How to Generate Instagram User ID and Access Token
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How to Generate Instagram User ID and Access Token

Hi Guys, I am Robin Singh From TheBlogCrafter. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel and Press the bell icon And Never miss a video from TheBlogCrafter. In this Video, I am going to tell you how to link your Instagram Feed with Your Blogger blog. To Link Instagram feed with your blog we need Two things User ID and Access Code And Here It is. How to generate Access Code and User ID. For that Purpose, I have Create a Simple Notepad File Which Contains Some Useful URL and Information. You can Find the content of Text File in the Description of this Video. Copy the text from Description and Paste in the Notepad File. As just like i am pasting here. Open that Notepad Text File and Just Copy First URL ( Available at First Row. Copy It and Paste in Browser’s Address Bar. Enter your Instagram Username. Just Put Your Instagram Username there. And……. Fill the Captcha Problem Form and Click on Get Instagram ID Button Here is Your instagram User ID generated. Just Copy It. Paste it in the Notepad file Just below the URL. After it We have to move on, Instagram Developer Website URL Just Copy the URL and Paste it in Browser’s Address Bar. Now we have reached in Instagram Developer Website. Click on Register Your Application Button. Click on Register a New Client. Here It is. The First Field is Application name. Please Put The Image Feed Next Field is Description where you can write something about your app. Another Field was Company Name. Leave it Blank. And Next Field was Website URL. Copy Your Website URL and Paste it here in this field. And…………… Another Field is Valid Redirect URL Paste Same (Your Website) URL here. Another Field is Privacy Policy URL. Leave it blank. Next One is Contact Email. Put Your EMAIL Address in this box. Now, Scroll Up and Click on Security tab. And Uncheck the Implicit OAuth Function. You have Done all the things. Now, It is Just Final Part. Fill Up the Captcha Problem Click on Register Button The App has been Successfully created. Now, we will need Client ID. Just Copy Your Client ID and paste in Notepad File. And You Will Need Website URL. Just Copy Your Website URL and paste in Notepad File. Now, We are Moving Further. Just Copy The URL in the 3rd Row. But Before that, You have to replace certain part of this URL. With the Information We have generated previously As like [Client ID Here] with Actual Client ID. And Redirect URL is equal to http://localhost with your actual redirect URI. So, We have change the these 2 values. And Copy the Full URL. Now we will need Only to put this URL in Browser Address Bar. Now, App Will Ask for Permission, Just Authorize it. and Here is the Access Token available in the Browser Address Bar. Just Copy It. And Paste In Notepad File. That’s It. Now, You will need to Replace Only 2 things. Go to Your Blogger Dashboard. Click on Layout Tab. And Scroll Down to Bottom. Click on Edit Button Available next to the Instagram widget. You will find the content Box Empty. Just Copy Information from the Instagram gallery Widget File Available in the Widget Folder. Select all the content and Paste it Now What we will need to replace in this code. It is Actually the User ID We have Previously generated. So… We will replace it with this one. Another is Access Token. We have generated it as earlier. Just Copy it. Replace existing with this your Newly Generated Access Token. And Save the Widget. You Are Done. And Do not Forget to Subscribe to Our Channel For Such Type of Videos.

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