How to link Facebook page to Instagram 2018
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How to link Facebook page to Instagram 2018

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now if you’ve
got a Facebook page, you may want to consider setting up an Instagram account for your business.
As Facebook owns Instagram there’s a lot of integration, some of the ads you run, could
run on your Instagram account, lots of great options. And I’ll show you how to link the
two together right here. Here we go. So here I am on my Business Page and if Igo
to settings and choose from the left hand side , scroll down a little bit , I’ve got
Instagram there. So you can see you can manage from Page manager which you can use on mobile
your Instagram responses and comments. You can create ads , but first you need to connect
your Instagram account to this one. So I’ll log in now. And basically it’s connected.
I can edit the content there. Make any changes to the information but that’s essentially
what my bio description says in Instagram so it makes sense to keep it like that. As it says here admins and editors of the
page can manage the account information right from Facebook , you can manage instagram comments
from pages manager and obviously that’s a downloadable thing to your phone. And you
can create some ads from Facebook to also be shown on Instagram. And if you want to disconnect at any time
you can just click disconnect. So let’s have a look how it looks from the page point of
view. So now I’m at that Instagram page that’s connected I’ll just quickly show you if you
want to link it to ads on Instagram for example I say boost post here you can see desktop,
mobile and now an instagram view of it so that’s how it will look on Instagram with
the comment there. So that’s it really, that’s straighforward
enough I’ve been Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers.

19 thoughts on “How to link Facebook page to Instagram 2018

  1. Hello! I cannot get my FB business page linked to IG. IG only gives me the option for my personal page. I have IG for business. BUt it still won't give me the option to click my business when trying to link. Only our personal. Any advice?

  2. It is not working for me. I got this message when I tried "This Instagram account is already connected to another Page."
    I also tried unlinking and then relinking and it still refuses to work. Can you offer some advice, please? Thank you.

  3. Hi, do you know if it is possible to link the accounts so that your Facebook posts also post on Instagram at the same time?

  4. Hi, is there a way to setup both an admin and associate login for Instagram? For example if I want to give someone access for posting to my Instagram account for business but I don't want them having Admin privileges or total control of the acct?

  5. Very informative! I'm having issues finding a way using a pc only. To have any posts on Facebook hook to Instagram automatically? There's alot of info using Iphones or android's, but not much on (step by step), using a pc. How to set up auto post from Facebook to Instagram. Anyone?? I have done the procedure above, but don't see any Instagram transferring back to the Facebook page or vice versa.

  6. Hi!
    I am trying adding an Insta account on buffer but when it authenticates with Facebook, it says they failed to find a Facebook page connected to this insta account. Apparently on Fb page settings, this insta account is connected however in insta settings, the message says that a Facebook page has been created for this insta account and I am advised to claim that account.
    Any idea how to remove the Fb account insta created itself and have the real business page connected instead?

    would appreciate any kind of help.

  7. Hi,
    I created an Instagramm account which automatically got connected with my personal account which was open on Safari in my I-phone. After I tried to unlink it from my personal facebook account and link with the business account. I tried multiple times but didn't work. Want to mention that I did sign out from my personal account before trying to link it to other account. After I changed the password on my personal account thinking that it wouldn't be able to sign in but it again did… then I deactivated my personal account and tried again. This time it asked me to log in into facebook and I inputed the correct information. It worked. But now I can't share my instagramm posts on the facebook page that I manage, here is the message that i get " Problem with Facebook permission-The FB account logged in isn't an admin of …… Become an admin to post to this page". Please help me

  8. Hi I have created a business instgram page on my pc and also on my phone with the same e mail address. My question is this is On the PC in the Authorized apps section I am not seeing Facebook as an authorized app and it states “You have not authorized any applications to access your Instagram account.”. On the phone it states Facebook as under Linked accounts. Both accounts are under the same email address and phone number.

    Also on the PC I am not seeing the add new post button but on the phone I am. Can you assist in providing a fix?

  9. On FB, it shows it linked to my Insta account, all the correct info, etc. But, my problem lies with Instagram. When I go to Linked Accounts, for FB it shows my personal page. When I select it, it shows my other FB pages. I select my business page (it turns blue and gets a blue check mark by it), then nothing happens. There's no save option, nothing. When I hit the back arrow, it still shows it linked to my personal page. I even did a test post on IG to see where it would end up and it ended up on my personal page. Any idea what is going on here and how to fix it? I can't even "Promote" my Instagram posts, because it says it's not linked to my page either.

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