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How to do Twitter Marketing? [Hindi] – Tech Talk

Hello friends, I’m Satish Kumar welocomes you on your favorite YouTube channel Tech Talk [[Channel Music]] Today we will talk about Twitter marketing, What is it and how we can do it? What is Twitter. Twitter is a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Here people make the audience for their businessa and marekt theirselves or their business. So here you need to know that how marketing will get done here? So, to know this you’ll need to learn the basics of marketing. Marketing means to let that explore and push that content to the maximum number of peopole, get the likes adn following as much as we can on twitter. This is called Twitter marketing. So, why Twitter marketing is important. I would like to tell you that according to last survey 320 million users actively using the twitter platform actively every month. So you can understand that by the effective use of Twitter how bigger audience you can approach for your business, blog or YouTube channel. So, today I’m going to explain that for twitter marketing what are the factors should be considered mainly. As I told you in Twitter marketing you need to Share the content to the maximum people and get the reach , Like and Retweet on your content So, by doing this you can visibility and reach of your content will enhance and by the help of it you may have more subscriber for your blog or Youtube channel. It will enhance your Brand value. So, you may know about a twitter sevice called “Twitter Chat”. It’s a very good service and by the help of it you can have a lot of active followers. So, whenever we talk about Twitter marketing, we want to know that how we can gain the twitter followers? Right? But this is the wrong question. Our correct question should be like, “How we can have real active followers on twitter?” And “Twitter Chat” is the best method to have the active followers. Now what is Twitter chat, if you want to know this. Then you should watch my another video which is based only on Twitter Chat. You can find the link in the description. Here I’m telling you that Twitter chat is kind of “Group” feature of Facebook Where people gather and discuss on any particular topic. But here on Twitter we can discuss on any particular topic by “Hashtag (#)” Like if you use Hastag like #Blogging, #Food, #Politics, then you’ll and other people will discuss on those topics So, when People host Twitter Chat they have to define the topic and hashtag and a particular Time frame. It’s not like a normal hashtag or posting feature, where you post anything and will have the response anytime On twitter chat host defines the time frame and only between those time frame users discuss and get or give the response. So, it helps the members also to remind the time frame. Like for eg. yeah, I have to discuss on the ‘x’ topic in this particular time frame. So this is a very good medium to market, and whoever discuss there it means they are the active users on Twitter. So, whoever will follow you cause of Twitter chat They will like your post and share your links. So the best practice to host “Twitter” chat is to define the chat according to your industry, brand, nature of business or niche. If any twitter chat is already hosted in your niche, then you can and you should join that chat. Because many of the followers of the host will be their to discuss and they can follow you too. I you couldn’t find any chat regarding your business then you can host it by your self by defining the time frame and hashtag. So people can reach their by following the hashtag and joins the Chat. But here you do not have to market youself or your business directly. Here only you have to interact with people and respond them, solve their problems and all. So, by doing these you enhance your Genuinity and people start considering you trustworthy, that Ok this person can help me out or I can present my probles infront of him. So, after having some interaction you can invite them to follow you and add with you. When they will add with you and start following you then you can make some direct marketing campaigns with those new followers too. As I told you that you are making followers by interecting ad impressing them with your skills, not by Follow and Follow back. So You’ll have active Followers. So this is the first step of Twitter marketing. Now you have active followers, what you have to do next? So, the next step in Twitter marketing is to know your folloers and audience. Suppose, if your followers are from India, then the “Durga Puja” will start is next few days, then “Diwali” and if you’re from Bihar side then “Chhath Puja” celebration will start. A lot of festivel is yet to celebrate If your followers are mainly from UK/US then they will celebrate “Cyber Monday”, “Black Friday”, “Halloween”, “Christmas” So, if you know your audience then design your campaign according to them and run them on Twitter.Like you can post regards, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, then people will understand about you that yeah, this person is like us. He undersatand us and our needs, he is doing the same thing what we are doing, so we can trust on him and his contents. This is the second step. Now move to third step. Now we have and know about our followers, that this is my audience and I have to market among them.Then we move to execute the third step, that is “Videos” On twitter we can share the video clip of 140 seconds and by using the “Periscope” service we can go live on our twitter platform. Even after the live stream the recording of that video will be on Twitter to watch. So, by these methods, you can do Twitter marketing. You can increse genuine active followers, and then start marketing with them. As I told you at the start that marketing means to share the content adn information. Now if you’ll share the blog content or YouTube videos It will go to the active followers, they know you, and have interacted with then then they will engage with your content, like them and share them So here your marketing is automatically get done. This is called marketing, that to cater the content to the audience, the target audience. Now “What is Target audience?” Suppose if you are a food blogger then show your content only to them who are interested in Food. If you’re running a Gym or Fitness blog then show it to only them who are interested in this This marketing technique is very successful because suppose you’re a tech blogger. So, when you hosted or joined the chat you defined the topic or hastag according to tech So your followers are active and related to Technology. So, now you are able to have some engaggement, shares. So this is your “Content Marketing.” So, now you know the basic fundamentals of marketing, and how we can get it done on the Twitter then it is called “Twitter Marketing.” So, friends If you’d like my video then please Like this video, Subscribe my channel and do not forget to press the bell icon. Because I alwyas use to make this kind of important videos.

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