How to Get the Grey or Blue Checkmark on Facebook – Facebook Verification Badge

What’s going on everybody Cereal
Entrepreneur here and in this video we’re going to show you how to get that gray or blue
checkmark for your facebook business page alright this is super important you
have to happen for your business for people to trust you so follow me on over
to the computer we’re gonna show you how to get that done alright people so we’re
gonna show you how to get the gray checkmark and we’re actually gonna show
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so here’s a big issue alright and I’m gonna let you guys know this upfront
because I wasn’t aware of it Facebook doesn’t have any notification
set up to warn you of this but there’s a page setting all right so we’re just
gonna head on over into Facebook really quick I’m gonna show you guys we
minimize this really quick I actually have a couple things I’m gonna talk
about that are really cool number one how to get some free advertising money
with Facebook how to get them to actually send you a free ad credit
because it’s bull crap what they did to me and number two I’m gonna show you
guys exactly how to set up that that little verification badge you can see
our page doesn’t have it any more but it actually used to
the reason why it doesn’t have it anymore and the reason why I’m kind of
irritated is because when you change your page settings Facebook
automatically removes it and you have to reapply for it so you guys be careful of
doing that and what do I mean by that basically when you go into business
managers so basically what you need understand is you have to go to business
dot get into your business manager go to your actual page
you can’t search it on Facebook and click settings and go to your actual
page so you should be able to find it when you click general’ under settings
you can see there’s nothing here so Facebook I just let them know about this
issue they’re gonna be resolving this but for now you need to do it through
your business manager so when I click settings on my business manager page you
can see right here bada bing bada boom general settings all of this shows up
you can see right here where it says page verification pages not verify it
used to say page verified and this is why a facebook is irritating me so when
I went here to edit page I was testing something out for a client I went here
to edit the page and I changed my page settings you can see it’s currently in a
standard page you can change it to be like a business page the services venues
nonprofit pot whatever when you change it it removes that verification so if
you guys already have the verification setup and you ever try to change the
page style or the page template then it is going to remove that for you guys
just so you’re aware but let’s go ahead and quickly set this page verification
up alright so what is the point of the check mark guys basically it gives you
that credibility it gives you more authority 11 it allows people to know
that you’re actually a real business you’re not just some scam company right
I mean that’s important people have to trust your business before they’ll ever
do business with you especially if you’re trying to promote to them on
social media channels all right so the great check mark is where you have to
start a lot of people want the blue check mark the blue check mark only
comes when facebook recognizes you as a public figure you know you have a huge
following you have a lot of people who you know might be trying to replicate
your business or create copy accounts of your business that’s usually when they
try to do that and it’s because they want people to know you’re the real page
all right so blue check mark is something you get to a little later once
you build the page up and you have a lot of notoriety in your area but for now
you just need to start with the gray checkmark and trust me it does a lot
better for your business you get you get shown higher on Facebook search results
all that so all you’re gonna do is when you get here you click Edit and then
click verify this page and verify this page okay and then you’re going to do
basically this little setup right here so we’re gonna enter in my stuff we’re
gonna make sure we screen this phone number because I don’t want y’all
calling me all the time no extension country US all right and then they’re
going to call you can do it with a document but we’re just gonna do it with
a phone call so I’m actually going to do this right now
oh cool they’re actually just going to send me a verification code Oh nope
they’re calling me with the verification code and my verification code is coming
here in a second all right my code is $4.99 so when I click continue sorry we
couldn’t verify the page with this info we couldn’t confirm that phone number is
associated with the business or organization this page represents please
try using a publicly listed phone number or verify with documents instead so
since I don’t attach my phone number to this page obviously we’re gonna have to
verify it with documents or I can have my phone number to the page and just
remove it later so let me see here business tax file so I guess they’re
wanting like my ein certificate of formation Articles of Incorporation so
these are all documents that you can upload and so what I’m going to do is
I’m actually going to upload the tax identification form and I’m going to
upload my statement of organization I don’t need to upload a bank letter
cool so we’re just gonna upload those right there my statement of organization
and my tax identification number so we’ll do this statement of organizer and
then once that gets uploaded we’ll upload the other one or maybe that’s all we need to do looks
like you only have to do one so boom we’re just gonna send her that then that
statement of the organizer and they should be able to get back with me I’m
gonna guess within around 24 hours to set that page up so we could do that way
let me see if I can actually just had my phone number really quick and get it
done even faster so it’s already under review you can obviously do it the phone
number way and it will actually do it instantly that’s how I did it the first
time I remember actually set up my phone number on the page and that’s all you
have to do guys it really isn’t difficult to get that checkmark they’ll
let you know whether they’re gonna give it to you or not the biggest thing is
that you have your all of your information about the business set up
properly like the phone number the address if it’s a local business they
have to have the phone number in the address all right if they don’t have an
actual physical address like my business doesn’t that we promoted lease or tell
people about then that’s where you’ll want to do the verification process that
I just did and it just makes it a little easier because of the fact that again
they don’t have to look for a specific location they’re just looking to make
sure that you’re a legitimate business that’s the whole point of the
verification is to make sure that you’re a legitimate business so that way they
know that you’re not trying to scam people for their money
so that’s basically it guys it really isn’t difficult again Facebook has a lot
of issues on their back end where things get messed up or things get misplaced
and then you have to redo things over again which kind of sucks but that’s why
I wanted to I mention at the beginning you can get free ad credit so if you
ever have problems with Facebook you can easily go to their support which if you
guys don’t know how to get to support I’m going to show you a really cool
trick it’s not that hard you’re gonna click help up here on your business
manager page and then you see over here there we go still need help they’re
gonna take me to the support page or you can just go to like google and type in
Facebook business support so here you just click support get to their actual
homepage and then when you scroll down you’ll see boom chat email ask community
now sometimes you might not see it if you’re bitch if you’re advertiser
account has no history with Facebook whatsoever I feel like sometimes they
don’t like to show this option to people who don’t spend any
with them or don’t have a history with them so you might have an issue there
which means basically guys just keep building your page keep staying active
spending money on Facebook add stuff like that making sure that you’re
setting up more business pages requesting to have more ad accounts all
that stuff allows Facebook to understand that you are highly involved with their
platform which gives you better access to their chat so you just click that
chat window and it will pop up a form for you to fill out and they actually do
get with you in about two to four minutes so it’s pretty cool anyways guys
that’s it for this video oh and then when you get there just tell them hey
send me a free ad credit I do all this stuff for you I spent all this money
with you guys you could at least send me an ad credit and then they’ll put in a
request to do that for you so that’s pretty cool but outside of that guys
that’s all I wanted to show you I hope you guys are able to learn something
super special from this video if you guys have any questions comments or
concerns about setting up your page verification or if you’re wondering more
tips about how to get the blue verification which is what we’re working
on here on our channel we know the process to get there it just takes a
little longer but you want to know tips or you know strategies to getting the
blue checkmark leave a comment below and ask a specific question and I’ll let you
know exactly how we’re doing it here that’s a real entrepreneur so I will see
you guys on the next episode make sure you like comment and subscribe below so
you get all of the updates to the content we release until next time guys
Cereal Entrepreneur out ready to start living the six-figure
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