How to Create Quick Social Media Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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How to Create Quick Social Media Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Hey what’s up video editors?! It’s Premiere
Gal here! And welcome back to my youtube channel today we are exploring a new
tool that I discovered called Titler Pro Pro 6 by NewBluefx it’s a third-party
plugin which works with Premiere Pro and you could buy heaps of different
template and title packages to easily create a variety of title designs for
your videos it’s a great plugin for individual video editors or video
companies who are pushing out weekly content but don’t have the design in
motion graphic skills or the software and budget I should say to push out
custom daily graphics for example if you’re a Youtuber and you want to
replicate a tweet for a Q&A video and have it look nice you can use the Titler
Pro 6 to do that. You can also create Instagram posts like this or Facebook
posts or even fresh-looking lower thirds from any template in seconds. I like to
share these types of tools with you because I think they’re super useful. So
for this video I’m going to show you how to use Titler Pro 6 with the social
media template collection and thanks to my friends at newbluefx
I’m offering a limited time 30% off discount code for both the Titler Pro
6 and the social media collection so check it out in the description box
below. So here I’m inside of Premiere Pro and I’ve already installed Titler Pro
6 so now to make a new title I’m just going to click on new item and select
new blue Titler Pro 6 then it will ask you what video settings you would
like for the sequence. I’m just going to keep it at the default of 1920 by 1080
pixels at 29.97 frames per second then hit OK now inside of Tyler Pro 6 on the
left hand bar I’m going to browse the project templates now I have Tyler Pro 6
ultimate which has all the template collections in it so if you just have
Tyler Pro 6 you will not have these pre-installed
so for this video I’m going to show you social media collection version one so
I’m going to double click on that folder to open it up and now here are all the
title templates we have a Facebook comment template Instagram comment
template an end card main title template for YouTube and over 40 different titles
to work with and each one emulates the social media look and brand which is
super convenient so for this demo I’ll choose the youtube comment main title
double click and it appears and you can preview the animation and of course we
can customize it and that part is super easy so I’ll just go ahead and type in a
new name here I’ll choose Tina Fey because I love her I can also change the
time let’s say one hour ago and then type in a new comment such as your
tutorials are amazing high-five yourself next you can choose the folder and
select a photo then you can change the duration of your timeline let’s say – 7
seconds from the timeline I just extend out the durations of each layer to the
new duration you can also select one layer and hit shift to select all and
then drag it out to the end of the new duration and of course you can customize
the start middle and end of the template animations above the time ruler by
dragging the middle point to a new time it’s all pretty simple and intuitive you
can click on any of these layers and add further customization for example if I
click on the body of text layer I can change the transition type preset to
word by word and rather than it just fading all in together you can now see
that it animates in word by word in underneath style you can change the font
type the size color and a whole lot more but the beauty of this template is that
it’s quick and simple and you don’t want to have to make too many adjustments so
I’m going to just keep it as is and then I’m going to exit out and I’m going to
select keep changes and here it’ll ask me to save the title or profiles I’m
going to save it to the same folder as my project and hit save now the title is
in my project panel I can drag and drop it into my Premiere Pro timeline and
there we go if you need to make any further
edits just double click on the title here in the timeline and title or pro
opens right back up and you can edit again it works very fast and I’m super
impressed with the speed so that’s a you guys and if you’re looking for something
to speed up your workflow so you can get the content out the door faster this is
the tool for you and don’t forget that you can save 30% off with my limited
time code below you can save over $100 which is a pretty great deal thanks so
much for watching you guys you can click on my profile photo on the left so you
can keep up with the videos that I publish every week here on this channel
and if you need any custom work or a personal one-to-one training be sure to
hit my contact button just below that lastly be sure to click on another video
to learn something new thanks again for watching stay creative and I’ll see you
all very soon bye

15 thoughts on “How to Create Quick Social Media Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  1. Hi Premiere Gal, thanks so much for posting these tutorials, they are great to learn about new things and possibilities. Maybe blind but cannot see link below? Maybe it is only there for US subscribers. I'm prob not going to pay that much right now anyway, but will certainly keep it in mind. I am producing videos for clients form authors to businesses of various kinds. I can see how the titles, lower thirds and end titles might be useful, but can you give us an example of where the social media screens are useful…would it be if we want to show a clients comments relating to their social media? Or maybe we could use them as comments as in a review of the business? Thanks and keep it coming!

  2. your Texts and Shapes looks SHARP, I am struggling there. Could you do a video on Sequence and Export Media Setting please ? Thanks

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