How to Increase Engagement on Social Media
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How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Okay, ready? Yeah. Okay. (singing) … for the bright side of
business, branding, and being your own boss. Hey, Boss. It’s Sunny Lenarduzzi of The Sunny Show. Welcome to the bright side of branding, business,
and being your own boss. We all know what it’s like when we’re hitting
a really good stride in our business and we feel like we’ve got a ton of momentum and
then all of a sudden you hit that plateau and you feel like your audience and your community
is bored, they’ve completely disengaged, and you’re kind of in a rut. We’ve all been there. It happens from time to time and I wanted
to address this with the three A’s of getting out of a social media lull. The first A is: Attention. If your community has gotten a little bored
with your content and you seem to be hitting a plateau with your engagement, it’s time
to grab their attention. One of the easiest ways to do this is capitalize
on stories. Stories are a fairly new piece of the social
media playing field, but they’re a really great way to stay top of mind. Why? Well, for example, Facebook stories are underused
like crazy. You know what happens when you start using
Facebook stories? You’re at the very top of everyone’s news
feed when they go on the Facebook app. How much time are we spending on that Facebook
app? A lot! So it’s an opportunity for you to be right
there at the very top of it whenever anybody in your community opens the app. Facebook stories are a great way to get started. Also, Instagram stories keep you at the top
of the feed in that app, as well. Instead of just posting to Instagram, draw
attention to your Instagram post and draw attention to yourself using Instagram stories. Of course, one of my personal favorite ways
to draw attention is by going live. Going live give an element to your content
that pre-produced content, like our YouTube videos or our Instagram posts or a Facebook
post, just don’t because people know they can actually connect with you live. So if you want to engage your audience again,
one quick way to do that is by going live. What you can do is pre-promote them or set
up a series of lives by doing one a day or even one a week so people know exactly when
they should be tuning in and coming to see you live every day. You have their undivided attention during
that live stream and they’re seeing you on a daily or weekly basis, so you grab their
attention and pull them back in and get them reengaged with your content. The second A is: Ask and you shall receive. This seems so simple, but the amount of companies,
brands, small business owners, entrepreneurs I see who don’t ask any questions on social
media is shocking. Just ask a question and see what happens. It’s immediately going to boost your engagement. One quick little way to ask for engagement
is on Instagram. We’ve been doing this on our Be Your Own Boss
Instagram account quite often and saying, “Like if you’re a boss,” or, “Double tap if
you’re a boss.” You’re giving people an exact call to action
that’s extremely easy for them to do, so immediately you’ll see a boost of engagement. So you’re just asking for it and telling them
exactly what they need to do. You have to remember that just because you’re
on social media all the time, doesn’t mean that your audience and community is. Sometimes you just have to tell them what
you want them to do. Another way to ask for engagement is to do
fill in the blanks. Those are a great way to boost your engagement. It could be even something really simple. Doing things like polls are another way to
boost your engagement, or asking people their opinion on a logo or an outfit that you might
want to wear. Those are a couple of ways that I’ve used
in the past to boost my engagement and again get in front of my audience in a more engaged
way and grab their attention, which we just were talking about. So make sure that you’re asking questions. Don’t forget that social media is a dialogue,
not just a monologue. It’s important to ask and you shall receive,
because if you’re just talking at people they’re going to tune out eventually. The third A is: Audit. I can’t stress this enough. If you just continue to post the same things
over and over and over again, people are going to lose interest. That’s just human nature. What you can do to audit your own content
is pretty simple. Pay attention to the analytics on every social
platform. Or, even more simple than that, is you can
just pay attention to the posts that are getting a lot of engagement and which posts are not
getting much engagement at all. What are the trends in those posts? Is there something that you’re doing consistently
that seems to be grabbing more attention? Okay, then do more of that. And, this goes for every social platform there
is. Another thing that you can do to audit on
social media is take a look at competitors or other people in your niche and see what
they’re doing that’s working for them. On top of that, another thing that I love
to do, is get ideas from other industries. So getting outside of your industry, because
sometimes because of social media and we’re all seeing what everyone else is doing, we
all start copying each other within our industry. That’s the worst thing you can do because
your audience is going to get bored of it really fast. So look at other industries that aren’t even
related to you and check out what they’re doing and how you can implement some of their
game changing strategies into your social content as well. Auditing doesn’t just go for yourself, it
goes for other people as well. The final thing I’ll say about this is don’t
be afraid to experiment. I just started doing new video content, short
little mini clips is what we’re calling them, on my Instagram account @SunnyLenarduzzi and
I love them. They’re getting so much engagement because
it’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s something I’ve never done before. So don’t be afraid to test. This is one big game and you’ve got to try
new things to see what works. That’s all part of the auditing process, as
well. Pay attention to what works, drop what doesn’t,
and keep moving forward. One final bonus tip is YouTube. Shocker, I know, but YouTube truly changed
the game for me when it came to my social media strategy because it’s growing all of
my channels all of the time. YouTube has helped me grow my Snapchat, Instagram,
Facebook, Twitter, all of my followings, plus my email list, which has been amazing for
building a really strong targeted community. The reason YouTube is a little different than
every other platform is because it’s evergreen content. A lot of my videos are ranked number one on
YouTube and Google and they’re getting hits and new visitors and a new audience every
single day that’s discovering me. It’s bringing in new fresh eyes and new members
of my community on a daily, hourly basis, which is a really great thing. If you’re interested in YouTube, I would say
to dive in and check out my other videos on how to get started on YouTube the right way. And on that note, I do have a Boss YouTube
channel checklist that you can download below this video to get started on YouTube right
away. Also, don’t forget to join the Be Your Own
Boss Mastermind group on Facebook, with thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world. Join your fellow bosses in achieving the life
you want to live on your own terms. If you liked this video, you know the drill. Hit the like button below, share it with your
friends, and be sure to subscribe. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next video. Have you been thinking about using YouTube
to grow your business but you’re not sure where to start and you’re scared of wasting
time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide and I’ll show you the
right steps to ranking on page one for more views, subscribers, and leads for your business. Learn more at (singing)

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