How to Create Your Instagram Brand Identity | Instagram Marketing Tutorial
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How to Create Your Instagram Brand Identity | Instagram Marketing Tutorial

(soft music) – Instagram is all about the
visual appeal to the viewer. The platform is easy to use and posting beautiful photos
may seem like no big deal. But take a step back and think
about a few things first. To really rock Instagram, you need to build a cohesive
visual and content strategy that takes into account
a variety of factors. First, consider your buyer persona when thinking about
how you want to develop your brand aesthetic. Is your audience young or old? B2B or B2C? Are they thrill seekers or bookworms? Take a look at their demographics, their likes and their interests when considering how to
align your own content. One way to get started is to
take a look at your competitors and other brands that are
doing well in this space. How did they present themselves? How did they unify imagery
with fonts, filters and colors? Brands should also think
about their tone and voice. Voice is the distinct
and steady personality or style of your brand. Tone, on the other hand,
is a subset of voice. It refers to the moods and attitudes of specific content pieces, which can change depending on the channel, the situation and the audience. Figuring out what the right
tone is for a given post will vary depending on your audience, your message and its purpose. Check out the resources section
for a link to a video lesson on developing tone and voice. – Creating a visual theme, a visual story, a visual brand on Instagram
is where you need to start. That is number one hands down. If you don’t have a cohesive look and feel that captures someone’s attention and keeps your business
top of mind in your niche, you’re kinda losing out on
what Instagram’s all about. And I always go back to
that magazine look and feel. It’s the promise that
you make in your bio, does it match up to your feed? And if your feed is confusing and it doesn’t have an
overarching look, feel or theme, then people are gonna be confused and most likely not follow you. – Take a cue from some of the
best influencers on Instagram and consider theming your content. What does that mean? Let me show you. You can create themes based upon color, subject matter, fonts and more. Toy with using specific
borders on every image, grouping them by specific shots or using certain Instagram filters. This sort of creative aesthetic takes some thought and planning. Put together guidelines
for your team to adhere to when planning your Instagram posts. One thing to keep in mind. Puzzle layouts like these
may look pretty cool, but they aren’t easy
to do nor to maintain. Additionally, since
most people are viewing individual photos in their feed, seeing a partial picture
may be off-putting. There are a number of
tutorials and tools you can use to plan your Instagram aesthetic. Check out the resources
section for more details. Before we start talking about the content of
your posts themselves, let’s talk about your content calendar. A content calendar is key. It will help you plan your content, make sure you take into
account holidays and events, and help you stay organized. You want to plan your posts for the time when your
audience is most active. If you’re just starting, CoSchedule found that
Mondays and Thursdays are the best days to post
between eight and nine a.m. Avoid posting at three to four p.m. You can also check the link
in the resources section for some help on
determining the best times. If you’ve been on Instagram a while, dig into the audience
section of your metrics to see when your audience
is primarily online. You might also want to
consider a third party to schedule your content automatically. There are several
companies that offer this as you can see from this slide. So let’s think about the content itself. There are four main ways
that your images can help or engage your followers. They can educate your followers, entertain your followers, assist your followers
in solving a problem, motivate or inspire your followers. To attract attention, make sure your images align with at least one of the categories below. Timely, post about an
upcoming holiday or event that connects to your following. Trending, post the type of
content that’s currently hot and trending on Instagram. Original, post unique, beautiful
and interesting content that can’t be found elsewhere. Snackable, post content
that’s easily digestible while your followers
scroll through their feeds. Actionable, include a call
to action in your post directing your followers to like, share or comment on your image. But above all, you want
your images to tell a story. The best way to establish a
loyal and enthusiastic following is to use your Instagram
images to tell a story that captivates and engages your followers and allows them to be
part of the adventure. – A brand should think about
what type of content to create that really is based not
only on being educational or entertaining or inspiring someone, it really is based on emotion and the feeling that people get when they look at your posts and how can you connect to
someone’s emotion deeper. I think that there’s a huge
movement with the whole feeling and this is why you see
so many posts and pictures of people not looking
directly into the camera, but they want you to feel
like you’re experiencing what they’re experiencing. – Need ideas on the
types of posts to create? You’re in luck because we have
a few ideas you can run with. Behind the scenes posts. Post events, video shoots and more. Repost from employees. Share the fun things
that your employees love about working at your company. User-generated content. User-Generated Content or UGC is curated content from
your fans and followers that capture your brand style. Educational posts. These are quick tips on how to do or make something with
easy-to-follow instructions. Influencer posts. These posts piggyback on
the fame of a celebrity or well-known public figure to
draw attention to your brand. Note that you may need to pay
influencers to work with them. Motivational posts. These posts are simple visuals with some kind of uplifting
text or quote overlaid on top. Post these sparingly to
avoid looking cheesy. News jacking. This refers to developing content based on a local, national or world trend or by jumping in on other trending topics. I asked David Meerman Scott who wrote the book on
news jacking to explain. – So news jacking is the
idea of every new story breaks in exactly the same way. It grows in importance. It peaks at some point, drops off. As a new story is breaking, journalists and analysts and people on social media and possibly people who wanna
buy products and services are looking for somebody who is an expert in that particular topic. So if you happen to be somewhere where something is happening and you can create an image around it or if you happen to have an
expertise on a breaking story and you can do a real quick video or you can do a real quick update maybe with a photo of yourself or a photo of something appropriate, you can do a really great job into getting your ideas into the market. A friend of mine’s name is Mitch Jackson. He’s a lawyer so what he does is comment on the legal
aspects of news stories providing the legal ramifications of what’s going on out there and he often does that using social media. Anyone can do that, getting their expertise out
at the moment that’s right. – Along those lines, it seems like there’s a holiday
for everything these days. Fun events like National Sibling Day and National Ice Cream Day generate a ton of
engagement on social media. Develop content that fits in and make sure you tag
your content appropriately to connect to the conversation. Now that you have these
content strategy tips in mind, you’re ready to start
creating posts and videos that will help your business
grow better on Instagram. (soft music)

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