How To Get more Video Views on Facebook
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How To Get more Video Views on Facebook

Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And today I want
to talk with you about how to format
your Facebook videos to entice as many
clicks and views as possible. This works a little bit
differently on Facebook than it does on YouTube. Because on Facebook, the
video starts auto playing without any sound, thus making
the first several seconds of your video basically act
like a visual animated motion thumbnail for your video. So how do you craft the first 5
to 10 seconds of your Facebook video that’s functioning
like an animated thumbnail? How do you entice people
to actually click and watch your video? So there’s three things. First, you need to start with
a really clear visual hook. Now this could be something
that’s just surprising, people are like, what is that? Or it could just
be text on screen that is animated,
it’s motion, it’s catching people’s attention. And typically,
this first part is going to be very short,
maybe 2 or 3 seconds. And the goal of that is mostly
just to grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling
through their feed. Then the second part is
you need to let them know that there’s audio to this. Like you need to tap or click
in order to watch this video, because you’re missing
out without it. So you could show two people
talking or someone screaming, or something that
indicates there’s audio and I’m missing it right now. At this point, you’re
maybe around 7 seconds into the video. And now that you’ve enticed
them to tap and to hear sound, now you need to
lay your hook that really entices them to want to
watch the rest of the video. Because by the time
you get to that 7- to 10-second mark of your video,
people either aren’t interested or they’ve already
scrolled past your video and it’s already gone. If you guys want to check out
some great examples of this, go over to BuzzFeed’s
Facebook page and you can see a lot of great
examples of how they craft the first 5 to 10
seconds of every video to hook you without
audio, to make you want to tap because you feel
like you’re missing something without it, and then also to
really hook you after around 10 seconds to really
want to keep watching the rest of that video. If you’ve noticed or learned
anything else that really works well for that first beginning
part of a video that’s designed for Facebook,
definitely comment with that below. And if this is your first time
to see Video Creators here on Facebook, make sure you
click that Like button, then click the little drop
down arrow next to it. Click on Get Notifications, so
you actually get a notification when I publish these Facebook
training videos for you. Thanks for hanging out, and I’ll
see you guys again next week. Bye.

47 thoughts on “How To Get more Video Views on Facebook

  1. Do you think I will need to migrate to facebook video if I am unhappy with my channel's current performance?

  2. OMG! I just did the 2 sec grab technique on my video today… Hope you get a chance to see it on DiscoveringNatural page

  3. Hey Tim!
    If I were to leave my network and joined another, would I still receive payment from the previous network even if I haven't met payment threshold? 

  4. Great Vid! Hey I thought you might be able to draw some attention to this, there is a photo editing service called that lets you make youtube channel art, instagram art, etc. I stumbled on it today and it might be something you could use your platform to share (If you haven't already). I don't have any stake in it, but I know it can help a lot of creators who may not be photoshop savvy. 

  5. Hi Tim • Good hook, the only thing I do is make my custom thumbnails in Photoshop, I hope this makes them to want to take a look.
    • Cheers from The Detroit & Mackinac Railway

  6. Is there a way to upload to Facebook so that our video starts to play as people scroll through but it is seen through the Youtube player so we can get paid?

  7. Your advice seems great IF they're already able to SEE your Facebook posts; but, how do I make sure that they are EVEN ABLE to see those posts in the first place?

    Even my close friends have revealed to me that they would LIKE to be able to respond to my Facebook posts, if they'd only show up in their newsfeed…but, they do not.

    How can I force the posts to show up in everyone's (or ANYone's) newsfeed so that they at least have the OPPORTUNITY to respond?

  8. how do you get that large silent show of the video. mine always just show up as a shitty thumbnail and it doesnt autoplay

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    eto ang bida sa lahat 😂😂😂

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