How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook 2018
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How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook 2018

Hey guys I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots
Media and I’ve had a video that a lot of people have used and it’s how to find
the pages that you’ve liked on Facebook. These are pages that you’ve already
followed and there’s a lot of times you want to go in and you want to clean that
up. Well recently, Facebook did like they always do they made a change and so the
old way isn’t working for a lot of people and I have a feeling it will
disappear completely, so I’m gonna take you over to Facebook and show you another
way that you can find those pages you liked. Okay so here we are on my facebook
and we are on the home page where you’re gonna see your stream of friends and
their post. Now if we go over to the left-hand side and we go partially down
the side you’re gonna see Explorer it may say events not sure what yours is
going to say but it says I see more and we’ll click this now you’re gonna see
pages once you click pages you’ve got top suggestions invites for where people
have invited you to like their page and liked pages these are the pages you have
chosen to like to follow now this has changed a little bit because even if you
go over these pages there’s really nothing you can do you can click to the
page but you can’t unlike them from there but if you go over you’ll probably
see this review liked pages click get started if you haven’t used it before
now here you go here is a list of all of your pages and what you can do is simply
click it and it’s gonna put it over here under pages too unlike now once you’ve
went through picked out all the pages you no longer want to follow you’ll
click Next and it’s going to ask you if you’re for sure you want to unlike this
page and I’m not gonna do that right now
because I don’t really want to unlike that page but this is what you can do
you can go here and unlike as many as you want so that you can get this
cleaned up and not have asthma many things going through your stream or
things you’re not interested in anymore okay so as you can see that’s on a
desktop and it’s really easy to do now if you happen to be on mobile I’m on
Android I’m gonna assume it’s probably pretty much the same whether you’re on
Android or iOS so whenever you’re on your Android and you go to your Facebook
app up in the upper right corner right under your little messenger thing you’re
gonna see three lines and that’s going to open up basically like what we saw on
the desktop and you’re gonna see a list of things and you can there go again and
hit pages and now the thing is it’s gonna show if you own pages it will show
those first then pages it suggests you like scroll just a little bit and there
you’re gonna see pages you like so unroll it’s just a little bit different
but you can still get to it so sorry about them changing everything and I
hope this new video helps you in case you can’t find all those pages because
God knows you probably followed a bunch you don’t want to follow in fact after
looking I need to go clean mine again I don’t need some of those so I hope this
helped be sure to share it with your friends when they’re trying to figure
out how to clean up their streams give us a subscribe we’ll be bringing you
more tips Thanks

15 thoughts on “How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook 2018

  1. this is actually works unlike other videos uploaded from 2015 and claimed it was 2018 version. they can choke

    once again, thank you so much.

  2. it 2019. How do I find my pages feed? My news feed only want to give me friends and family. Im limited to 30 pages to follow. Where is my customized pages feed gone to. I no longer see a button to click on the left hand side.

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