100 thoughts on “How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently (2019)

  1. Like the video if you found it helpful. Thanks for watching!!!!

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  2. Bro Help Mera Ek Account jo Galti se Bana Tha Vese 3 The Ek Abhi Kiya tumhara video dekh k But ek Aur He jo Uska SAB bhul Gaya Konse No. Se banaya and Password bhi Aur to Meri Photo bhi Uspe Uploaded he Kese Delete Karu bro Need your Help 😭😭

  3. Thank you man I'm hyped it's going to be gone in 30 days I don't need that toxic bs in my life bunch of stupidity on Fb. Instagram is getting bad to but it's toleratable because I can control what I see

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