How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List
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How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

Derral here. So you’re trying to figure out
a way to hide your Facebook friend list? Really that’s a good thing to protect your privacy
as much as you can on the internet. Now in this video, not only am I going to show you
how to hide your Facebook friend list, but how to really customize the setting to grant
access to certain people. Stay tuned. Ok, to hide that friend list on Facebook the
first thing that you need to do is login to Facebook, get to your profile, and then mouse
down right here where it says friends, hopefully you have more than one friend, which I know
you do, you’re very popular. So let’s go ahead and click on that and what we’re wanting to
do is going to basically pull up all your friends here, we want to mouse over to this
little icon, the pencil icon. Click to edit, and down to edit privacy. Now this brings
up the settings, now these are the most important settings, this is where you really want to
pay attention. Who can see your friends list? Right now I have only me, but you can actually
have public, friends, friends except acquaintances and custom. Let me show you custom because this is where
it’s really, really cool. So you can basically say friends of friends, which is a great option
if you’re looking to expand your outer circle. If not you can go to specific people or lists…
this is where it’s really cool, so if you want just one person, which I’ll have just
my wife, see who my friends are. You can go ahead and hit save changes on that and hit
close. And that’s how simple it is to hide your friend list on Facebook. Ok now before you go I’d love to hear in the
comments why you’re really wanting to hide your Facebook friend list. I have a sneaking
suspicion, but I want to see if I’m right. And also don’t forget to check out all the
other videos on my channel and subscribe, of course. And, oh yeah, one last thing, if
you’re one of my kids watching this video and trying to hide your friend list from me
and your mom… daddy’s made another video. Check it out. That’s right… mmmmhmmmm….
oh yeah.

100 thoughts on “How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List

  1. Sometimes I add a friend that will go through my friends list and send a request to everyone. Not cool, especially when they try to sell stuff or even worse….

  2. I don't mind seeing my friends on Facebook..,.but I DON'T want to see my Friend's friends.  What can I do?

  3. This was very helpful. Thank you. I wanted to hide it for two reasons-1) I have friended some people who I know some current friends do not like and 2) I don't like how FB shows the number of friends you have….seems like a competition. Kind of like YT w/the # of subscribers

  4. Hi please tell me how to hide or make Facebook private just from one person like you did it with friends list in this video please write me Bach or make a short video if it's possible thanks

  5. I do social marketing and Im an administrator to client accounts and my friends show up for their page. I want to keep my friends away…..trying to go outside my friend for clients.

  6. I don't want people who knew mee in highschool… highschool was an unbearable time for me , Idont want people from thepast trying to find me,…. the past is the past it should stay that way


  8. The reason why I am wanting to hide both my friends along with my events list is my douchebag brother has been trolling my profile, adding himself to my friends files, and attending events I go to so as to slander me and trash me. That's pretty much the reason why.

  9. Thanks a lot…someone is sort of stalking me…she is infiltrating all my friends and trying to send them friends requests—-thanks again!

  10. This old mode u should make one new 1 been trying how to change my top 6 is pain i wish was more like myspace on this regard instead giving random friends

  11. I m hiding my friend list because of my bitch friend they check my friend list every time to see my crash account ….. but I have blocked them all and only way to check the account was my friend list … so thanks now I can hide my friend list from friend 😂😂😂😂 thank u very much

  12. HI, I find your tutorials easier to follow than most. Thanks Do you have a video on how to hide the number of friends, I've hidden friends but the number of friends I have is there and I don't want it to show?

  13. thanks, many years ago i had other facebook acc. i met someone but not in facebook,and i gave my facebook id ,all of sudden he was making business with my friends from facebook i didnt like that ,so i blocked him and i closed that acc. ,

  14. I instruct my Facebook friends quite frequently to hide their friends list on Facebook as a public friends list is one of the things scammers use to spoof a Facebook account and attempt to lure the friends of the spoofed account into a scam. If a scammer cannot access your friends list on Facebook, the scammer usually has little other use to spoof your account. Facebook's algorithm is flagging this video as possible "spam" when one attempts to share it in a post, which ironically prevents getting out valuable information that would truly combat spamming and scams.

  15. is there an option that disables you from seeing everyone'sfriends section under you're account without it effecting theirs?

  16. Hi I would really like to know how I can stop the endless list of " People You may know." OMG!! it is never ending and I have at least four separate lists showing up on my homepage whenever I log in. I don't want these lists. If I want to find MY friends I will search for them myself. Please tell me how to get rid of this Unwanted feature, it's driving me nuts. Thank you

  17. Derral, you have really made things a lot easier for people & deserve more than a "thumbs up"! Your instructions are clear but most importantly, concise. I used your video on closing my FB a/c "indefinitely" then needed to find someone quickly & knew FB was another tool I could use &, guess what? I must add that a few friends were singing the praises of "Messenger" & I was glad to find, even media warnings that said FB used this app to "spy", using both camera, audio & the contact info. of people you call. You may then leave "Messenger" & use the alternative app. with the same benefits….."phew". Guess who owns that app. also? I'm sure that you're aware of this, like most others but wrote it down in case someone else, like myself, did not. Excuse my remarking but you have a lovely family & the part at the end gave me a really good laugh…. Subbed. Thanks again!

  18. If you set your profile to private can someone see the last time or when you are online, I don't think you can but just want to make sure.

  19. Lol i want to hide my friends because there's a friend at work thats adds my female friends that i talk to lol

  20. I don't have the same options in the custom tab. Why is that? Only can select either 'friends' or 'friends of friends'

  21. Was looking for a way to hide the # (number) of friends I have as well as the list. I notice some of my friends profiles that I can see show the number of friends they have and some do not.

  22. my reason is because some middle-aged man is asking about my little sister if they can be friends with her. she won't like that. very much so.

    this is what i get for accepting all friend requests without bias. *sigh.

  23. Summer is studying an appropriate various And My Facebook Ed sheeran them All my Friends that is not cool😠

  24. Unrelated question. I get friend requests from people I don't know or am just acquaintances with. I don't think these people truly requested my friendship. As a matter of fact one person said to me "I got a friend request from you." I did not request their friendship and told them I didn't. Does anyone know if fb sends fake requests?

  25. Ppl are very noise and try to add ppl they don't know from my friend list I hate that stuff like get your own friends / girl to talk to stop added mine XD

  26. I don't want my account cloned. The less information a cloner has, the less likely they are to use my account to set up a spam/scam clone account. I also tightened up my permissions for who can view my photos, only post for friends only, or custom when I want a select audience. I limit who can see what personal information. Basically, try to keep it so the casual facebook user stumbling across my profile only sees my banner and profile photo for the most part.

  27. I don't wanna know how to hide my friends list. I've got a different problem. 😒😒 got my friends list setting set to public (supposedley) but it isn't showing to public. WTH facebook?!?!?! This has NEVER happened until recently.

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