channel..
    Just like .. subs.. and reply with done ..

  7. Is there a way to post a video without a link. I know how to share a video to FB. But they use to be able to post the video and it play on FB page. Now when you share a video its a link that takes the person back to youtube and plays it. Is there a way to post a youtube video it like if it was your own video and it play on FB page..

  8. hello, i just linked by mistake a link with a video from youtube to a wrong photo album, how can I undone this or how can i change to link the youtube link video to correct album?

  9. All of these annoying and time-consuming workarounds are only necessary because Facebook has progressively suppressed and hidden Youtube videos and outside links to try to force creators to use FB native video which pays zero dollars. Very uncool strongarm tactics from Facebook and added work for creators.

  10. Love the tip. I am acti=ually going to try putting a snippet of the best part of my video 30 scends or so on facebook, then link the full video back to youtube. will let you know how it goes

  11. I am going to be not making live videos and using only u tube;)!! I have an important message to get out! The best is yet to come;) thanks so much

  12. That is so crazy, that Facebook earns money with spamming me with Adds but do not help me that I can spread my Music-Videos !!!

  13. Thank you. I have been getting thousands of view on Facebook. But they are not counted on YouTube.
    If I just copy the original YouTube link, will it still count?

  14. Thank You!!! Perfectly answered my question!! I’ve been scratching my head watching my FB views soar and my YouTube views stagnate for the same vids. Now I finally see the light and it’s easy peasy! Next – do you have tips on how to make thumbnails? Cheers!!

  15. million thx for your help..its really help me on how post my youtube channel to my facebook pages and get count..really thanks bro!!

  16. It's easier to just upload a thumbnail and put a description and then the video link in the text box. Plus I tried the google shorten URL and it said it couldn't do it. You need to update this video.

  17. I do slightly different, as I use a shortened link service for my embedded code, which I place on facebook post. I do this since the link is so long. The code is also placed several skipped lines below my post so it does not show unless you stroll down. The views count as art of those embedded on different site. I also have my post automatically uploaded to my twitter which keeps the code and receive even more views. Additionally, I have a service that automatically post to my facebook accounts. Making life much easier.

  18. I left fake book Nov 9, 2016 because of censorship and jail time on fakebook. Now, here is the question…when any of my videos is shared outside of you tube it doesn't count towards how many views saw my video. How can I retain the integrity of the count when the video is shared outside of you tube. I do not trust face book…

  19. Hi David, thank you so much for this awesome, yet simple trick. I do expect to see my views to increase. As a matter of fact, I will do a test. Hold on…..Yep, it worked! OMG!! Love it!!

  20. I didn't know this, I'm always just connecting it to my Facebook automatic from my mobile after i make my video.

  21. Thank you, I'm testing out this right now. Looks a lot better than the way facebook shows when you embed or paste in the link.

  22. Dear Sir I have FB Page and I post my YouTube Videos and share my videos in my profile and Tag Many friends so that this time I show on my Videos are Community Guidelines against and not show
    into Facebook please sir help how
    to visible my Videos .
    Please help me .

  23. Yasss, I was in Youtube HQ a few weeks ago, love it there! I will always promote my youtube video on FB in this way, but I also will take some of my video and upload it natively to FB a day after it goes live on youtube x

  24. Does this work on mobile devices?Iit seems to me when you do this it opens up the link in the facebook browser when using mobile?

  25. David, Very helpful, to the point and great step by step. How do boost post to targeted FB audience?

  26. Looks like this little trick is for desktop/laptop only. But in the desktop why do we need to follow all these tricks because direct youtube link in the facebook also opens youtube directly in the new tab in the desktop. Am i not understanding something here? How to implement this trick for mobile as well? because now a days, everyone checks their facebook in mobile and the above trick does not work.

  27. Can you help me ? what happens i just share the clip from facebook and they  black me . the funny part is i share it from  his page ……………………

  28. Great stuff! Just started posting my songs on youtube and sharing the videos on Fb but was a bit set back by the(lack of) response. I will follow your advice and see what happens. Cheers!

  29. Thank you for sharing this.. It helps me a lot coz that's how i promote my videos from youtube to facebook, but i directly share the link… Now because of the info you shared, I will do like that next time… Thanks again 👍😊

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