How to Increase Social Network Value – Fabian Pfortmüller
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How to Increase Social Network Value – Fabian Pfortmüller

Erik: What separates a friend network from
a social network? Fabian: I believe that social networks are
only then valuable if the relationships in it are meaningful relationships. Now I think
it’s kind of a – it depends on how you defined friends, where that meaningful relationship
starts and where it ends. I believe that treating social networks like friends networks really
helps to make them more valuable, because in the end social networks treated as professional
networks don’t have much interest for me, they don’t have much excitement for me because
they seem very much, you have them to use them for something, that’s not really interesting.
Much more interesting is you have a real connection with the people and as we know networks are
there for totally random things that you have no idea why you are going to use them, that’s
how I built networks. I anticipate that it’s all about giving and sharing with the network
that at some random point in my life, I have no idea when it going to come, I might need
to activate my network very quickly and I believe that treating them more as friends
and as the very kind of people I want to be with and want to hang out with and want to
learn from is essential.

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