How To Create Remarketing Ads on Twitter | Twitter Remarketing Audience Tutorial

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to my youtube channel for another Twitter marketing tutorial. In this
tutorial we’re going to discuss how to create a remarketing list on Twitter.
much like you do on any other platform like Google or Facebook for your Google
and Facebook ads on Twitter as well there is a pixel that you can place on
your site and post that you can basically, start remarketing to users who
have already visited your site or your mobile app. To do that once you’re into
your Twitter ads manager you will go under this tool section and
select audience manager. There are two kind of audiences on Twitter – Tailored
audiences and Flexible audiences. So tailored audiences are basically a list
of people that you can upload who you want to target. You can also do
remarketing here and basically capture audience based on your website or your
mobile app users. Now you can mix and match between multiple tailored
audiences to create flexible audience. But in this tutorial we’re just going to
create one tailored audience. When you click on create a new audience you can
either upload your own list or make a tag to collect website visitors. You can
also collect your mobile app users. You will only be able to build a flexible
audience once you have multiple tailored audiences in place. So let’s make a tag
to collect website visitors. You can give your audience a name. Now you can choose to use the universal
website tag so basically this tag works across your entire website or you can
use a single event website tags and this is basically used to track single events
on your website. But, for now, I want to track everything. You can choose to
include traffic that means any of the following conditions whether you want
people who’ve visited your entire website or people who visited exact URLs
or or a group of URLs. So I’m just gonna select all website visitors, click on
agree to the terms and conditions – you can go ahead and read them if you want
to and just click on save tailored audience. This is the piece of code that
you need to add to your website in the header section. If you are not aware of
the code on your site you just need to send this to your developer and they
will be able to do this for you very simply. Now let me just add this to my
website very quickly. And I’m done adding the tag to my website. Click on
return to tailored audiences. You will see all your audiences here, the status
of the audience right now you can see – the audience is too small, because I
just created it. You can manage it as well. You’ll be able to see the audience
size over time. Now how do you use this all website visitors audience that I
have created? Basically whenever you are creating a campaign, let us just go to
campaigns. Let me just edit an existing campaign
for now. Here, under targeting options you’ll be able to select tailored and
flexible audience. So when you start typing all website I will find my audience
here I can add them to this ad group and click on save. And now you can create multiple versions
of it as well so you can probably use people who only visit a website that
contains the URL Facebook maybe and maybe Instagram so this for me will
basically be all people who’ve read my blog on topics like Facebook and
Instagram. This time I don’t have to add the code to my site because the pixel is
already present and the audience gets created immediately. That’s about it guys
for this tutorial, if you have any follow-up questions do reach out to me
on the comment section below. If you like the video do hit the like button and
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