HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS | 3 Ways to React to Negative Social Media Comments
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HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS | 3 Ways to React to Negative Social Media Comments

– I don’t care who you are it’s just a matter of time before people start hating on you and the more popular you get, the more hate you’re gonna get. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how to deal with negative
social media comments. (lively music) You’re gonna get them. Again, it’s just a question of when. The more popular you get, the more hate you’re gonna get and it happens with everyone, it happens with me, it
happens with the Tim Ferrisses of the world, the Gary
Vaynerchucks of the world, it’s never ending. So, here’s the first
thing that you should do, don’t delete the negative comments. If they’re saying something
that’s just really bad like vulgar, of course, delete them but if they’re just hating on you and they disagree with you, don’t delete it, that’s not right. Number two, you can respond. If you have a good counterargument, respond to it and you know what? You can prove your case and make your points. Number three, if you’re unable to do that or if you feel that
they’re just not gonna stop and you still feel you’re right, just let it be and don’t fuel the fire, in which just ignore it and that’s what I usually do. Yes, when someone says something and I truly disagree and
I know they’re wrong, and I believe saying a
comment and responding will help teach other people, I do respond but when I know someone’s just
gonna continually hate on me what I do is is I just ignore it and when you do ignore it, most people just end up leaving you alone after a while and they
don’t keep coming back. That’s how you deal with it and sadly you can’t get
rid of negative comments, you’re always gonna
have them but it’s okay, it’s a part of life. (lively music)

16 thoughts on “HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS | 3 Ways to React to Negative Social Media Comments

  1. Neil you really are the best!
    You always have great teachings and inspired me a lot here in Brazil to create a free mini digital marketing course

    I am really grateful for so many wonderful teachings.

    big hug!

  2. This is happening to me now because im in the news 😢 its old school friends aswell.Random people being really horrible

  3. I don't delete them..yet..But toying with the idea. Why let morons who cannot create anything of value shit all over your work in public?

    Only thing that stops me is that it can encourage other people to respondto the hate, increase user engagement and overall increase views of your videos.

  4. Why do you think that people get so up set over a derogatory comment about them ? 1) cause its true
    2) cause it false
    3) cause it will stick
    4) cause they are sensitive
    5) cause the suffer from mental illness
    What ever the reason it is a sensitivity problem with that person ??
    Some people can take criticism with no apparent effects while some absolutely melt – Thus the snow flake moniker ??

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