How to effectively use LinkedIn for your brand & business with Nathanial Bibby  – Part 1
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How to effectively use LinkedIn for your brand & business with Nathanial Bibby – Part 1

So tonight is a little LinkedIn talk we’re
going to do an interview on LinkedIn and how to effectively use LinkedIn for
your brand or business we’ve got Nathanial Bibby here he’s going to run
us through it tonight who unfortunately has email notifications on their meetup app? where is Sue is she here? good example about what not to do first just quickly it’s only going to take my minutes I want to
thank the sponsors and I want to have my car my crew KPI which is a brand
accelerated program I went to one of their events year ago just by chance
went along the network and step through the day and a lot of value out of it
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give them a round of course good morning comedy little luck yeah give us you
should be guilty hammock get folks thanks for much done as don said minus
my come one of the directors of key person of influence just by showing
hands who serve KPI keep us from influence so no awesome so we’re
training organization we alcohol businesses we’re on a nine-month growth
accelerator program for service based or skill base entrepreneurs and business
owners and we help them to really stand out of their industry become more
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quite intensive that’s not for everyone so it’s a couple of times nearly run a
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bit more about it those books are free take one on the way out you’re more than
welcome and stars from supporting entrepreneurs
really kind of supporting drinkers with an entrepreneur thank you all right so
let’s uh let’s get into it let’s cut the crap will jump in a linkedin tell us it
was limited background on your self first okay get everybody hear me okay as
Dom said my name is Nathanial I run Bibby Consulting Group I’ve been in digital
marketing industry for about 12 years now and as you probably all aware
traditional marketing methods are becoming increasingly more expensive and
with it less effective and what I’ve noticed is there is a huge
shift in the digital marketing world over to social media and a lot of
business owners are trying to work out how to monetize social media and you may
have a Facebook page and you may even have a LinkedIn profile but getting
quite frustrated with the fact that you spend all this time on there and not
really getting anything out of it so what I’ve done over the last six months
is I’ve been training business owners on how to use LinkedIn to get more
customers and with that I’ve found that you teach everybody how to get more
customers and then you call them 30 days later and say well how did you go hey I
was really good Nathanial but so how many customers have you got ah well not
haven’t got around to it yet we’ve been too busy can anybody relate to what I
just said right then yep ok great so what I’ve decided to do is we actually
take a little the leg work out of LinkedIn and we show you how to use lead
generation strategies and we have coaching programs and we even do all of
the legwork for you if necessary so it’s an area that I feel extremely passionate
about because I’ve seen the results in my own business and I am a numbers guy
as you know Dom very focused on return on investment so if if your results
driven then I’m sure there’s a lot we can talk about yep yep so who like me doesn’t
understand how to effectively use LinkedIn really sort of who used LinkedIn
premium then get off it? I can see you see my profile I got to know that! So take us through everybody here has got a LinkedIn profile take us through some of the
things that you shouldn’t do when you start a LinkedIn profile the don’ts
biggest mistake I see business owners make with their LinkedIn profile is
upload a online version of their CV anybody done something fast okay well
you’re way ahead of most of the people on LinkedIn because most people don’t
know any better and that’s exactly what they do and it’s a social media website
and if it was just a database of people’s CV’s it would be a pretty
boring social media website leaving so that’s number one a second is if you’re
using LinkedIn to generate more customers then do you really think
they’re interested in your job title account executive business development
manager or managing director or CEO the only kind of people that are going to
search for terms like that or either recruitment or they’re trying to sell
you something so you’re actually doing yourself a disservice because you’re going to get all these sales letters and job offers but you’re not going to getting customers so when you
create your LinkedIn profile when you do your headline in your summary and your
experience try and think of what your customers would be looking for the kind
of words that they would be searching for as well because LinkedIn is a search
engine don’t forget and it’s actually quite a simple search engine to
manipulate as well one of the things I see besides of the performance driven
team player results-focused at the start of every single LinkedIn thing why do
you think people talk in third person about themselves because I wouldn’t sit here and go Dom’s a fantastic guy, I’d wait for my wife to say it
I’m kidding Why do people do that on LinkedIn?
I’ve met lots of people that talk about themselves in third person during their
summary and when I asked them that question they say well I don’t want to
be cocky so if I talk about myself in the third person I don’t seem like a
tosser but it actually has the opposite effect because people know that you’re
you’re writing your profile or they’ll think your personal assistant created
your profile in which case why would they message you or contact you in any
event because it’s not you behind the profile so it does do yourself a
disservice if you write about yourself in third person it’s a big one tell us
pictures and videos on your on your profile seen some pretty awesome ones
with pictures and videos and good content what’s your thought on that um
well of course good content is key right videos and pictures I mean causing
industry so I mean users of LinkedIn the whole concept of how to use
it correctly is relatively immature all you need to do is throw a few videos and
have a few recommendations and you immediately stand out from the crowd and
if you’re our customers are looking through your LinkedIn profile deciding
whether or not to do business with you you can imagine the effect that that can
have one you’re offline marketing and sales strategies so if you’re starting
with a new client what’s some of the not the entry-level stuff but jump in a bit
more like you connected with Matt the other week and did a bit of stuff on LinkedIn Matt’s a member of the group and so what was what some of the stuff
that you tell someone like Matt who’s got a good LinkedIn profile by the way but
what would you tell someone like him to really enhance what he’s got because
everyone has got one they probably got their jobs their schools and all the
stuff that they’ve accomplished in their life how do you enhance it a take it to
the next level how do you stand out has anybody heard of social proof by any
chance these sort of terms are becoming more and more popular amongst the
internet community and what social proof is is I use the analogy of if you go in
a holiday somewhere new and you want to find a nice restaurant and you go out
and you walk along the main strip and you see one restaurant is pretty
and is another one that’s full of people which one do you things going to have
better food wonderful of people all right well the same thing is actually
happening with your business online so if you can create social proof for who
you are as a professional with testimonials

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