HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM TO 10K IN 2019 *no bs | 2019 Instagram Algorithm
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HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM TO 10K IN 2019 *no bs | 2019 Instagram Algorithm

How often do you compare how many followers you have to someone else’s account? The most followed users on instagram are Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Christian Ronaldo. They have over 100 million followers each.

100 thoughts on “HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM TO 10K IN 2019 *no bs | 2019 Instagram Algorithm

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  2. I used all the scam websites hoping that they were gonna send me followers for free but they only wasted my time. I did find only one which works, it's called GramZilla so at least I got that going on for me.

  3. Yo, It looks like Gramzilla is the only legit website. I can't believe that there is so many scam websites on Youtube.

  4. I used countless fake websites hoping that they would give me followers but they only waste your time. I did find one which worked, it's called Gramzilla so that's good.

  5. So many scam sites here in the comments. Google ought to do a much better job fighting the spam. Gramzilla is the single website that works for me, every other just wasted my time.

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  7. Meanwhile I’m as happy as can be with 300 followers lol
    But, i did gain 100 followers the last two months. How did i do it? Well I started posting lots on my story and relatable things. Food, all kinds of things. Than i started sharing others pictures and things on my story and got a shout out myself for posting a nice comment on someone’s page. Also, i checked out others profiles and just said nice things. ^.^ comment section gets you followers also because if you have a comment that has 1k likes than people will thing your of value and add you.

  8. Instead of you people wasting your energy trying to get more likes and followers, how about doing something more productive? Instagram does not give a shit about you but they are making billions off of you!

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  10. It amazes me how many people fall for these free followers for filling out a "human verification". they are fake news and don't deliver on their word. If you want real followers fast, there is a small price to pay but its possible. What helped me get to 10k followers in under 3 days was

  11. I do follow for follow. Sometimes you follow 200 and come back to meet only 4 increase in followers. So frustrating!

  12. My friend used all of these sites believing that they are legit, however the only real one seems to be Gramzilla. I hope I saved your time as well.

  13. GramZilla gave me so many active Instagram followers, but I want to have more because they have a limit of fifteen thousand max.

  14. I was just watching you implementing your advice on this video and it actually works because here I am in the comments section

  15. There is a giveaway of real and engaging followers at GramZilla. They're running some sort of a promotion and are giving followers. You're welcome.

  16. This is an amazing video thanks for the tips!! If you want you can follow my account on insta @moviestvquotes I’m trying to grow it 😊

  17. the worst true is.. those who are on the top grow higher insta influencers they are growing no matter what.. but those who are struggling are just struggling.. because seem is a hard problem to be friendly. honest follow, honest like, simple comment, and simply to do share. I am looking for this insta groups but it is very hard not to mention impossible to find them… so it means we should create by our selves our groups, middle small ones to grow TOGETHER.. and then can work that thing what you are saying which are good things.

  18. Gramzilla is the one and only site that worked, the followers I get are also commenting on and liking my photos and watching my stories.

  19. Gramzilla got me 2000 Instagram followers, but I want more. Anyone know some other site that works? Maybe #Incentafan?

  20. Do not trust the spam comments on Youtube if you donnt want to fall for one of those survey scams. The only website that works is Gramzilla.

  21. Do not trust the spam comments on Youtube if you donnt want to fall for one of those survey scams. The only website that works is Gramzilla.

  22. There is a promo campaign on Gramzilla currently and they are giving Instagram followers for free. It worked for me.

  23. Gramzilla is the only web app that works for me, the followers I receive are even liking and commenting on my photos.

  24. I am sooo fucking surprised to see my Instagram grow so big after using Gramzilla. I don't know how it works. I'm afraid that Instagram might ban me?

  25. Wys.summerxox
    That's my besties insta and she wants to make it can we get her to 2 ooo plz follow her

  26. GRAMZILLA SUCCCKSSS! They made all these shitty gramzilla comments forcefully for the verification. Don't trust this fker!

  27. I used numerous fake web apps hoping that they were gonna give me followers for free but they only wasted my time. I did find only one that works, it's called Gramzilla so at least I got that going for me.

  28. I used to have 3k followers and i was “popular” in my school. But I also got hate from some old jealous class mates, i lost my bestfriend because of this and some other personal things. Then i got depressed and started to ignore everyone and i stopped with instagram. I went from the “popular” girl to the shy silent mysterious girl lol. Idk why i am sharing this let me be its 3 am

  29. In all my posts I always say tag your friends if they… and something related to the post. I only have 28 followers and no one tags their friends. How do I change that???

    Please Do Follow… This Is A Photography Page… Pls Do Follow.. pls Guys🙏

  31. If you dont want to burn your precious time and want to get real followers now, I suggest you try Gramzilla.

  32. Youtube comment section is so toxic these days. There is way too many spam sites. I wasted so much time using all kinds of sites from the comments and none worked. I did find a Youtube video about a web app called GramZilla. It worked to my surprise.

  33. Youtube comment section is so toxic these days. Too much spam. I wasted so many hours using all sorts of web apps from the comments and none works. I have found a Youtube video about a website called GramZilla. That one did work to my surprise.

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  35. I am soo fucking shocked to see my Instagram grow so big after using Gramzilla. I don't understand how it work? Will Instagram ban me?

  36. My homie tested all of these websites thinking they are real, but only real one seems to be GramZilla. I hope I saved your time.

  37. I saw that IGTV is having great results also on Instagram because there no too much posting good content for that.
    Thanks for the video. Wonderful tips !

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