How to Download Instagram Story Highlights with 4K Stogram
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How to Download Instagram Story Highlights with 4K Stogram

Hello everybody!This is a new video guide
for Today you’re going to learn how download Instagram story highlights.
Instagram highlights is one of the tools to save and share favorite moments captured in
stories. Any user may use the highlights to prolong 24 hour lifetime of the stories, group
them thematically, add eye-catching covers and put it all under the profile’s bio. You
might have seen many of your friends and even brands on Instagram use this feature and maybe
you wanted to get all their highlights for good. 4k stogram grants you wish! Just follow
the next simple steps to download Instagram highlights of any public Instagram profile.
Go to, get and install 4k stogram to your computer. It’s available for Windows,
MacOS and Linux. Launch the application, go to Tools, then Preferences. Enter your Instagram
username and password. Don’t worry, we don’t store your password. It’s used only once to
request access token from Instagram. As soon as you’re logged in, make sure download Instagram
stories is checked in preferences window. Type in a username of any Instagram profile
you’d like to download from in the main window of 4k stogram. After that click subscribe.
That’s it! Wait until the downloading is finished and head to the directory. For this right
click on any picture and click show in folder. You can see now that the application created
separate sub folders there – one named stories, the other highlights. The first contains regular
Instagram stories available at the moment on the profile, the latter sub-folder holds
just what you need – all images and videos from the highlights collection. Enjoy!

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