How to Improve Your Experience on Social Media: Digital Minimalism 05
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How to Improve Your Experience on Social Media: Digital Minimalism 05

100 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Experience on Social Media: Digital Minimalism 05

  1. I don't really think that blocking non-relevant to you videos will help you not be distracted. By doing that you leave the most wanted to be watched, "interesting" videos that will distract you even more effectively. I guess, the better way to not be distracted is not visit youtube at all.

  2. Your video came as a saviour for lot of us. Keep up with the series. Would love to watch them. Looks really helpful. ❤

  3. I know what you mean about Gary Vee. There is nothing wrong with him, or his message. Its all great! However, I started to unfollow a lot of business accounts because I felt like I was being constantly yelled at. 😂 Like, I get it! Blah blah blah… sighsss unfollows

  4. You had such a great idea and are woking so well that it's just making me ok to start a new business !!!! 😀

  5. so enjoyable to see how you made it in a few months (even less) just with that good idea !! OF course you have to keep going !! XO from parissss !

  6. I even went as far and disabled my Instagram account last week. I realised it only messed with my self esteem in so, so many different ways. ✨
    before disabling, I unfollowed around 50-60 people and cut it down to 200, which is still excessive and I realised the best course of action is to disable it for now as it didn't bring any value into my life.
    who knows what will happen later?! but for now, not kidding, I feel lighter, I have more time (finished 2 books) and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. 🙏

  7. I can totally relate to all your advice and I clear my YouTube watch and search history weekly. Great video man, keep it up

  8. Very interesting video.
    I no longer have any social media apps on my phone, as I found it too easy to open one up and before I knew it, 30+ minutes had vanished without adding any real value to my life.
    The only one I really interact with is Twitter and I follow a few people on instagram.
    I deleted my Facebook account as I found it only added stress to my life either getting into pointless arguments with people or getting jealous of what appeared to be their perfect life. Am much happier now.

  9. "It's okay to let them go," something I needed to hear :') Sometimes I feel obligated to follow people I'm semi-friends with, aka people I haven't talked to for years; but you're right. If they're meant to be in your life, they'll find a way back. Thanks for this video!!

  10. I "minimized" Instagram a while ago and it was a total game-changer: I only ever have 2 or 3 minutes' worth of scrolling before I'm "all caught up." Your intro made me wonder, so I checked my account and sure enough, I'm following 150 people.

  11. I deleted all my social medias last night finally. This comes up in my recommended the next day… the simulation is real

  12. Tip: You can set a timer on the YouTube app to recommend a break after a certain chosen length of time. Besides talks/lectures like these I usually use YT to listen to albums/records so I've set mine for an hour at a time.

  13. you seem like a really cool dude. I liked the video, and it made me realize how many accounts I didnt needed. keep it up dude ✌

  14. Dropped my following on insta from 280 to 273 thanks to this. Aiming to drop it down to like 250 or 225 if possible!

  15. Solid video, killer content. I dropped Gary V quite some time ago; the reality is that his message, and others like him, is so diluted and broad that it doesn’t actually provide any tangible help to most individuals. Hence why they’re perpetually struggling with the same issues regardless of following self proclaimed gurus. It’s insane to say, but content creators like yourself provide far more actual value to individuals because the info you provide is 1. very practical and 2. easily digestible and applicable. Keep it up, your momentum is strong as hell.

  16. God bro, you're so relatable and chill. I like how I don't feel like I'm being lectured by your vids, but positively encouraged. It's very refreshing—keep up the good work 🙂

  17. I don’t make friends because I prefer to spend time with books, or plants or music, or animals.

  18. Great tips, Nathaniel. I’ve done much of the same. Being deliberate about the types of notifications we receive on our devices is huge. These are the types of things that interrupt us during usually more important work and serve to reinforce shorter attention spans. ¡Un saludo! -Jim

  19. Video idea: try lucid dreaming for 30 days. I’ve only been able to once and I would love to see your take on the idea of dreams in general

  20. Hahahahah nice advice! Unfollow people that you know and start following random shit. Cool, thanks 😂

  21. It’s amazing to see how much your YouTube channel has grown over the last couple of months. It’s really inspiring to see, especially when it looks like you have tried the YouTube thing a couple of times and now it’s paying off. It seems you have put a lot of work and research into how to get your videos to a certain standard and how to attract an audience through your content. You are doing a great job. Well done 🙂

  22. I didnt even use social media 2 years ago, but last year I started to get addicted. I didn't use social media to interact with people, I only use it to see interesting contents, so I thought, "well why not? maybe I can get some inspiration." Some, yes. But the more I use it, I got stuck on endless scrolling session and a few months later, I just realized how much I spent time on social media. In 2019 one of my resolution is to decrease my social media consumption. So I sold my phone and switched to an old iPhone 6 that only has 16GB storage, only for important things.

  23. What I personally did was that I logged out of my main account and created a new one in which I only followed pages/people that genuinely added value to my life.
    What I realized was that after the first week or so, you never really cared about all the people on your main account anyway😅

  24. This was really helpful. I’m guilty of following too many people on social media. Part of it comes from wanting to support fellow skateboarders. But I know that, to impact more people, it’s much more important to create amazing content, which is difficult or nearly-impossible when my mind is so cluttered. Thanks so much for the video!

  25. I love LOVE all the shots of Mexico in all of your videos. It's so refreshing to see something other than LA or any other American city

  26. So glad to have found your channel, man. This platform and social media in general need more content like this. I’ve been actively working on a lot of the steps you’ve laid out in this video myself over the past 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in my life, though I definitely still have a long way to go.

  27. I really appreciated this video. You are a very sharp amigo. I support you – but I can totally see you in a college program. You’d kill it.

  28. Interesting Instagram advice about following people you don’t know to break the addictive nature of it. (YouTube is the platform I find most addicting!)

  29. I like your video. Seriously I started few months back of digital detox and come across your video. It's a lovely

  30. Apart from following only things that are use full and people, what works for me is:
    1. If I realise I’m addicted, uninstall for 30 days.
    2. When I comeback, use it from 19:00 to 19:30 everyday, just to chill and use it, so I don’t crush later into a binge.

  31. I'm reading the book right now by Newport! So interesting and finally giving me a reasoning behind my actions online

  32. Try deleting your entire Instagram.

    Believe me, you’re not gonna die.

    In fact, you’ll live better than ever before.

    I only had a following of about 800-1000 followers, maybe 250 were ghost but they existed and added to the “numbers”, and I followed about 500+ accounts…

    I was bombarded with so much information about the “background” characters you speak of that I completely lost myself and my independence. I tried too hard to fit in.

    Now I have been using this new account since 2017 with only 100 followers and 100 following.

    My life is so peaceful.
    I have accomplished so much more than before.
    I started new hobbies, new businesses, made so many more friends because I was focused on real life!

    Take my advice.

    Delete. Restart. Refresh.

  33. The series was really interesting to me! I am ready to apply a bunch of news things here. Thanks a lot!! 😉

  34. I just deleted everything. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We don’t need social media. It does not add nothing to your life. You will only see fake people, fake lives, comparisons, races for whose cooler, or better, richier or happier. Let’s go back to our human lives and our close relations with other people

  35. I ran a program to mute everyone on IG (except for a select few) so I didn't have unfollow them and "hurt their feelings" 🙂

  36. watching this video i realice that i was doing a lot of this things for years, cleaning the list i follow, spam, the way you think… i realice that im a minimalist and i didnt think about it since today. thank you fot that! ill start to change more things and learning from you! thanks again for your work and keep going!

  37. soo… I never got into social media. No facebook, no Instagram. First I had people talking to me like I was missing the trend. Now everyone envys me. A strange twist indeed. I recently made some accounts just for letting people know that I posted some new vids on Youtube. But Gotta say outside that I never use it for anything.

  38. Even though we let go of the people .it’s doesn’t have any difference in how many times we look in to the social media .on average it’s about 150 times a day some one will check there Instagram story.

  39. Oh, I thought everybody did this… I go through all my follows / friends etc every 2-3 years and get rid of most people lol
    Feels good man. Def recommend.
    For people i don't want to unfollow, I just mute them. It works perfectly when you want to keep the superficial social "relation"

  40. I hear a lot of acquaintances say they use Facebook to "keep up with friends." I point out that if you're only communicating via Facebook updates, you can't be very close.
    I still use Instagram far too much, so I'm hardly a role model, but I quit Facebook two years ago and I recommend it to everyone.

  41. This made me unfollow the accounts I just really don't need in my life, thank you so much! I love your analysis in the detail in this!

  42. I had to stop your video to FINALLY unfollow people from school that I just followed because I felt obligated to do so, even though I‘ve never been friends with them.
    Thanks for your great advice, I feel so much better already!

  43. I love the watch, can you share the model?

    Great channel btw., just discovered. Subscribed and looking forward to catch up with the videos 🙂

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