How To Deal With A Social Media Addict | My Crazy Life As An Influencer
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How To Deal With A Social Media Addict | My Crazy Life As An Influencer

Can you can I hear you in the video Fred I need you in the background go in Oh No, why not? No Okay, Carlos say hi to snapchat Carlos say hi to snapchat. It was why aren’t you being funny? Sorry, I’m not snapchatting. Why can’t you just respond and react in a video? Don’t you hate my followers can’t stand them? What do you mean you can’t stand that like them? Why don’t you like them because they’re idiots You’re so jealous of all my followers, aren’t you? I just don’t want Why not Because it’s stupid snapchat is not stupid. Do you know I get like 30,000 views per snap Carlos. That’s pretty cool Like you should be honored to be in my snaps Lauren I just don’t want to be on the stupid Internet Okay, and the social media accounts are dumb. I hate them all I hope they burn in hell, I’m gonna write this Carlos is being a bad friend No, Carlos, I’m about to go live. I’m off to the wife three-two-one All right, guys, we’re live again I’m with my best friend Carlos, Carlos, Carlos and back here Carlos Come back here where we got were you going girls? I need you for this Carlos. Okay, so Carlos is here He’s in town. I’m in town and this is just so cool. Right Carlos. So Carlos, what’s it like being my best friend? That’s great. Thank you. Don’t know what it’s like to be a father It gives me a toothache a stomachache how about you it’s just me Come on where you going Carlos, I’m gonna get some air Oh gusto where do you go? Where is he? Did you call the bathroom? Oh There yes, he’s right over here, alright Carlos we’re back Carlos got cramps go see what’s up Paul are you Okay, Carlos. Alright, so say some things about me that they don’t know being friends with Lauren is the greatest thing in the world like that Alright guys. Yes Carlos come on get off the phone. I am gonna be home Carlos. You’re being rude right now. My fans are here They want a time le it’s Lauren Carlos what’s your favorite? Well, yeah. I have to go Carlos. Nicholas wants to know what your favorite. Where are you going? Carlos no Rose you can’t Carlos Hang on yeah, no, I just know I gotta go home. I appreciate it. All right Thanks so much for watching this video if you want more videos just like this one com below What kind of videos do you want to see me make? And also make sure you follow me on all of my social medias Click the link below for my secret new cooking show. Alright. Love you Thanks, like subscribe follow all that fun stuff. Peace

41 thoughts on “How To Deal With A Social Media Addict | My Crazy Life As An Influencer

  1. Haha, great video Lauren! It’s like watching a reality show. I love the MTV style logo for “I Want My Lauren.” Carlos is a jerk! He’s not fun anymore! You should find a new friend who won’t be mean to your followers lol.

  2. Carlos.. Carlos.. Carlos.. 😄😆 not so bad.

    He just walked away from the addict.. is that even a dealing .. I'd have dealt better 😐😉.

  3. Carlos is so lucky being laurens best friend i mean i wish i was you carlos… this was the funniest video ever more carlos please just to torture him a little LOL

  4. Love these videos keep up the good work gorgeous you are amazing you are funny smart hilarious thank you for all you do I’m proud you hope you reach your goals in life🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️🤗

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