38 thoughts on “How to delete all facebook messages together? (2017 November Working)

  1. i've a problem
    i've some pics which are save on messanger shared pics folder on messanger when i share any pic that pics show whit it how can i delte that shared pics these are'nt in my gallery
    only on messanger shared pics

  2. Don't delete from the other side tho, i just done this and my missus can still see all messages ive sent her so kind of pointless.

  3. The link worked first go however I had so many messages that I had to hit the delete button twice ~ you saved me hours & hours of time ~ thank you so much 👌

  4. Brother I have not computer please help me I will give you my Facebook ID you delete all msaaage in my Facebook ID

  5. Thanks man, but it don´t work for me. When I skip the add a new add comes up with this message Find Your Flight. Faster. FREE. 🙁

  6. its work but one question agr muja apna friend ka messnger mai sa mess delete krna hai to vo kse honga ya to mere chat mai sa hi mess delete hua hai bas mere friend ka chat mai sa nhi hua hai

  7. I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. When I hit delete all messages, it would delete the messages shown on the screen. I would then need to select show older messages to get to additional pages of older messages. After repeating this process about 4 times, all messages have been deleted. Thank you. I have subscribed to your channel.

  8. Hey bro i have a problem n i want to delete msg which i shared to the other person permanently (in his chat too)

  9. is this method can delete message both sides… ?
    please answer me..
    i want to delete some bloke people's messages…

  10. So is there any idea to delete messages from both side ?? If it is possible plz tel me know.. thanks for this video

  11. hum bahut mushkil mein please Hamari madad Kare jisse kyu Humne Tasveer bhejiye wo Hame blackmail kar raha hai hum usse Kaise delete kar sakte hai uska Tarika Bataye please Hamari madad kare

  12. link is not working , when i click on skip Add , it takes me to another page which says " Press Allow to continue" but there is no link on this page to continue

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