How to create seamless multi post panorama for instagram
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How to create seamless multi post panorama for instagram

Music Hi I am Manjot from LensPassions photography a few days back I shoot a photo of Golden
temple in Panorama in that picture I composite three images seamlessly so I uploaded it to many social media but but when I tried to upload it on Instagram it was cut from both sides normally Instagram default sizes 1 0 4 8 into 1 0
4 8 pixels the image I want to upload on Instagram it is more than 4800 pixels in
width so when I try to upload this image to Instagram its both sides were cut and did not fit in the frame in this image you can see both sides were cut and
don’t need to worry in Instagram now you can upload multiple images at the same time so you can use this feature to add multiple images of the same image to create a seamless picture so you need to split panorama image to multiple images to make it single swipeable panorama I have already added the template in the
description panel so we can easily split any of panorama image to upload on Instagram profile Before watching this video kindly click on subscribe button and also click on the bell so you will be notified then I will videos also support my channel
by like and comment so I can keep uploading new videos every week the best
and valuable comment will be featured in my next video I open Photoshop and selecting an image from Lightroom photos that was already stored in the cloud re you can open photos from Lightroom cc if you are using Adobe CC version otherwise you can select from the local folder I selected the panaroma picture now I am a creating a new document with srgb profile image size I selected 1 0 8 0 into 1 0 8 0
pixels it is a default size of Instagram so your document is opened now I am
increasing its canvas size according to the panorama image select image menu and
then select canvas size I selected left middle anchor point to increase the size
of right of cameras I selected % I changed to value to 400% the camera size
increased 200 to 400 percent to add canvas enter the amount of width and
height to add measure width and height in pixels for online use or in inches for
the print know more about how to resize the image watch my video on resizing I have inserted card above now go to view menu and selecting new guide layout
after that change the value of columns I changed value to 4 because I need to
upload image in 4 parts if you want in 6 or 8 you can change the value
according to it it was default by eight and I am changing it again to four I forget to change cutter value from I change it to zero the document is a
divided in four equal parts using C key shortcut to active slice tool you can
also select it from crop tools slice first column by selecting first
corner to last corner select second then third and fourth with the same way after
dead you see shortcut key again and select
the slice selection tool and click on the first slice and window will pop up give the name of the first slice as a first image I am giving name histogram panel 01, in the same way, click the second third and fourth column and give the name
Instagram panel underscore 02 to 04 respectively now open your panorama image move it by the move tool and place to a new document transform the image by using ctrl + t in
windows and command + T in mac after transforming image according to the
document save no document as web from File menu by using alter + Shift + ctrl
+ S in Windows and options + Shift + command + S in Mac select as jpg and save when you save it will show some options give the file a min first option
second option is format and select image only and in 3rd option set to default in
fourth option select our user slices means the are visualized by dividing 4
parts I am a creating new folder on desktop named Instagram and saved all 4
slices as 4 images all 4 images are saved as slide
name that I have added in slice tool option menu transfer all images to your
mobile and add into gallery open Instagram and click on plus button to
upload photos then click on multiple images tab select all four images one to
four respectively now all images are uploaded in one to four order as we
sliced in Photoshop after completion of the uploading you can swipe complete
image with all joint now you can upload any panorama image by splitting into
four or many parts according toimage that’s alpha today i have inserted a
link in description and you can upload template and same over time just placing
your image thanks for watching

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  1. I only upload that video that I tested by myself , I always try to create video when I am using the feature, so I wanted to share with you so you can easily upload your panorama images, Little correction here 0:34 1080×1080 pixels are default size instead of 1048×1048*, sorry for inconvenience In description I have added the link where you can download the PHOTOSHOP PSD Template Thanks

  2. Thank you because you help a lot of people of your tutorial giving information about photography love to watched your vedio

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