How to Entice Older Lions to Participate in Social Media
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How to Entice Older Lions to Participate in Social Media

(upbeat music) – [Male] Why aren’t many
Lions initially not eager to jump in to social media? – Yeah, they’re a little bit hesitant about probably to… They think they need to offer
their personal information on the Internet. That makes them a little bit hesitant. But we teach them it’s about Lions when they use social
media and the Internet, and that is the important thing. They don’t have to put
their personal lives there. Once they understand that, it’s much easier for them to adopt and get a start in that business. – [Interviewer] So, walk me
through, give me an example of how you take someone
who is extremely reticent, not eager to put any information out there and get them very excited about it. – Yeah, I tell them, when
you are a Lions club, you want to get new members,
you want to get sponsors. When this person thinks
he has to put money in an organization who
says we want to do good, you also want to know
the people behind it. You want to know what they are doing, and that is a very good
reason to have Lions Clubs put out that information about themselves into the public. It’s much easier to get
new sponsors, donors, and, most important, new members. Five years ago at the
convention in Hamburg I met a Lions lady who
was close to 80 years old. She told me she supports diabetes projects for 20 years, and she
wants to adopt Internet and social media to support that. She switched her Lions
Club in order to get a club who promotes their service with Internet. That is a good example I tell other Lions when we meet either at a convention, an online seminar SMiLE is doing. So, with that example in mind, it’s much easier for
fellow Lions to understand the importance of that medium. – [Interviewer] Now that MyLion is coming about, how is this gonna help or hurt or how is it gonna enhance your experience in educating other Lions? – I think it will help
clubs who are hesitant to get more enthusiastic
about using that kind of technology because they
will also see their own club in the news feed. Other Lions Club will
say, “Hey, I saw your club “on the MyLion app. “I saw you did this service project. “It’s great.” And, once you get that feedback, you think about yourself, “Wow, that’s a good
thing, what we are doing, “and it will help us to grow “with our service reach out more people.” – [Interviewer] Is there one
aspect of the MyLion app that you’re most excited about? – Yeah, my favorite is
really to get in touch with other Lions. So, it’s very easy to find other Lions in your neighborhood
but also in your country or when you travel abroad,
or when you’re in convention. It’s easily to find them,
to get in touch with them, and to find similar people, Lions, who work on similar
projects to exchange ideas. That’s wonderful. (upbeat music)

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