How To DELETE Facebook Messages
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How To DELETE Facebook Messages

How To Delete Facebook Messages If you want to delete facebook messages permanently, go to the message icon. You can go straight to your
inbox or to the message you want to delete. Click on the message. Click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown. Click ‘Delete Messages’. Select the message you want to delete. If there are other messages in the conversation, you can select them one by one. So select any messages of the conversation to delete, and once you’re ready click ‘Delete’. If you’re sure, click ‘Delete Message’. The Facebook message will be deleted. If you want to delete a full conversation permanently, click on the ‘Actions’ dropdown. Click ‘Delete Conversation”. If sure, click ‘Delete Conversation’ and all the Facebook messages in the conversation will be deleted. All history in that Facebook conversation will be deleted permanently. That’s how to delete Facebook messages. If this helped you please give it a LIKE, or let me know by commenting below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more how to instructional videos!

37 thoughts on “How To DELETE Facebook Messages

  1. Does this delete conversation from both ends? or does the other person still have all the previous history?? If you block someone, your history conversation will still be on their page. If you block someone, how do absolute block messages, no history both sides & prevent them from finding you again.

  2. useless – only deletes your own version, others still see it = need is to know how to delete it for everyone from that moment on.

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