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♫ Get ’em up, get ’em up ♫ We can go 12 down ♫ I’m in the ring with my hands held high – What’s going on guys? J R here, and in this
video I wanna show you guys how to build up a Facebook group, and how to grow a Facebook group. So this is a highly, highly suggested topic by you guys. So I really appreciate for everyone who asked me to do this video, and if you have an idea
for a future video, make sure you drop a comment below. Also, make sure, I’m gonna
ask you right up front to subscribe and like this video if you like the video. So I’m gonna jump in here to my computer, and I’m gonna get you guys well acquainted with how to grow a Facebook group. Okay so the first thing we’re gonna do is search up my group. So that way I can talk to you guys about some of the things that I do, and then we’ll kind of branch out and go and look at other peoples’ groups, and talk about how you can replicate the system for success that I’ve used to grow my Facebook group. Today, actually we’re
crossing over 10,000 members, so if you’re in the group, actually we just crossed 10,023. How about that? So if you’re in the group, or if you’re not in
the group should I say, make sure that you join. Just go to, and it redirects to this group. So, I was able to build this group up to 10,000 people in just over, I wanna say, like five months, and I did that, I did it through some very, very basic, conventional things that anyone can do. So, one thing, first
things first of course. Consistency is key. Going live, doing Facebook
lives in the group every single day went a long way. Posting a lot. Making sure my, my group was engaged. To get my first 100 members or so, honestly I wouldn’t recommend doing this after a while, but just to get some leverage, and get yourself off the ground, you can just add people to the group at first on Facebook. So like right now I can click here, and I can just, you know, type in whatever, and if I’m friends with somebody, then I can add them to the group. So I’d add, like, as many of your close friends as you know, or as many people as you know, that won’t be too annoyed with you adding them to a group
without their permission, or you could just ask peoples’ permission. One thing that I like to do, and I learned this from my friend Arnie, is you just post on your Facebook group, I’m thinking of starting
a Facebook group on blank. Blank being whatever niche you’re in. Who would be interested in joining? And then a bunch of people are gonna say, me, me, me, me, me, and then you make the group, or if you already have the group made, you drop the link
individually to each one, or just message each person. Or, just start the group, and then you can add everybody by yourself because they’ve
already given you permission. So, that’s a strategy
to get off the ground, get some traction going. After you get 100 members, you wanna start doing Facebook
lives every single day. Treat those 100 people
like they’re a million, and give them a lot of attention. Post in the group every single day, and your next big milestone
is gonna be 1,000 members. So from 100 to 1,000, that’s where all the hard work is. The consistency. And then from there, if you stay consistent than your group kind of just… zero to 1,000, you’re kind of pushing
the boulder up the hill. Once you get to 1,000, you’re kind of rolling it
downhill at that point. So it becomes a lot easier. So, another thing that
I see people do wrong. Notice that Facebook uses SEO, Facebook group SEO in a way, So, a lot of people search different terms on Facebook in the search bar, and then they add group members. They find different groups based on the search terms that they search, and the groups that are
related to those terms. So, when you’re naming your group you wanna make sure that you have a keyword heavy group. So, for example, my group is called Digital Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs. Digital marketing is a
heavily searched keyword, and entrepreneurs is another
heavily searched keyword. So, digital marketing hacks. So, my group is called Digital Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs. Digital marketing is a
heavily searched keyword, and entrepreneurs is a
heavily searched keyword. So, the way you find this, is you just type in a word related to your niche. So, I’m in the entrepreneurship niche, so I type that in, and I can see right here, Millennial Entrepreneur Community, but what I’ll do, what I
wanna do is just search that, and then go over to groups, and what you wanna do is see if there’s any other huge groups that have those same
key words in the title. And this is when you’re
thinking of naming your group. So, if I’m thinking of
starting an entrepreneur group I might name my group Entrepreneur. I mean I might search
the term entrepreneur to see what other groups are titled that and see if there’s any big groups. So there’s the
Entrepreneur’s Insiders Club, there’s the Millennial Entrepreneurs, and then now there’s my group. So there’s all these there, there’s Super Hero Entrepreneurs, 26,000 members. There’s all these different, there’s Facebook Advertising
for JEDI Entrepreneurs, so there’s big groups
with that search term. There’s Entrepreneurs
Only with 71,000 members. So, if you’re in, say, the health niche, or say fitness, it doesn’t really matter, you search fitness, and there’s a group called Fitness. There’s Fitness Enthusiasts. So, I might do, like,
Fitness Lifestyle Lovers. Fitness, Weight Loss,
Weight Gain and Health, all, like they got… I don’t know who this is, but
they hit the nail on the head. Fitness, Weight Loss,
Weight Gain, and Health. Those are all… This is literally just keyword jamming, I guess you can call it, but it worked. Look, 31,000 members. Health and Fitness by Guru Mann. Health and Fitness. Fitness and Bodybuilding. So, let’s say I want to start a group but it’s centered around bodybuilding. So I might search fitness, but I might also search bodybuilding, and see if there are any big groups with the name, bodybuilding in the title. So there’s I don’t really compare, If it’s a big brand,
I kind of discount it, because, you know, big brands, they’ll have outside traffic, they’ll have an e-mail list, they’ll have all these different things. So, as you can see,
there’s no real big groups with the search term
bodybuilding in the title. So I would not start a
group called Bodybuilding. I would not have
bodybuilding in the title, because it just doesn’t make sense. There’s no other big
groups with that title. So if I’m thinking of
starting a group like, for pets, then maybe I’ll name it Pets. I’ll have pets in the title. So this is Pets for Sale. It’s kind of different
from what I’d be doing. I’d be building up a group of pet lovers so I can pitch products to them. There’s Pets and Animals. Pets for Sale. Missouri Pets for Free Only. So I don’t, see I don’t see any big
groups that are like general, that have the name pets, maybe if I keep searching, I’ll find some. But hopefully you guys get the point. So the main things are: Be keyword heavy. Be consistent every single day, and do one more thing that
I call engagement posts. And that, actually I learned
from my friend Arnie as well, who has a course on this stuff. Basically, an engagement
post is just a post like hey, that gets people to engage. So something stupid or simple like, hey where’s everybody in the group from? And everybody in the group
will start commenting, Tampa, Orlando, Houston, New York, Sweden, and it’ll push the engagement, because every single time someone comments Facebook now wants to
show that to more people. So it’ll push the engagement, and Facebook will see that as, like, hey, this group is keeping
people on Facebook, they’re being engaged, so lets promote them on the sidebar. So your goal is to get
right here on the sidebar, because that’s when Facebook will promote the crap out of your group for free. Like, all these different groups, Facebook’s promoting them, and they’re not paying for this. A lot of people think that these are ads, but they’re actually not. So, that brings me to
my last piece of advice, is keep people on Facebook. You wanna do everything you can to keep people on Facebook, so that Facebook sees, like, wow, this group is keeping
people on our platform. So don’t link, early on especially, don’t link off of Facebook too much. You can do it, you can
get away with doing it now and then once you grow your group quite a bit, but early on, and I say at least until your first 1,000 members, you do not wanna link off of Facebook. Hey sorry about that guys. My audio actually cut out
at the end of this video, but basically what I was saying is you don’t want to link off of Facebook, you wanna keep people on the platform as much as possible, especially when your group is very young. And, one last thing, don’t, and I personally
still don’t do this, but don’t link in an actual post ever. Whenever I post something, whenever I post a link, I make sure that it’s important, and I post it in the comments. So, I’ll give like a long post, or I’ll explain what I’m linking to, and then I’ll say the link
is in the first comment. Because if you link in the post, then Facebook will limit
your reach right off the bat, cause like I said, they wanna
keep people on Facebook. That’s all I got for you guys today. Good luck growing your groups, and make sure if you found
this information useful to comment and subscribe. Also like the video if
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