How To Get More Facebook Fans For Your Facebook Business Page
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How To Get More Facebook Fans For Your Facebook Business Page

Hi everyone Ryan here with Hollie Power dot com and today I want to show you one way that you can get more people to like your Facebook page. Now what you might not know is that if you’ve had a particular post of any description it can be a video, a link share, anything which has had lots of interaction with it some of those people who don’t currently like your page can be invited to do so and I’m going to show you how it’s done. So we’ve got our page here for a local beauty spa in Bournemouth and this particular post is a video post and you can see it’s reached nearly 11,000 people which is almost as many people as our page has fans. But you’ll notice underneath here it says there has been 108 reactions to the post but you’ll notice you can actually click on this and if you do it brings up all the people who have liked the post. You’ll notice here there is an option to invite them to like your page. So this means these people haven’t liked our page currently. They are greyed out if they already like it. Notice that a huge proportion of these people maybe 50% don’t currently like our page. So if I so choose I can click on them all and invite them to come and like it. Now you may, depending on what your business is not want to just have anyone like your page. Whilst it’s great to have lots more fans for your page it’s also fair to say that poorly targetted ones are maybe not actually worth having. So what you might like to do in our case if you hover over these people I can bring up their basic public details and if I can see that they are maybe local to us – for example this lady here she lives in Bournemouth and we’re a beauty spa in Bournemouth therefore she is our target audience so I’m going to invite her. And then she’ll get a little invite which comes through and it’s up to her to determine whether or not she wishes to like our page. You’ll find that if you’ve had some posts with a lot of interaction then you can get quite a few more fans come over in this way. Hope you found that tip helpful. If you have then please give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and I’ll see you on the next video

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  1. I have tried to do this but I can't invite them to my page, it says add friend instead which is for my personal page, how do I do it for my business page?

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