28 thoughts on “How to Get Facebook Birthdays and Events on iPhone or iPad Calendar

  1. What if the Iphone allows you to click on "request desktop site" but doesn't actually go to the desktop version? That's the problem I'm dealing with now and it's extremely frustrating.

  2. Hello! Thanks, it's my first time with an iPhone and I was looking for this for a long time, thanks for this tutorial!

  3. Thanks alot. Clearly explained and learned, desktop view function itself is very important which might be very handy in future.

  4. Max, on my iphone X, I don't see what your video shows when I select what you ask me to. I can't get to the upcoming events tab or subscribing to calendar. Help!

  5. what do I do today when the box under birthdays are missing. The one that says "you can add your events …" is not there no more.

  6. I am on my ipad now and in safari browser on facebook and in events but that section that has links for
    upcoming events" is not listed there? Can you help? Thanks.

  7. I didnt got a box about calenders – step 8. I could only add to my normal iphone calender and did not get to step 9 either

  8. Now this thing can be changed and there is no birthdays under upcoming events no more in facebook. Now can you help to sync birthdays?

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