How To Get Followers On Instagram (BRAND NEW!)
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How To Get Followers On Instagram (BRAND NEW!)

Whats up Ninjas! Today we’re gonna
talk about Instagram how to grow an Account from zero to ten thousand
followers in 30 days or less plus a Number of secrets from the IG guru
who’s behind the scenes running big Accounts like mine balance Becker’s and
a lot of people that you wouldn’t even Expect guys so stay tuned we’re about to
drop some serious Instagram knowledge on You! What is up ninjas! Let me welcome a very
good friend of mine Josue Pena who is The man behind the mystery running some
big accounts on Instagram like mine like Alex Becker’s right growing these
accounts up to fifty thousand two Hundred thousand followers in less than
a month at times and he’s about to Absolutely destroy you guys
with knowledge on how to grow your own Instagram even if you have no followers
and no experience so I’m gonna let the House way take over and I’ll see you
guys soon thank you so much coming for That amazing intro and we’re just gonna
get started right away today we’re gonna Cover the four step ninja ID block box
blueprint that will get you over 10,000 Followers a month even if you’re
starting from scratch have no experience whatsoever I have never used Instagram
for your business before now the things in the ninja IG black box that I’m going
to be showing you today are exactly the same stuff that I’ve done myself to grow
up of 4.5 million followers in less than two years in multiple niches industries
and even languages and these are exactly the same step that I’ve taken with Kevin
for example to grow him over 50,000 followers and Alex Becker to grow him or
200,000 followers in a little over 30 days so let’s get started now the first
step in the simple process it’s actually the most important one it is market
research and more specifically researching your competitors and your
influencers with the goal of just simply modeling success this first step took me
four to five years to implement and understand so I’m literally saying this
because this is the most important crucial element in this entire process
and before I break it down for you let me tell you the importance of it with a
normal traditional business for example a brick and mortar coffee shop let’s say
for example you are about to put a local coffee shop in you know your town are
you going to buy a location buy equipment hire staff get rental get
mortgage whatever it is take a loan without actually understanding their
Cuffy and the market in that specific industry you probably will not do that
because it’s pretty stupid to just invest a ton of money into something
that you don’t know anything about and that you don’t know that it’s going to
work so same thing on Instagram just because Instagram is free doesn’t mean
that you do not have to take the time to actually do the market research
beforehand in order to make sure you are successful and successful extremely
quickly so let me show you what this actually looks like to research the
competitors and influences and this is something
that you can do extremely extremely simple and really really fast so we are
right now right here in my account world of artists that has over 2.2 million
followers and we’re gonna go right here and let’s just assume we are in fitness
right so oh by the way this is another one of my accounts anyways so let’s just
assume we are in fitness and we are doing our competitor and influence or
research in the fitness industry so the first thing we’re gonna go is put the
keyword fitness in the search bar and we’re basically just gonna scroll and
see the people who come up first or the influencers in this case as we can see
Fitness lockers come up on top has 28 thousand followers that fit comes up on
top 1.2 million Fitness 900,000 gains 1.2
million fitness elites fitness for all 1.6 million and so on and so forth so
what I want to do is first start for example let’s just start at Fitness for
all that has 1.6 million followers this account might be considered what’s
called an influencer because it’s really big it has over a million followers and
for most people that want to get started this is probably consider an influencer
and not necessarily a competitor in my case it might be considered a competitor
because I already have really really big accounts so what I want to do is write
down every single competitor and influencer account maybe in a Google
spreadsheet and for example in this case we can go with Fitness for all and the
first thing we’re gonna write his name is for all handl and the amount of
followers that they have then we’re gonna go down and see the average
engagement they get for every single post so we’re gonna scroll down a little
bit so that we just take stats from a few days ago and not just new posts so
this one has 200,000 this one has 2.3 million this one has one point one one
two forty five two hundred thousand seven one thousand likes five thousand
likes and let’s see let’s see also the amount of likes that they’re getting per
post so in this case they’re getting four
thousand likes in this post right here let’s see this one right here seven
thousand the scroll keeps scrolling through eight thousand likes
four thousand likes eleven thousand likes ten doesn’t like so what you want
to do a second basically and a basic average of the amount of engagement that
they’re getting on every single post and this one i can assume more or less that
they’re getting 5,000 to 6,000 likes per picture
and about 200,000 views per video so we’re gonna write all that data down in
a Google spreadsheet super organized and then we’re gonna keep going and see the
amount of competitors and influences we can recollect from Instagram and again
Instagram just tells you this data completely for free and you should click
this little arrow right here you’re gonna see a lot of different pages are
gonna be suggested to us in the same niche and in the same industry so again
we go for example in this case – abs at home and we go again and we do the same
thing in this case we have three thousand likes two thousand six thousand
thirteen thousand two thousand two thousand seven two thousand eight
thousand five thousand six thousand seventeen thousand so in this case i can
assume more or less that they are betting in between 3,000 and 4,000 likes
per picture so after we are done with the competitor and influent and so
research we go to step number two which is still part of the market research
itself and that is going into the BP piece or the content research baby piece
stands for best performing post and the reason why you want to research this
type of post and specific type of post is because you want to know what is
performing in that specific niche in the specific industry at that given moment
why because you simply want to model success you do not want to be the one
that just spends hours and hours and hours on and trying to figure things out
without having really great results doing this upfront effort at the
beginning is gonna save you hours on end this is going to dramatically increase
the likelihood of your account of blowing up like crazy so again we are
right here and we look for example to the influences that we want to in this
case fitness for all and we said that they were getting between 5,000 likes
per picture right so we’re just gonna scroll through and find post I get above
that in this case this 2.3 million views video is has over one hundred twenty two
thousand likes so this picture right here or this video is definitely a bpp
best performing post because it’s proven to work before it will work again in the
future so this is something that you definitely want to save so in this case
I will just save it and keep scrolling through so in this case we also find
another video 1.1 million has 76,000 likes again we save it and we
scrolling through and boom right here we find another one this one is a picture
8,000 likes we save it because we said that that we’re getting in between 5,000
likes and 6000 like so anything above that is definitely something we want to
model in this case right here we also find this one eleven thousand likes and
this one right here at ten thousand likes and we keep scrolling through
until we are satisfied with this account in all the content that we have in terms
of the BP piece so we just got done with this account now what we’ll do we go
down the rabbit hole and we find the other pages that are also related in the
niche and we find more BP piece in this case let’s go back to ABS and we do
exactly the same thing we scroll down and it start seeing the amount of videos
and pictures that get above average engagement in this case for example this
one 17,000 likes that we’re getting between 4,000 and 5,000 likes per
picture this one 8,000 likes and we keep doing this until again we are satisfied
with the amount of posts and content that we have in terms of the BP piece
now after you’ve done this like multiple times with several influences and people
now you have AB library of content that literally is proven to perform extremely
extremely well that went viral before and that will go viral again on your
page again this is not work at science and this is just basically modeling
success so we going again here and we see the save post and here are all the
save posts that we just saved from the competitors and the influences and what
do we do would you start posting so now that we’ve got over a step number one
and number two let’s go over number three and this is probably the most
important one in terms of actually having results literally overnight in
this is consistency you’ve got to be consistent with your content in with the
posting on your account ideally you want to be posting multiple times a day three
to six times per day why because the more you post there more or you grow it
is simple math let’s say for example you’re posting one time a day and you’re
getting five thousand impressions on your account and you just start posting
four times a day you’re gonna get twenty thousand impressions birthday on your
account just by posting more that means that throughout the months you’re gonna
get six hundred thousand impressions with the possibility of going over a
million and this is without you changing anything else and not doing anything
else so again make sure you are consistent with your current posting but
again let’s go back to the marker research itself because that’s actually
gonna tell us how many times per day we should actually post so we’re gonna go
back into the actual influencers and the competitors and see how many times per
day they are posting and let’s go to fitness for all like we said before and
let’s see how many times per day they are posting this one Wilson nine hours
ago one day ago two days ago three days ago so they’re posting one time a day
which is definitely something that is not ideal so there are definitely not
following with good advice on Instagram now let’s just go over the app space
that we have before that we were also researching right here and let’s start
seeing how many times per day they are posting in this case three hours ago two
days ago two days ago three days ago three days ago four days ago
four days ago five days six days so they’re posting between one and two
times per day but it again is definitely something that is not ideal so we’re
gonna keep looking and finding somebody that’s actually been consistent with
their content and their posting so we’re gonna go in this page right here and see
how many times per day they are posting in this case they’re posting eleven
minutes ago one hour ago four hours ago nine hours ago two days
ago two days ago three days four days six days and again this is something
that is not ideal especially if you’re just starting from scratch so we’re
gonna keep looking and finding somebody that’s actually being consistent with
their posting and the content marketing now we can see we’re here in Fitness
lovers in particular they’re posting a ton so this one was supposed to seven
minutes ago one hour two hours six hours seven hours eight hours nine 10 11 12 14
15 16 17 18 19 21 23 and then one day goes so they’re posting about 10 times
per day which is something that you might be wondering and like thinking
that’s actually too much ideally yes when you’re starting out this actually
too much but what I would say it buries again the more you posts the more you
girl did reason why this page is growing so so quickly is because they’re being
able to post multiple times a day which allows them to reach a major major
global audience no matter where they are so what you want to do is
post between three the six times per day every single day now that we’ve finished
with consistency which is step number three let’s go into step number four and
this is actually kinda like the gasoline on the fire before you actually build
that foundation on your current Instagram account and this is actually
what I was gonna help you take it to the next level and grow it exponentially
quickly triggering the Instagram algorithm make it work for you rather
than against you and this is the part that people do not understand how to do
effectively and that is networking you have all heard the same by Warren
Buffett that your net worth is determined but your network same thing
on Instagram it’s called social media for a reason you gotta be social so how
is this actually going to help you boost our followers and grow exponentially
quicker so the first people you use research in the first step with the
market research you’re actually going to reach out to them and find ways that you
can provide value and collaborate with them you are going to reach out both to
the competitors meaning the people who are closer to your own following and
also the influencers meaning the big dawgs
in your current niche and in your industry so let me show you how the
actual Instagram algorithm works the Instagram algorithm is all based around
engagement so our job is to gamify the engagement to make sure the Instagram
algorithm works for us rather than against us so for example we have a
1,000 follower page in Fitness and we did our market research we know what
Canton works we know how many times per day we should post and we also network
with an account that has a hundred thousand followers but this account
right here is in the same niche this is extremely important because if it just a
random it’s and how does 100,000 followers is not gonna matter so in
order for this to work and help that count right here needs to be in the same
it should just network and reach out to the same competitors and the influencers
you just research in step number one so what happens when you actually make a
post on right here on your 1,000 follower page and then this icon right
here likes and comments on your post what then happens is this this a hundred
thousand followers that are right here are going to see your content on their
explore feed and in their phone and since we know both accounts are in the
same niche which means the followers on both accounts are interested in similar
topics because we know this content is be proven to work when these 100,000
followers see these type of content they’re more likely to like comment
engage and then follow this 1,000 follower account and what happens when
you start combining not just one account but let’s say one or maybe five or maybe
ten accounts in the same niche that are big liking and commenting on your
pictures your account literally transforms overnight and you start
blowing up like crazy and the second thing that happens right
here is that it tells the Instagram algorithm that your content is prone to
go viral is prone to be good and it keeps people on the platform so it
triggers the algorithm to suggest to even more people because the algorithm
thinks this content is amazing is good high authority accounts are liking and
engaging with it these followers are liking and engaging with it so I’m gonna
suggest so even more people that are interested in this specific type of
content and this is how the Instagram algorithm works in a nutshell now you
might be wondering how the heck do I actually get these influencers these
accounts to actually like and engage on my pictures in my account and this is
what we call the ninja hook line & sinker
this phrase right here is meant to get you in front of this big influencers and
get them on your networking group and be able to collaborate with them without
you having to pay a single dime and this is the phrase right here would you like
to participate in a highly active a hundred thousand or fifty thousand or
ten thousand follower networking group are you interested or would you like to
participate I’m gonna leave the thing right here below so you can actually
copy and paste it to the tee and feel free to modify it as you see fit
depending on your niche your follower amount and how comfortable you are being
on bigger or smaller networking groups and the reason and the psychology behind
why this particular phrase works so well and the reason why I know this is
because they did it with me it’s because it’s basically telling the other
influencer oh hey I’m the organizer of this big engagement group that we’re
creating together and would you like to participate if you message 30 accounts
10 of them will say yes you get them all together and basically you can then
leverage that group in order to get more people and when you get more people the
bigger the group gets and then you can start getting more people even bigger
influencers in your networking group and since you are the organizer you
technically do not have to have a big following in order to participate and
actually get the value and the benefit of being in
the influencers get the benefit of collaborating with one another and you
get the benefit to collaborate with the big influences and the big dawgs in your
industry and again you can start doing this without having to spend a single
than and get into this big networking and engagement groups organizing
yourself and get the benefit and blow up your account extremely extremely quickly
and these are the four steps in order to make sure your account goes from zero to
ten thousand followers at the very minimum in less than thirty days I have
actually implemented this exact strategy these four steps in accounts I have
created from scratch and in less than 30 days have reached a hundred and a
hundred fifty thousand followers like that all right ninjas I’m back and we
are going to give a huge goodbye and thank you to my boy josue pena for
absolutely dropping Instagram knowledge bombs on us and if you guys want us to
do another video where we actually go over Instagram paid traffic right we’re
gonna talk about Instagram ads how to build Instagram story ads how to
absolutely take over Instagram from a paid traffic perspective that I want you
to do one thing comment Instagram down below just the word Instagram and if we
get 500 comments that say Instagram I will bring Josue back on and we’re gonna
go over everything a to Z for Instagram paid traffic guys so let’s give a huge
thank you to my boy Josue make sure you drop a like make sure you smash the
subscribe button with little notification goes on and drop that
comment guys and we are going to absolutely continue giving away 100
dollars every single day for all you guys who do leave the best comments and
are the most active on all of our social media love you guys Josue thanks again
and we’ll see you on the next one brother

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