1. What happens if you promote your photo through Instagram? Isn’t that the same thing as buying likes in some way? You also mentioned that comments determine your engagement to, but Instagram promotes likes, which is going to jeopardise my account so I’m really confused?

  2. The companies who don't look at anyone who has less than 100,000 are the ones that are making themselves the most vulnerable over the next ten years. Watch this play out.. engagement and trust are the new ROI, not money. If those bean counters don't get it soon, the youth is going to crush them.

  3. This was fantastic Sunny. I love the talk about ENGAGEMENT which is what I talk about all the time with people and share on my channel Even with a smaller following, you can definitely be an "influencer". The key is the RELATIONSHIP and CONNECTION you've built with your audience. That way they will listen to you and trust your choices and decisions which is especially important when it's time to monetize and start making money. Also, hate fake metrics on pages etc. There's channels that I've seen with 50K+ "subscribers" if we can call them that, and every video has literally 32 views and 0 comments. It's SO bad lol. Thanks for the awesome vid Sunny!🤓👊❤

  4. I know an actress that went from 300 followers to almost 2k like overnight but it works for her somehow. Agents just see the numbers. I REFUSE to do that but maybe I should lol (JK).

  5. I can’t even see myself doing that crap. I’m a “people” person & I gotta interact with my true fans & friends.

  6. Thanks so much for watching! Let me know if you've enjoyed this video and share your biggest takeaway below 🙂

  7. Another great video Sunny! Any tips on how to grow a non business account (my family travels and wants to build a travel brand around our journey). We’re currently around 2000 followers but it’s been a slow slog!

  8. I have 3700 real followers and saw 2 major overnight drops from 250 likes to 80 likes to 30 likes per post, so I mean…don’t judge a book by its cover. 😂😂😂 #thejuggleisreal

  9. Great video once again!
    It always best to honestly earn your followers, no matter which platform.
    Keep up the good work

  10. Aah!! Such a great video, I love all these Instagram videos. I’m in the knitting community and it is super hard to break through. Only have around 650 followers on Insta, but hoping to grow the account using Sunny’s tips.

  11. What's the difference with instagram ads? Hm 🤔 well only thing is there I can like their pics and hope they follow back 🤔

  12. Sunny, thank you for telling us that even with a small following here on YouTube and Instagram that we are still influencers! A lot of us try really hard and it's nice to get an inspirational uplifting message from you that tells us to keep going! You give amazing advice on how to build our communities the right way! Thanks again for all you do!

  13. I have an engagement rate at like 17% and I thought that was low, but to hear that people have it as low as 1% is INSANE!

  14. This is i want really.i stuck on insta at 150 for long time.thnx for telling truth.i really want to keep real in everywhere.thnx once again.

  15. Can't thank you enough for this one – recent subscriber, and I LOVE your channel! 🙂 I'm a business owner, and use Instagram a TON for marketing. Small following, but strong engagement. Thanks for validating what I've always suspected about these bot accounts! (PS – guessing people buy automated comments too?)

  16. I love how it says "high quality followers"…"REAL"..all those sweet sweet catch terms hahah. It's actually kind of sad of how fast and easy it is to do this. Local and small businesses see this, do it and then wonder why they never get any engagement.

  17. This is just a new version of the "get rich quick schemes" that so many people get caught up in thinking that it will solve their problems. Nothing is going to happen quick and easy it takes time to build, gain experience, and respect. Thank you Sunny for an another excellent post that exposes this.

  18. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen in an Instagram rut. If you cheat on Instagram, you are just cheating yourself. The tips you have given me, have truly helped my social media experience. Thank you.

  19. Being social on "social" networks… that's a great take away from this video! Engage, Encourage and Enjoy. Thanks Sunny for your great tips and insight.

  20. Yes, the temptation is there, but I will resist!! However I must say it is really frustrating and lots of hard work to grow an audience organically. I have taken many of your advice and other experts here and there and made some progress, but certainly not even close to where I want to be. I had three posts do very well and then back to a halt! Also, could you go over in one of your videos how the insights really work? Not only the summaries you get on your main page but the one per post. For example, you have a post that reached 900 accounts with 10 – 15 likes. What does that mean? Thank you for your help!

  21. Could you make a video on removing ghost followers. And if paying to remove ghost followers would help or hurt your IG account

  22. Thanks so much for bringing this to light! It was really helpful to learn about paying attention to % of engagement. I've often wondered….and now I know! Can't wait to keep learning more from YT4B's course! Have an amazing weekend!

  23. What do you think about those social pages that have been popping up all over IG, where ppl exchange likes/ comments? As in you comment/ like my post and I comment/like yours?

  24. Omg. When I say that this video totally blessed me..Its not an exaggeration. I have seen many peers of mine get follower spikes, likes increases, and exposure on big accounts recently and it somewhat made me discouraged. I KNEW that they weren’t honestly building there accounts in a pure way. This video helped me realize that the way I am doing things is the best for results. My results may not get the increases that their’s are getting but my engagement is honest and authentic. Thank you for this Sunny 🙌🏾💯

  25. Interesting corollary to the fake publisher numbers in the print magazine era. Media buyers would base a plan on the numbers, but if you dove into the actual readership and interaction in letters to the editor you'd find some pubs pulled lots of commentary while other pubs–some with much higher circulation–had no interaction with their supposed readers.

    BTW, good use of a clickbait headline and lead-in, you got me and you delivered what I was looking for. Thanks, Sunny!

  26. $40!!!!! Even if I wanted to buy followers I’m not prepared to drop hella money on some robot followers 😂😂😂

  27. Ma’am I would like to encourage you to do a long-term study on that account… Do a few posts from time to time to determine the overall effect it had on your analytics, as well as getting some information regarding how much work must be put in to fixing the account after having bought the subscribers. Just a thought, several years down the road this could be valuable information.

  28. Hahahahahah, For the love of~ I use that one ALL the time~ LOL I love it that you're concise, quick and talk / chat fast ~ STILL learning IG~ ugh

  29. Forgot topost my take away~ didn't know what the FAKE accounts were~ so that helped. Wonder why you get fake followers when they're not purchased? But thanks for the info~ this is really great

  30. Ever since learning the term Vanity Metrics , its made me less concerned with "playing the numbers" game. ENGAGEMENT is where it's at. 💯❕❕

  31. Thanks Sunny. My instagram will be getting a lot of focus now that I've batched 2 mths worth of YouTube content. And it needs a lot of work 😀

  32. Do you use SEO Minion?

    What are you using that allows you to see VOLUME CPC Competition on Google? EDIT: Keyword Everywhere

  33. I know someone who paid to get over 10k followers so she could get the swipe up feature to sell stuff in her stories…and now she is complaining that no one buys anything she promotes. I've tried to explain it to her, but think I'll just send her the link to this video instead. Thanks Sunny for another great video!!!

  34. Good object lesson Sunny.
    So, did instagram delete some of the fake followers?
    Or did you loose some of the real followers?

  35. thank you Sunny for always being so real and for being the "lab rat", it is so enticing to try to take shortcut to followers, but as you have demonstrated, it is the road to nowhere.

  36. Hi lovely. Talking about ‘influencing’: I have 17k followers and only did 3 or 4 sponsored posts (I mainly work as a food photographer, so….)
    But today I realized what influencing really means. You know the disaster that is happening in our world? With the amazon fires in Brazil etc? Well, I really felt helpless. But I found a website that allows you to donate $ for this cause. I shared this on my stories. And another person donated and shared. I tagged some IG friends and they shared this too.
    They did something USEFUL, I did something that I’m proud of.
    That is what an influencer should do.
    You’ll never find me sponsoring supplements 😅

  37. But if Instagram removes likes, brands will only contact pages with many followers, and the smaller pages with high engagement won t get any offers :(.

  38. I feel like I've been in this hole where I am not growing anymore and I've never bought followers. I've been following all your tips with no improvement. Not sure what to do anymore.

  39. As a business owner. keeping up my social media is the bane of my existence. I know it needs to be done in this day and age, and I do enjoy creating content, but doing the likes, comments, and engagement is painful. I'm wondering if you know if Instagram allows people to hire someone to do the tasks (white hat only), like share, comment and like other posts on our behalf? It is really no different to hiring someone in a business. But it would be on their devices using our login. I'm not talking about tricky tactics or bad practices. Just the normal tasks I would do on a daily basis.

  40. Does anyone know why some people only have 500 followers or less (for example a lot of my fiends) and get 70-100+ likes a post on average, with not great content, but I have 3 times that much and my average is 10-15 likes per post and I feel like I have very engaging content?

  41. I wish someone told me this earlier. I got involved with follow for follow on Instagram and this has really messed up my account to the point that I feel like just shutting that account and starting over.
    Please don't do all those shitty stuff. Follow for follow might look harmless but you get a bunch of people who are not interested in what you do therefore, no engagement.

  42. Love love love this Sunny‼️ It’s tough not to compare yourself to others and secretly I have been😉This video confirms my suspicions about how some have grown soo quickly. I appreciate you making us aware of how easy it is to obtain followers on Instagram. I think this will drill home, just how important it is to first, not compare yourself to others because you never know how they got to where they are and second, how important it is to grow organically and be patient and trust the process. Thanks again😘🌹❤️

  43. Thank you so much for this !! I’m going to assume that follow loops are the same as the whole buying followers. I have never even thought to buy followers, but I have seen a ton of follow loops and was wondering if that was a decent safe way to connect and grow with others. Now I know I’m sure that would actually hurt engagement as well because lots of those accounts could be fake ! I am so glad I watched this !! 👍🏻

  44. Hahaha this is great! Humorous forsure 😅….being authentic and building a quality fan base instead of a quantity fan base is what I took from this 😊 I find that I'm very influential in my everyday life with family and friends, so I'm hoping slowly this will build in my social media platform 😊😊😊 but I will never refer to myself as an influencer lol…thank you so much for all of the great tips 😘😘😘

  45. Thank you Sunny for doing this vid! 🙌🏽 I think this is what happened to my acct. I was pretty much clueless on the "correct" way of getting followers that I allowed someone else to "help" me grow my acct. They never told me what was done, but MAGICALLY I had over a thousand followers. But my engagement sucked! No it all makes sense. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  46. Hi Sunny, I keep watching your videos and learning a lot. I feel you have very great content. There's only one thing that concerns me: your voice. Not because of your tone o timber, or anything like that. But you speak super super fast and don't breathe as much as you should. This results in vocal fatigue and it shows when your have to make a random stop in your speech to swallow saliva, because your vocal chords are working without a break. The voice is a complex instrument, needs right amounts of air and needs to be lubricated. Two things you can do to fix this is talking a bit slower so you can actually breathe better, and/or just make a pause, drink water and keep talking. I hope you take this comment in consideration otherwise in long term not taking care of this could damage your voice. And I really want you to keep sharing your experiences with us.
    Breathe and water for a healthy voice, Sunny. Big musical hugs!

  47. Sunny I am so glad that you made this video. It is so intimidating to see YouTube channels have so many followers. I just started my channel a few months ago but I have been really happy with my growth so far. I know that my followers are real and interested in learning how to time & save money. Thanks again.

  48. They are giving away real Instagram followers at Gramzilla. They are doing some sort of a promotion and giving followers. Thank me later.

  49. Do you know what? I go ahead and delete my IG account after watching your video. Decided to go real on becoming an influencer. Really want to take your coaching but I will work toward it. Keep it up. Loving every episode.

  50. Question…. what if we grew organically, but our engagement has decreased? How do we get back in good favor with the algorithm? I have been stuck at 31k for a year now, with poor engagement.

    I asked my followers, some were saying they couldn’t like/comment… some said my posts weren’t showing up at all.

  51. Great info!! Very interesting and awesome that you touched on ethics and consistency relating to marketing w social media. Thank you!!😁😁❤❤

  52. Great video, Sunny! Love your channel! Exactly what you said… we realized that an outside marketing company a few years ago must have bought bot followers on our Facebook and Twitter… and now we are paying the price. Even our staff and clients who follow the pages never see the content as it rarely appears on their feeds. Engagement is impossible since our posts are barely visible anymore. Any suggestions for how to remedy besides starting a brand new account/page? Could be a fun topic for a video!

  53. No one:
    Instsagram Fake Follower Companies: Get 10,000 followers overnight by buying our $100 package with 600 likes every post!

  54. That's crazy! Sometimes we get so "anxious" to "get followers " ! I mean as you said influencer definition goes beyond that! Thanks Sunny 💕

  55. Absolutely agree! Who really thing he can promote his own content by buying dead accounts is really ** *****! Never do Social Media for the hunt of followers…
    Can't confirm that the engagement stay at the same rate if you bought follower. We also make the experience with real follower on a few platforms! #ts

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