How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram (GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS ORGANICALLY)
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How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram (GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS ORGANICALLY)

If you are not sure how to get followers on
Instagram and build brand authority in your niche, I’m going to show you how to increase
your Instagram followers organically so that you can have higher engagement, build trust
with potential clients and get more sales. By the end of this video, you’ll have the
exact five steps I used to grow my account from 800 to more than 30,000 followers in
10 months. Step one, optimize your profile. Most people miss this step, but it is very
important to ensure that your profile can be found when people are looking for specific
search terms. You can do this by changing your Instagram
name to your job title or what you would like to be known for instead of your name. So why would you do that? Realistically, it’s very unlikely that someone
will key in a search for your name, for example, Scarlet Vincent, unless the person is my friend
and they are specifically looking for me. Most people will search for a specific service,
if they are not searching for someone in particular. So, for example, if someone is looking for
digital marketing services, they would key in “digital marketing” into Instagram’s search
feature. So when my profile is optimized with a search
term that they’re looking for, it makes me appear in front of them because those keywords
are in my Instagram name. Likewise, if you are a business owner and
nobody knows about your business yet, nobody will search for the name of your business,
especially if you are just starting up and they don’t even know you exist. So the structure of your Instagram name can
be a job title followed by the location where your service is based. Oh, that’s my baby screaming by the way. So for example, if I’m a guitar instructor
from Helsinki, like “Guitar Instructor from Hell”. So what happens is brands or users looking
for guitar instructors within your region will see the profile when they key in the
specific search term. He’s screaming again. Okay. So you can keep your username as your real
name or your brand name because changing your name on Instagram will not affect your username. Step two, present yourself as the expert in
your niche. If you want your influence to grow on Instagram,
you need to ask yourself what is your purpose and what are you good at? If you are just starting out, you don’t want
to choose a random niche because in order to present yourself as the expert in your
niche, it would be better to choose something that you can do well and you can use your
experience to share knowledge with others. It is always good to go for something that
you’re familiar with and a topic that you are passionate about, but of course it doesn’t
mean you have to be a complete expert either. There are always people who know more than
you and those who know less than you, so just share whatever you know because the information
would be useful to those who know less than you. So you’re not here to get famous for the sake
of getting famous. If you are good with your makeup skills and
passionate about makeup, you can do makeup tutorials, present yourself as the makeup
expert in your niche. Likewise, if you specialize in wedding photography
and portraits, present yourself as the expert wedding photographer or portrait photographer. You will realize that eventually choosing
a niche is important because this is something that you are going to do in the long run,
it’s not something that you are doing just for fun, okay? This is something you’re investing your time
and effort in, in building your following on Instagram. You want to eventually be able to monetize
and earn from your passion full time. You have to take things seriously so that
your side gig becomes your full time gig and you are really pursuing your passion without
worrying about whether you need another side gig or whether you need to work a nine to
five to get by. This is the reason why you are choosing a
niche, okay. For example, if you have a persistent headache,
you would be referred to a neurologist, and you have a skin itch you and be referred to
a skin specialist. Likewise, if someone is looking for a yoga
instructor, they will not go to a general fitness trainer at the gym who does everything. Instead, they will actually search for someone
who specializes in yoga, right? So if you don’t have a niche and you are just
posting random content, you are going to attract random people. And that’s not how you want to grow your influence
on Instagram. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring
influencer, you need to attract the right audience who will value the content you are
putting out, and you want to build the relationship with them so that they will trust you as the
expert. People will only take you seriously when you
take yourself seriously. Step three, provide value in your content
strategy. I know a lot of us see influencers uploading
pictures of random emojis and they can get so many likes, and the reason why they can
do this is because they already have a large audience. However, you’re just starting out and you
need to give people a reason to decide that they want to follow you when they land on
your page and see your feed. If you are serious about building your online
influence, you need to create a content strategy and make sure that the content provides value. For example, there are two fitness Instagram
accounts that are new. Okay, both of them are completely new and
one of them consistently posts selfies, OOTDs, emojis as captions, whereas the other person,
also with the new account, posts workout tips along with before and after pictures. Let me ask you a which account provides more
value, and which account are you more likely to follow if you are into fitness? That’s right, you’re more likely to pick the
second one that I’ve mentioned, the one that provides value. Think about the value you can provide, share
your story or advice as your caption to supplement the image or video that you are uploading
to your feed. You’ll realize that the foundation of your
content strategy is the key factor in building your following in the long run. Step four, research your competitors. In order to be successful, we need to study
and analyze the success of others. This does not mean you copy what your competitors
are doing, but it means you try to identify what works and what does not. Find content that is already performing well,
create your own version of it, and use it as part of your content strategy. In order to do this, you need to research
your competition so that you know your target audience persona in order to create content
that would spark their interest. And you need to be really specific. For example, if you’re a music school that
caters to … Okay, let’s say music lessons for children, okay? You can’t just post pictures of your music
school and instruments every single day and expect to receive high levels of engagement,
right? You’ll need to have a content strategy in
place in order for people to find your feed valuable, in order for them to decide whether
they want to follow you or not. So the best way to create content for high
engagement is to research your competitors and see which type of posts are performing
the best. For example, you notice that most of your
competitors’ posts are doing well because they are reposting videos of students’ performances
or they are reposting tutorials that are receiving lots of engagement levels. So follow their content strategy. Their content is receiving high levels of
engagement for a reason, and the reason is because they have used a strategy that is
already proven to attract the attention of their target audience. This concept applies to every niche. Analyze which posts are getting more attention
and why is that. So take a look at which posts are not performing
so well and ask yourself, “Why is that so?” You can do the same analysis for the content
you are uploading and when you notice certain posts that are performing better and receiving
higher engagement than the rest, try to create more of those types of content. If your videos are performing better than
your images, which is usually the case, then try to create more videos for your feed. Okay, Zane is making a lot of noise now, so
he’s joining me in the video. So step five, use targeted hashtags. All of us know about hashtags, but are we
using them correctly and effectively? Follow for follow and like for like hashtags
are so commonly used, I see them all the time. It’s not a proper strategy to attract targeted
audience to your feed, right? People who take part in these follow for follow
schemes also tend to unfollow someone. It’s also very unlikely that they’ll be interested
in your niche and content because they are just following for the sake of getting followers
and likes, right? Or broad hashtags like #instagood, #instadaily,
and #OOTD are too general and are not really targeting the right people because these are
broad hashtags and it’s used widely by millions of people, okay, and new posts are getting
refreshed more often, so your post goes down the recent feed. Oh man, stop trying to grab the mic. Okay, so your post goes down and gets buried
very quickly. Okay, because there are new posts that are
being uploaded every second and you actually don’t get seen by many people at all. Using more targeted and lower volume hashtags
will help you get a higher chance of being seen by more people. For example, if you are targeting mom entrepreneurs
like me, hey Zane, say hi. So you can try a low volume hashtag like what
I did, like #bossmomlife, which only has 40.9K posts at the time and it was easy to rank
under Instagram’s top post. So once you have more followers and you get
the hang of creating quality content, you can start to target higher volume hashtags
and start ranking for those. So what I like to do is use a mixture of both
high and low volume hashtags each time I upload a post to gain more visibility. All right, so what strategies have you used
to grow your influence on Instagram? Leave a comment below, I would like to know. Now that you know the five exact steps you
can use to grow your influence on Instagram, do check out my free guide How to Profit from
Instagram, which shows you how to build your following from scratch and to get paid for
doing what you love. So the link is in the description below, check
it out. Also, if you want to join a community of like-minded
entrepreneurs, freelancers, and aspiring influencers, I have a closed group on Facebook, which is
called Rockerpreneurs. Basically combined the word rocker and entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs who rock on Instagram. Yeah, I provide up to date Instagram marketing
advice to help you and your business grow. So click on the image on the right to join. All right, thank you for watching.

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