100 thoughts on “How To Link UbiSoft Accounts to Play Online Games

  1. I started on Xbox level 163 and have the plat charm for almost all season and one diamond charm and I have a ton of skins and have really good black ice skins like r4c and every gun for jäger and bandit and I moved to ps4 and don’t have all my stuff even though it’s the ubisoft account help!!

  2. I have a ps4 with a problem i bought the rainbow6siege on ps4 but i want to play it on pc, i had to connect it but i had to do

    but i can't download it to pc because it send to me buy now it there but i don't want it ! I want help guys

  3. So, can I play my games with everything unlocked so far or do I need to start all over again? (Pc to Xbox One)

  4. When i link to the psn account it automatically logs in to another psn account i have. I've checked to many times and don't know how to solve it. Help please

  5. does anyone know how to do it with steam please help

    edit: i didnt figure it out, i just refunded the game on steam and bought it over uplay insted : /

  6. I’m trying to transfer my Ubisoft account to another account and I’m having trouble connecting it. Any ideas???

  7. Hello. I have a problem where when i want to play Rainbow 6 Siege it says I’m not connected to my account and says if i press OK i will lose all of my progress. Dose anyone have something so i can get my game back? Thank you!

  8. Guys, what the fuck is wrong with ubisoft, i tried to link my account with psn, and when I checked the PS logo, i recieved that in the middle of the page: ''Your Ubisoft account and your PSN account could not be linked. Please try again later.''

  9. I had the Division 2 for about a few days, and after the update, I wasn’t able to log in, and it just left me at the screen when you start it. The same thing also happens when I try playing Rainbow Six : Siege.

  10. am i able to move the uplay games to ps4? i got assassins creed unity yesterday on uplay, is there any way to transfer the game to ps4?

  11. i cant link my ubisoft acc to my ps4. ive tried pressing link multiple times but it still shows unable to link. Should i allow third party to enable it?

  12. Just downloaded Assassin's Creed Unity. Let the wife play it, didn't realize there is only 1 save file meaning that I can't play from the beginning it's an aggravating nightmare currently trying to erase her saved data so I can play from the beginning…

  13. If I have games in my Uplay acc
    So I can play Games from Uplay in Ps4?
    I really don't know it
    Sorry about my grammar

  14. I am logged in, and my ps4 is linked, but I can't do anything in game, regarding multiplayer online. The only options are situation play and tutorials…-regarding rainbow six siege

  15. But please tell me what is happening, I am going to the site that u was in and I tried to link my PSN into Ubisoft but it is giving me an error and tells me to try again later continuously
    What can I do?

  16. I created one like 11 years ago and forgot it yet I'm signed in on my next gen without knowing the email or password

  17. I need a bit of help. I relinked it and everything. But when I go to assassins creed 4 on my Xbox 360, right when I get in, it logs me out of Xbox live, I continue to the main menu, log back into live. Then I go to connect to Uplay, it logs me out of live again. I reconnect and try again but this time it gives me the same error.

  18. Can you make a video of how to link a Nintendo Switch to the Ubisoft website I’m having trouble doing this

  19. Do I have to buy rainbow six siege on pc and on ps4 or if I have it on PS4 I'm able to just download it on pc

  20. I have an an Ubisoft account on R6 siege for PS4 and I’m going to get it on PC.But the problem is that I can’t figure out my account Details so I can use my account on PC. How do I find them out?

  21. I have the Ubisoft club but it always says I can’t log on or I need to buy a game again but I already have it please help

  22. If I link my Ubisoft account to a different ps4 account do I get my skins and operators and everything for rainbow six siege?

  23. Is there a way for me to play ac unity on pc with my charachter from ps4 cause i want to play co op with my friend but wouldnt like to start all over again.

  24. Hey I have a problem my friend gave me an ubisoft acc eith 16 ganes they are all for ps4 there is a way I can put the ubisoft ps4 games on my ps4?

  25. So if I do this I would I still have to pay for the pc version of rainbow six siege if I already did for the ps4?

  26. I have rainbow on my pc I have all operetors skins but my pc is broken and I am biyer rainbow at ps4 I am entere game and my account not showed i am truong to get my old account back need help

  27. Question, will this work also on steam? My ps4 acc is already linked and was think to get for honor on my pc and link it with my ps4 acc.

    Edit: I haven’t bought for honor on steam yet

  28. The thing is, I can't play the games I BUY because you are forced to connect to ubisoft club but when I try to create a Ubisoft Club account, when I click continue it just freezes.

  29. Can someone tell me if I have r6 linked to an old uplay account can I delete that uplay account and put r6 on another uplay since I bought it on steam will it then auto link to my new account when signed in?!

  30. I can’t access my Ubisoft account. I originally made it on R6S (in game) so that I can access online game play. But I wasn’t given the option to set a password in place, so I figured that I’m using my psn it log into Ubisoft. Now I’m on the Ubisoft website trying to link my twitch to my ubi account to access stream drop but it’s telling me to put a password in. There’s no choice for a PlayStation login. Well there was but I had to verify it using a password that I had no option to set in the first place. Please help me

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