How To Get 10k Followers On Instagram Per Week
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How To Get 10k Followers On Instagram Per Week

what is up everybody so Wednesday happy
Wednesday to all of you guys that are tuning in and thank you for you guys for
being here today on today’s show we’re going to get into how to get 10,000
follows on instagram per week not per month not per year I’m gonna share some
of the strategies I’ve used recently to grow my Instagram it’s blowing up first
of all thank you thank you follow me if you’re not following me I’m at Li Cristo
and everybody that’s here if you guys have a question if there’s something you
want to know just harass me interrupt me it’s totally fine if I don’t like what
you’re saying just ignore you move on okay so how to get 10,000 followers per
week on Instagram first I’m going to tell you a little bit of story. The story
is this, I challenged my pro community which is about 280 people right now to
set a two-week goal and I wanted to participate it usually I don’t
participate in my challenges but I said okay I’m gonna do it too so my goal was
to get 10,000 follows in two weeks that was my sprint and I did the math I did
the math so what do I need to do to get 10,000 follows in two weeks I figured I
needed to post twice a day and to give get an average of 405 follows proposed
now prior to this point in time I had only been posting about once every 3 to
22 weeks you know 3 days it was like very infrequent I wasn’t really minding
this but I to go thinking I was probably gonna fail I want to go for anyways even
in failure we learn first day I went to post I only made one post that day not
good I was off to a really bad start so I was like this is bad and it took me
six to eight hours to make that first post it was a carousel post okay tough
next day I told myself this is not good we have to get two posts a day so I said
you don’t get to eat until you finish your carousel so that day I had a late
lunch 2:30 I post it and I felt a little strange I was thinking like if I work on
something in a shorter amount of time would it affect the quality and the
number of follows quality of the post and number follows to my surprise it did
not and I knew I needed to get another one out no mind you I’m running a
company I’m talking to staff just there’s a lot of stuff going on and I
needed a shorten the time so what I’ve learned in that time in the
two weeks of posting twice a day I’m gonna share with you right now
so let’s get into it you guys excited for this yeah thank you all right
there’s some crowd participation I like that let’s get into it now who here has
a big following on Instagram and big like more than 5,000 raise your hand
more than 5,000 oh we’re on wrong okay we’re in the right groove then okay who
has more than 2,000 follows only one person good for you look at you oh
really okay I like that so hey all you young people check out what she’s doing
she’s already got more than two thousand follows she’s killing it
okay now III do have to say this it took me over a year to get to five thousand
follows so what I’m saying to you is gonna sound like clickbait but I’m gonna
share what works for me and hopefully it will work for you and if it doesn’t you
get your full refund I’ll give you your money back okay here we go
let’s get into it now all right before I dive into this I have to talk a little
bit about how social platforms work or how I think they work we have to
understand something okay what do you all social platforms want you to do they
wants you to spend more time on app right we know that it’s a competition
there the more the more eyeballs oval I don’t screw up that’s drawing and a lot
of tea this morning they want more eyeballs watching their content we know
that they want to also promote adoption of what what do they want you to adopt
adoption of what okay this is okay it’s still early everybody you break is awake
oh we good okay they want you to adopt new features that makes sense right so
they change the algorithm and this is about as technical as I’m gonna get
about the algorithm because I’m gonna be making stuff up after that so they
changed the algorithm to promote this you guys understand that right somebody
made fun of me is like you can’t doesn’t Lane this arrow ever and it’s probably
true it’s a lame arrow okay they want to promote they’re gonna promote new
features so it’s important for all of you to pay attention to what’s changing
every time they have a new feature learn it use it figure out what makes it work
and what doesn’t make work okay so one of the new features and we’re gonna
focus today specifically on Instagram but this is broadly applicable to kind
of any social platform you remember when 3d photos was popping up on Facebook and
then everybody was seeing 3d photos and it was like how do you do that so what
they do is they roll out new features to early adopters people who are very
active on their program and they just randomly turn them on so somebody pays
attention so some features are available to some people while others are not
that’s what’s happening here okay they’re gonna pick their best
content creators and usually turn them on and serve it up first
but what’s the new thing that you guys been seeing on Instagram look what is
jamming up the the social feed right now carousels Thank You angel
carousels so carousels the way that they’re being used and I don’t know when
it changed but back in the day I remember two carousels were limited to
like three slides or something like that you couldn’t post that many but for
whatever reason they decided let’s up it to ten so it’s not exactly a new feature
but they changed it a little bit and I always felt strange because I was very
mindful of the grid you guys know your grid all right your Instagram grid you
want it like all beautiful because we’re graphic designers and we’re very OCD so
we wanted to make it like a nice pretty picture and so like it bugged me like I
have to plan all my posts I have to think about this and I wanted to post
multiple things but I thought if I post too frequently it was gonna hurt me so
the carousel is ideally designed for people who like to teach who are good at
sequential design to tell a story over time and it’s perfect because now I
don’t have to wait and not them figure all this stuff out anymore I can just
post 10 at a time and the first question people ask me is like well how many is
the ideal number for a carousel what’s it what’s the answer to that 10 you guys
who said that okay wait did you see that it sounded like a
woman said that you get your very high pitch like did okay all right 10 that’s
and why should we post 10 does anybody know why yes that’s a she’s super smart
if they give you 10 to use right if they give you 10 to use why wouldn’t you use
10 it makes total sense but think about this one swipe everyone is
interaction so your engagement is going up and think about that more swipes more
time on Instagram makes total sense okay so
what happens is then the algorithm dictates content and you need to know
this it’s happening everywhere it’s happening on Facebook it’s happening on
YouTube LinkedIn right because why as creators we’re concerned about this we
should be concerned about this and this means ROI return on investment your
investment is time creativity and energy you get inspired you want to make
something and then you’re like the world’s gotta love your this is gonna go
viral you don’t really think that before this is gonna go viral you put it out
there and it’s like crickets on social media
like for people liked it and all related to you that’s not good and that’s not a
good return on investment right so we know this we don’t want to put a lot of
time and energy into this because it gets depressing if you do stuff and you
get no return on investment so we have to play with the algorithm you can fight
it if you want but ignore the algorithm to your peril
one last little thing to note the big three something interesting is happening
right now all right you guys know who the big three are on social media is it
me now LinkedIn right let me write this well we won’t get into just yet don’t
get ahead of me you’re right but yes LinkedIn yes
okay there’s one that you’re missing here okay tick tock I have to ignore cuz
I’m a teenager is it tik yeah yeah all right tick tock whatever to wait at
Twitter yes twitter twitter I have not figured out
so now this is you YouTube thank you very much you guys are cute is our main
channel you guys just a minute okay at YouTube YouTube right okay well YouTube
is owned by Google right we know that Facebook owns Instagram that’s why I put
them all here who owns LinkedIn oh no you can’t answer that question you
weren’t here alright Microsoft okay so the real battle right
now is happening between these three the companies have a lot of money Microsoft
you know they have a lot of money but you know Google has a ton of money and
so this is where I want to hedge my bet because these other ones may disappear
but these ones I think they have enough pocket there are deep enough pockets
they’re gonna stay in the game so I think there’s this wonderful thing
that’s happening this is just me based on zero data just crystals brain I
researched my brain and I said this is happening I’m gonna predict this right
now so Gary Vaynerchuk does this all the time he makes a bunch of wild
predictions the ones that come true he cuts back to happened remember when 2006
when I said this so remember in 2025 when I said this it just works out if it
doesn’t we’ll delete this video okay here’s the thing that’s happening and I
love this part no when there’s one player because they
have on monopoly they pretty much just screw you over right we own all your
content we do whatever we want and now you have to pay for other people that
are your friends just to see your pose now check this out since Microsoft
they’re not asleep at the wheel they’re not the sleeping giant they know the
game is unsocial right I’m just waiting for Apple to answer this maybe they’ll
buy them I don’t know they don’t get really interesting right because we need
companies that are competing against each other to fight for us
see I think there’s a shift happening from platforms to creators that’s you
guys cuz look at this you notice this trend that’s been happening there’s been
a lot of videos on this right now about YouTube burnout
anybody here make videos on YouTube and get no views yeah yeah yeah so you make
content on YouTube and unless you’re an OG creator or you just like killing it
on the unger rhythm it’s kind of difficult now because they’ve changed
the algorithm to serve more content to more people for more creators they’re
trying to democratize that but the people have spent a lot of time trying
to build up the audience or no longer seeing that nice ROI so what’s happening
right now Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this
LinkedIn the best in terms of my opinion next to tick-tock organic social reach
until they make enough money until they feel like they have enough of traction
to compete and then they’re gonna make money for sure because they’re in
business to be in business right so right now what’s happening is they want
to lure creators you guys to post content organically natively on their
platform this is good news for us this there’s like more on one sheriff in
town now that means if you don’t like the growth that you’re getting on
YouTube or Facebook then move elsewhere to Instagram or to LinkedIn okay
historical boring you get to the ten thousand follows bro okay I’ll get there
any questions so far live audience good job any questions over no there is how
we did thank you all right let’s keep going my gosh what’s this okay now
naturally you’re gonna say well who doesn’t make the content for you don’t
make it for yourself I know it’s that so don’t show any pictures of you eating
cake a thousand selfies unless you’re like super beautiful and some of you
guys are I’m not saying all right if you are then then use what God gave you
use what your mama gave you okay but otherwise you have to start to serve an
audience and we have to move away from this idea of customers okay to an
audience the power the influence the money is here the leverage is here okay
because when you chase customers you’ll be chasing them all your life you build
an audience like like you guys they’ll show up for you they might even buy a
hat or a badge or cap or something from you that’s kind of cool that’s really
neat and what happens is people don’t understand this when you serve other
people they tell other people organically and other people have an
ability to hire you to give you money to pay for a sponsored post to give you a
publishing deal here’s a little Side Story years ago I was calling up
publishers like hey I need help in publishing a book
yeah write a proposal write an outline like okay nevermind now because I have
an audience and a following a publisher recently called me one of the biggest
ones in design books called me and said Chris hi how you doing you have an
audience we’d like to help you publish a book like well I don’t know if I need it
right now see the power shifting I love this so a
lot of people complain about the ills of the the times are changing but they’re
changing and whenever one door closes another door opens that’s an opportunity
for you okay so audience so who who are you targeting okay so let’s look at this
the people here we have to know who our audience is who our audience well we
know that their creators and they come from all kind of levels of the design
sphere so I won’t call them graphic designers but their creators we know
that a lot of them are self-taught how many people here are self-taught anybody
make some noise guys who hear self-taught whoo all right see that’s
that’s changing and I my prediction too is like in 10 years this idea of degree
not degree it won’t even matter anymore right now it’s still like I don’t know I
don’t feel safe about that so we know that you’re self-taught a lot of you
guys are in transition you’re moving maybe like you’re a career switcher
anybody here career switcher you did something else and now okay you you guys
know how this works right you got to make some noise yes thank you very much
okay so you’re transitioning we know that and some of you guys I’m just gonna
say is how do you spell gypped how do you feel like bamboozled you guys were
bamboozled you you went to design school right you’re disenfranchised I know that
you were promised a beautiful creative career that you can pay off your student
loan in five years you slow that bill right I see eyes rolling I get it right
you’re disenfranchised you did go to school that sold you something but you
didn’t get what you pay for it’s a problem so we know that about you and we
know you’re an international audience your men and women all that kind of
stuff so that’s what and then the what is what do you guys need what do you
need what do you need so once you identify to Europe identify your
audience who they are what do they need what do you guys need so I think I know
what you need you need to get clients you need to make
money because you got to sustain your life it’s part of our mission right help
a billion creative people make money make money doing what they love it’s
just that simple and so how do you get clients well you
have to get known okay so it’s a logic tree it makes sense right you didn’t get
it known and so the cheapest most effective way I know how to get known is
to blow it up on social well what are we talking about today how to blow up on
social see so you want to get known through social right it’s accessible
anybody can do from anywhere and you’re why why do you need to blow up on social
well you’re why would be I need leads I want validation that I know something
that makes sense what else why why did why would you want to get known and do
this thing that you do share knowledge I love that you want to share inspire
thank you anything else those are pretty good what yeah
fulfillment yeah fulfillment full filming
I know Internet is like tight police so if I spell something wrong guys I’m
trying to do a live show so what happens okay so now we kind of know this now we
know you’re the creator we know the audience so I’m gonna give you two
prompts okay two prompts task and gap okay so if I think about you what are
you trying to do in your life every single day if you just sit down and
think about it for one second and Seth Godin talks about this can you pick out
your audience from the crowd what is your name
mm follower Sabine Sabine what’s a day in your life like I’m trying to imagine
you like what are you doing are you alright you have any kids are you
married or are you single you want to help designers hub
okay hub for designers have we met before yes we did
now I know you yeah it’s like I see you need to disguise I’m like I think we’ve
met before okay Sabine no no no it’s fine right
Sabine okay so then I try to think about your
life and if I can talk to you it’s even easier but you can use your imagination
creative people have a rich imagination we’re just usually busy thinking about
how bad we are and how the world hate says use that imagination for something
else think about somebody else for a second
think about a day in a life a Sabine and what she’s trying to do running this hub
for four designers right and then time map it out and once you get an
understanding of that what’s a gap like how can we help Sabine
so Sabine tell us like one thing that you’re trying to do that you haven’t
been able to do just yet she would get her Mike I love that okay you can keep
the mike Sabine go ahead say 10,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube okay
oh there 10,000 follows how close are you on YouTube I just started so I’m
about 2,000 in 2010 okay so you’re 2008 each right yeah okay great I’ve been
doing YouTube videos for a few years now so I haven’t utilized I need help really
right I gotta help you I know okay okay so there’s a like an ache a gap there
right alright so you probably need to learn all kinds of things like what kind
of content to pose when to pose how to post what what gets views how the
algorithm works all that kind of stuff so I’m gonna make a list of all those
things you see just me yes cuz you’re our audience you think about it right okay okay you complete me alright so
what I would do is I would make a list of the gaps okay and now that starts to
become a roadmap for the content strategy so the gaps live here right now
here’s the thing you may have many challenges in your life I can’t solve
them all so I’m looking at for me what are my interests
right where am i strong what kind of skills do I have I think about those
things okay does that make sense and I’ll make a
list okay so I like to teach my backgrounds in video I make video right
I enjoy helping people I want to help others I read a lot and I read about
things like you know so I go down the list and then I look for the overlap
he’s just trying to help you understand your audience okay so you know your
audience really well because you talk to him all the time through the hub right
so if you were able to make your list that would be your content strategy so
what I would start to do is the measure highest impact least effort first
prioritize that have you seen that impact effort graph you know what I’m
talking about right everybody else look it up on the Internet unfortunately I do
okay so you want to do the things that are the easiest to do that gets you the
greatest results first everybody understand that sometimes you screw that
up we do the things of the hardest to do I don’t know why that give us the least
results and then we get depressed like it’s not working we quit we give up do
the things that are easy I like to tell people I’m super lazy I just want to do
the easiest thing possible and if it doesn’t work I’ll make more effort and
I’ll keep increasing effort till I get the results that I want
okay are we getting any comments or questions so far on YouTube so far so
good moving on Oh Jana’s son Tommy he’s like
I got it Chris I got it how many people are watching inside 300 200 okay weird
roll camera are we on right now I need to talk to him this one guy’s a little
hurt 220 I’m trying to help you get 10,000 follows tell a friend right now
I’m gonna stop recording into two minutes if you don’t tell two friends
all right all right thanks a lot Jaden are we taking this livestream off after
we for 24 hours we might don’t don’t do it don’t do it okay
Sabine says she she lives a like a busy life don’t take it away right away 48
hours okay 48 hours okay now I tried to find
out like who created this thing but this is very well known and within the
marketing community right AI da you guys have heard of AI da you’ve heard of ABC
right what does ABC always be closing or
always be creating that’s cool ai da what does AI da mean for marketing
anybody know it’s not like a handicapped thing it’s not that the graphic arts
guild we know it’s not that we know oh my god nobody knows it okay you know it
sabine tell us brain freeze yes you have heard of it so this is good
that you don’t know this because here’s the thing if I share something new to
you today then you’ll walk away with some value that’s my goal you you have
given me an investment of your time and attention I need to return it like in a
multitude right then we develop a relationship so the first one what is it
stated to the mic attention yes first one is attention great grab my attention
tell me why should I care why should I care okay makes sense why should I care
give me a reason so this is a benefit this is about them not you
I don’t know why I put a period there damn not you calm or not you okay it’s
about them not you okay I’m ready to understand that this is really critical
a little while ago I tweeted out to saying I want to write a new book the
hundred books that changed my life and then I think those marty knew mine who
responded back changed a book title 100 books that will change your life like
genius so good that Marty guy I think was Marty or could be Blair I’m sorry
I’m sorry if I mess it up all right that’s what I’m talking about benefit
you need to grab their attention we we are victims of this all the time you
guys ever go to CNN or Fox and then you’re trying to follow a story and they
run ads at the bottom like you won’t believe how the child star turned out
and you’re like I’m trying to be the star but I’m so compelled like to click
that stupid thing pay attention to how they write to you to grab your attention
pull you in so if you do a quick search like the
most effective headlines you get a list really quick and they involve words like
how to like how do you get 10,000 follows on Instagram per week you see
how that works okay the next one is interest okay this
is critical okay very critical you got my attention if you don’t deliver and
give me more and build interest I’m out so the headline captures my attention
the sub headline and the body copies built interest and if you drop here it’s
over and you have to keep building on this okay capture my interest so you
have to give me more okay now as it relates to Instagram you have a total of
eight slides to give me more that’s it okay and I’ll tell you why it’s eight
later and not ten we’ll get to it so the magic number is eight guys I want
everybody to know it’s like infinity it’s eight just think eight okay think
eight eight is great eight eight is great okay and four plus four eight okay
next one is desire okay in the desired state what you’re trying to do is to
make them imagine now their life change transform that’s what you’re trying to
do okay desire and the last one is accented action lights camera action
action you want them to go do something and the way that they talk about this is
you want to give step-by-step instructions if you can go to your
mailbox pull this out open the envelope write this put $5 in put 25 cents down
50 cent stamp and drop in the mailbox by Tuesday they’re that clear this is
effective marketing Direct Marketing all that kind of stuff I want to change one
of these things from desire okay I want to change it for social media what is
desire I’m gonna just give you this thing maybe it’ll work maybe I’ll change
it later I’m gonna tell you give me the details okay and I’ll tell you why
that’s the only difference otherwise it’s AI da just like it’s said here
now you know you have a maximum of 10 slides okay the first light let me
change markers here questions so far everybody okay you guys alright no okay
all right yes thank you yes all right let’s get down here so the first slide
in your carousel as I’ve learned has to pull me in this is your magnet this is
your clickbait this is whatever it is that you need to do to grab my attention
the combination of type and image there’s there’s a formula here if you
could do it right it works I’ve been a little lazy I just use type and then my
wife tells me honey I can’t tell what it is it’s all type everywhere so she told
me to put images so I went on the internet and I found this image and I
was like what what I’m gonna do with that
and it’s this woman’s lip right this is her lip and it’s like breaking through a
piece of paper okay sorry for the rendering okay all right
okay got it and then I put some I came remember what I wrote just wrote
something down here and it was all pink this is now my highest performing post
it’s got 21,000 likes for my size audience that’s really good and it’s
already earned me over a thousand follows in one post lets do much better
I know you hate me I know and that’s not even counting the traffic that brings in
for other people to watch or look at other carousels so it’s helped me out a
lot this is a very provocative image it’s mysterious so I think these are
kinds of things that are formulas you want to use it’s not complicated because
it’s kind of almost like monotone duotone it’s all pink it’s like pink on
pink and it works and the combination of image to type really works and this is
what all of you guys are really good at doing for other people we just don’t do
a good job for ourselves okay that’s the attention part if you don’t
have me here bye bye tell me the benefit what’s in it for me why should I care
okay now here’s the interesting thing about the rest of this I’ve talked about
this before with my pro community you have to get them to go beyond slide
three this is super critical okay there’s this
momentum being built here if they can’t get beyond slide three
if it breaks here I don’t think your post is gonna perform well the algorithm
will think no clickbait lost me lost me out so how can you lose me you don’t
tell me anything new or believe it or not you tell me too much because there’s
a flow if you think about it when you’re on Instagram you’re swiping right like
1,001 1,002 so if another 10 second swipe I’m gonna get stuck then you don’t
want to do that don’t get stuck on that slide who’s calling me right now is it
okay good okay okay it’s like unless is my wife like the Palisades are on fire
again I’ve been or answer that okay so here we are now I made this mistake
before I put the densest most juicy value-packed piece of information right
around here guess what happens okay if they read it all well we’re done you
gave me all that I needed to know so the value is right in here somewhere
okay so this is like a story there’s a there’s a car crash boom that we’re
jumping into the story what happened and we starts to move the camera around just
you know what’s happened so we see like one of the wheels fall off there’s some
smoke one another cars upside down we see a deer
what has that so we’re going into the car now we’re building into like what
what’s going on and then we then we pan to an open bottle of alcohol oh that’s
what happened and then there’s a twist usually right around here
so nothing this is what it seems and then there’s some bullet holes oh it’s a
little more you see how you like pool people in now you can’t you guys gives
you but they’re all not in full agreement no yes
you know man all right they’re not doing that but I’m just telling a story the
way I want okay so this is where you have to get really deep into it this is
the juice right here most of us most of us logically start right here tell me
what it is that’s gonna be valuable right and what you want to do is you
want to educate tell me something I didn’t know before educate or tell me a
joke make it funny entertain me okay that’s
it that’s what you want to do here and I’ve tested this theory I’ve researched
and read books marketing and pricing and all itself and
they gave me pretty good views and then I just take a joke I found on Twitter
somewhere and I cut it apart I’m like I wonder how this is gonna go and it does
just as well it’s crazy it’s crazy so I’ll get into a little bit content
strategy later like it doesn’t even need to be your idea most of the ideas I have
all the good ones come from someone else alright so the only thing I want to
caution you about and I’m gonna put a post on this too is if you quote
somebody just quote them don’t take it and then leave their name all over it so
it’s weird it creates bad energy between you and
the person who wrote it because guess what at least for me I have some fans
they tagged me and they started like throwing shade on this person and you
think about it if you take somebody else’s idea and you don’t get proper
attribution you make it popular and as soon as you get popular they’re going to
trace it back to that one post and you’re on scumbag now you’re doing your
plagiarism we all hate plagiarist so give credit it doesn’t hurt you in fact
it helps you write I wrote something I tagged Austin Kleon I put his name all
over I should go by the book whatever and then he says private messages me
thank you next thing I know two weeks later he’s
on her podcast and he said I’ll send you a book hey Austin if you’re watching
this you haven’t sent me the book yet I’m just just being honest okay right
and I have the same relationship that I’m building with a lot of authors who
are like thank you Ben you’re helping me to sell books right now we all win
okay so there’s good stealing there’s bad stealing that’s stealing you don’t
give attribution at all good stealing you give credit and you try to steal
from more than one person all right the last ones action what do you want me
to do now this is good so you tell them one thing they do bookmark this like
this comment give them a prompt tell me what was one of your biggest challenges
or tell me your highest performing posts and why do you think that was so you
give them a reason to engage with you this is really critical okay or you can
say hey you have a question for the next two hours I’ll answer them that way that
generates your next post isn’t it awesome yeah so now we get back to why
it’s eight why it’s eight because you basically lose
two slides first one in last one right this is why you need to focus on the
Magic eight okay how many slides you need to think about oh my god it’s a
bunch of designers how many slides you need to think about much better awesome
guys great job okay any questions so far remember you got to
get them past number three if you can’t get passed through you’re in deep
trouble so keep it light give me a little bit more and one thing I’d like
to use is the when we do storyboarding when I used to teach sequential design I
told them use the speaking metaphor every time you take a breath entertain
put a comma new slide I looked at some of my earlier posts before I figured
this stuff out they were so dense this is good news
what I should have done was I should’ve taking that one dense slide and broke it
out into four slides why is that good news I have way more content to share
because I don’t have to put so much in ten slides this is critical this is how
you can do two a day don’t try to put too much in there’s all obviously the
opposite side which is there’s nothing here it’s like hot candy but there’s
nothing it feels like I’m eating something but there’s nothing there okay
everybody are you like I have ideas now I do know what’s on this page oh there’s
something on this page not a lot let’s recap okay we’re almost at the end
of this whatever I’m trying to do here let’s recap guys let’s summarize what do
you need to do to post a day so frequency thank you frequency and
consistency is key I’ve tested this I posted one every three weeks I got some
follows I posted once a day and I’ve done as many as five a day guess which one gets me more follows
there’s no mystery believe it or not now five a day you guys are gonna faint
you’re like I have a job I have children to raise a spouse to argue with you know
whatever I can’t do five day go for two a days see what happens okay now when
you post when should you post when okay you want to look at your analytics
you guys know what analytics are everybody everybody here of analytics
yes if you don’t you need to switch to a business or creator account it’s easy
you just hit a button I thought it like you have to apply or something no just
hit a button and it lets you do it and you get your analytics and you look at
they’ll give you a I think it’s like Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday they’ll give you a little chart like that and then I think
they tell you the time too so my time is usually around 7:00 a.m. something like
that to like 2:00 p.m. but I’ve done a test I posted at midnight I still get
follows probably not a good rule of thumb for you guys and then all of a
sudden it used to be Los Angeles was my highest engaged audience and then it
became Indonesia Tolle p.m. must be a hot time for them or something that’s
what I’m thinking I don’t know why so if you put a good piece of content quality
here good put a good piece of content out the time doesn’t matter as much but
try to hit it when your audience is paying attention the next thing is you
need to engage you got to engage with them okay and this is really critical so
I usually reserve about one to two hours to respond to every single comment and
if you’ve ever followed me if you ever made a comment
I either heart or I give you sarcastic answer I harass you or I give you an
answer and one of those three things will happen right I literally am going
through my son say what do you know I’m like hold on okay let me answer this
okay all right now I’m gonna give you a shortcut
cuz people always ask you this how many people are working in your account how
many of you work on my account one me that is how is this possible
and I live a highly optimized life okay I’ll give you a little hack here so this
is the first hack I’m gonna give you how many of you guys use an Apple device
raise your hand almost I know I know right all right there are two Apple
snobs here it’s the bean of myself right so here’s
the hack if you go into keyboard setting right I I think there’s something like
text replacement have you guys ever done this
yeah have you guys done text replacement no yeah okay open up your phone go into
your preferences go into your keyboard do it right now everybody go
get out and I’ll do it with you it’s shortcuts it’s called shortcuts yeah
thank you it’s called shortcuts thank you what’s your name
thanks Nancy Nancy’s the best i’m right Anne Anne siese named Aaron Nancy Nancy
you have a big Instagram following what’s your what’s your Instagram handle
Nancy Nancy XD you must like XD okay and how many follows do you have 9 whoo I
like that one one okay okay we’ll get some beans information here you go so
Nancy Nancy XD you guys can follow her if you want
okay she’s smart she’s telling us go to shortcuts what I do in shortcuts I
change all the things right so I type very little to save me a lot of time so
you guys don’t know this I type in Y the W you’re very welcome
I type in s are are Y sorry I can’t give you individual critiques I hope you
understand I love you you know I write full phrases I even use them for my
hashtags cuz you don’t have to go and copy/paste anymore right smart right
I learned it for somebody else okay so I use something like what I use biz ht1
because I have many hashtags so I use about 30 hashtags that my friend at Dave
Tallis he’s awesome you guys should follow him okay he does similar things
as me teaching people how to grow on Instagram so it gives me about 30
hashtags boom I’m done I don’t have to think about it it’s awesome okay
that also is the cap you cannot do more than 30 hashtags if you do more than
that something funny happens so don’t do more than 30 hashtags okay so this is
what I do right i typing API appreciate it
I type of TFS thanks for sharing its optimizing my life it’s all built-in no
extra plugins totally free totally free is a good price right yes okay so engage
with your audience why should you do this because I want to reward my
audience for paying attention and after that
and I always respond I tried to but I can’t always I prioritize those people
now here’s the next beautiful thing is this is what they call kind of
generative you guys know that we’re generative it’s kind of a fancy word
right things that generate more things right something like that so like
generative art like fractals you know you just keep zooming and just keeps
making more stop I read the comments and if I keep seeing the same kind of
comments and questions that’s another carousel right I don’t have my notebook
here but then I just jot it down in my notebook okay so I’m an analog kind of
guy in order for me to be able to post five times a day I have a book full of
ideas literally in my notebook like if you guys want to pick up an amazing
notebook you can or field notes or something like that if you look at my
notebook it looks something like this right
and it’s very small it’s like that I draw a line across a line across I
divide in half and divide it in half guess what there’s my eight frames and I
jot down the ideas sometimes I have the whole idea mapped out sometimes I have
fragments I need to get them down and later on when you see me do my master
class on this you’ll see oh my god that was a note that was the carousel yes
sometimes how you can get a carousel done thirty minutes because it’s already
been planned I want to do this here right here’s another little thing I do I
leave a little gap between this and my next grid and I’ll tell you why all
right messed that up that’s horrible bad designer I leave
room here so I can write little notes like I’ll think about this so there’s a
little room for me to add other ideas without making it all messy okay so
that’s what I do so if you’re really super good you should use both sides
right and it would look like that it’s gonna look amazing
and when you get super famous and big doing this this becomes a really
beautiful artifact that then you share – it’s so generative that’s how it works
okay this makes sense so far reward people give them a call to action you
can and next thing I’m gonna say is write something witty if you can if
you’re witty person but personal tell me a story in the caption it’s very
important there’s a few people could get away without doing this like people he’s
had over a million follows because he makes amazing art every day
cares right a witty personal caption use the hashtags add a call to action you’re
gonna do really well okay let’s talk about hashtags for a second I don’t
wanna get out of my league here you’re allowed 30 hashtags okay somebody
told me you’ve used too many it’s not good
so I don’t really know what the rule is nobody knows what’s going on you some
not too many but not more than thirty now there’s a balance here okay when you
search for hashtags you need to have a mix of high low and medium search
traffic okay now you want a couple low ones like you know average search for
this yields like 100k or less than okay let’s say 50k it’s not a ton of people
looking for that that’s fine and then highs like a million-plus right it’s
very hard to compete against those people but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
try the ones in the middle so you want a mixture of these okay do a couple low so
you become really well-known for something and that’s good builds
traction you’re teaching the algorithm and other people we’re kind of related
and if you don’t know the the best thing I can give you a shortcut without any
fancy tools look at somebody that you like that you think you want to compete
against it has a good sized following look at their hashtags
copy/paste into like some program and then research each one of those your
goal is to be top 9 you know I’m talking about top 9 when you search for hashtags
there’s a magnifying glass you want to be somewhere here if you’re not there’s
a good chance that people are not gonna look for you anywhere in there you’re
golden okay I didn’t talk about IG TV embedding video those are all good
things those are also features they want you to use I’m just super lazy that’s
all right so this is the fast way I know how to do this I’m pretty sure there’s
other things I forgot to talk about so I opened up for questions and we’ll wrap
this segment up any questions so far well I have the mic yes please talking
about video because I mean what’s your Instagram paper specs at papers pay
paper specs specter like this paper as pcs
pay respects I do a lot of videos and I try to keep them under the minute yes
but that’s where the IT TV comes in so do I do I not do you or do you longer do
you what do I go for the longer videos or not yeah so what you do is you post
on IG TV and then you do some linked version on Instagram I think that’s how
that works right and I just saw some new announcements for premiere that they can
do this auto Reese entering thing which is like whoa my god you know no Jason
talked about let’s talk about this for a second Adobe always picks exactly the
right clip and then just do these perfect demos right and you get home
you’re like wait it’s like looking at the cat I don’t want that yeah in real
life it but that’s a really cool idea to do the center cut so you always want to
produce content that’s natively designed for this format here’s the analogy that
I have for you and I talked about this earlier is that radio is the dominant
media form right so when they went to TV they produce TV programs like radio
static camera people just read super boring and then they realize we can move
the camera and we can cut and we can cross this off we can do so then TV
became its own thing same thing is happening right now it’s like well I
used to make content like this and I’m gonna smash it into this other form it’s
not gonna reward you for that so you definitely want to do vertical videos
and I think Instagram just recently allowed you to tell people you can
rotate it so you can go widescreen now I don’t know if you guys know that sounds
like huh okay we can do that but ideally you would have your videos captioned and
you gotta come up with a cool headline the whole bit you gotta follow the rules
okay it’ll do really well any any other questions so far yes if you can’t create
like no hi if you can’t create like jaw-dropping
art every single day what if you do like one carousel of your idea and then
another one of the witty personal stuff as well it better be friggin really
witty okay I mean really yeah are you that witty no
me neither no I’m not yeah and so what I try to do is do the jaw drop okay jaw
drop is like that’s a high standard suit to hit right I’d rather be clear and to
give value and then if you can make it beautiful jaw-dropping and be witty
that’s like layers on top of the cake but the cake needs to be there first
all right be clear make sure the type reads so
here’s another thing I want you to design for somebody who’s nearsighted
like our yet nearsighted right because it’s hard for us to read so when you put
like 12-point type because you know you’re designing something on screen
that’s ginormous and then you look at it’s like I can’t read that so what I
would advise you to do is zoom out of your artboard whatever program you use
to kind of like roughly the size so can you read that if you can’t it’s not
gonna work okay so make sure you’re designing for the platform how it’s
being used everybody is using a mobile Mobile’s where it’s at’ not desktop yeah
mobile okay another question I’ll take your hubble questions and we’ll wrap it
up what’s your name dead room what’s a what we have dijeron dead Rijn okay when
it comes to Commerce and you’re trying to sell trying to sell product should
you focus on getting follows first or selling the product audience first
always I believe yeah because you build credibility yeah so yeah the rule would
be give 10x take 1x okay now I’ve been able to grow my following I’m gonna hit
200,000 followers pretty soon here’s a really cool story people are gonna pay
me they are already starting to offer me money to just post on their behalf
that’s all I need to do and I’m a small like relatively Instagram influencer so
I’ll get like hey Joey like like they’ve evolved for $2,000 for
posts I know other people graphic designers artists $30,000 for posts 3
posts you made more than a lot of people have made in a whole year so it’s
worthwhile ok now your thing in terms of selling product it shouldn’t be selling
at all get rid of the words telling your mind educator entertain teach me how to
use your product what problem does it solve stuff to go to talks about this in
his book this is marketing he says build a product or service that matters with
the built in story and then just share that story do you make a product that
matters ok so then tell the story does have a built in story you got seeing
some Mike if you want anybody yes yes ok well that’s what you want to do so
you’re gonna talk about a lot of your why like why you’re doing it because
that then today all show and all things look the same right so
there’s a story there okay anything else in last minute questions anything that I
know I’m forgetting a whole bunch of things I had a whole elaborate
presentation prepared I just just decided to write it out
instead anything else okay Jade any question from the 220 people that were
watching huh you answered all of them how many people watching now 100 all
right we got 361 all right since there are no more questions thank you you guys
thank you very much

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