How To Create Instagram Ads For Beginners 2019 – Instagram Advertising Tutorial
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How To Create Instagram Ads For Beginners 2019 – Instagram Advertising Tutorial

100 thoughts on “How To Create Instagram Ads For Beginners 2019 – Instagram Advertising Tutorial

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  2. Hey Jason should I avoid using the actual IG ad set up on IG? It seems a simplified version of FB business interface? DOes it matter which interface to use?

  3. U don't know anything.. you just keep talking and talking.. why don't you hired a teacher.. you tutoral is wack

  4. Hi, I'm having a few problems with my video because although I made the video in quik go Pro app, it is saying the video is just below 500 pixels which makes no sense. The quality is great. How can I get round it?

  5. Hi Jason! Great tutorial! I have a question. I have a specific call to action for my business that's part of Piggyback's sales funnel. It's people requesting samples of our letterpress business cards. I'm wondering what is the best route as far as setting up an IG ad in order to take this call to action to the next level? Your help is much appreciated. Thx, Lee 🙂

  6. What does it mean when it says, "Some data in your table didn't load fully because of an API error. If the problem persists, try narrowing your filters or exporting the data from this view as an XLS or CSV file."??

  7. I did a video on insta promotions, please go check it out 🌻 Im nearly at 33K followers on insta, @charlotte_crumpton – any support would be appreciated ❤️🙊

  8. I need some help I can create ads without any website I have just Instagram and Facebok account but my ads not approved

  9. Hello Jason, I’m so tired of trying always it says “PENDING QUESTION” can you please help me with some program that I can fix the image.

  10. I am on your side Jason, but its not good to lie on the date especially on tech videos because the system updates from time to time. If its something you are really good at, then just make another video, if not, then I suggest you leave it as it was. we will still watch.

  11. I was looking for a great video that explain to me how to work this platform, Your video fit on me successfully. Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks for this video! If I create a carousel ad and budget it for a month and add more new posts, will my new posts be automatically be added to my ad??

  13. What is a good time frame to see actual statistics for what works vs what doesn't do as well? This kinda like planning ahead a budget with also keeping what content context that words better than others.

  14. your own add showed up in your own video 3 times, that was annoying and unstrategic on behalf of google ads😂

  15. OMG I just look at your face and can’t focus on what you’re saying or doing 😂🤓🌚💔 it’s not necessary to show your face man 🌚🌚😶

  16. i cant find it i made it and everything and like its not on my instagram and not on my fb so where is it wtf

  17. Hey Jason, what if facebook declines your sub,ission for the ad? My ad is about a clothing store website.

  18. hellow. my Instagram repost isnt working. its reposting video but not any picture. when i repost any picture it goes to your contact list to whom you want to send . anyone can help me please.

  19. You did an amazing job! You really helped me out when I really needed it. Thank you sincerely for dedicating your time -Oct8vus Gylze

  20. I know the only amazing promotion specialist in instagram, but he is closing his client list soon. Maybe you can reserve a seat and see real promotion ) Find him in instagram INJOYJOY

  21. Hey Jason, thanks for the video. I've tried this so many times but every time i review the ads i have set up, i see it has automatically set to run on mobile news feed and not instagram feed as i have selected! so frustrating. how can i fix this?

  22. Hey Jason! Thanks a lot for making this video…. I made an ad last night for stranger things hoodies that im dropshipping and i already made a sale!

  23. I got all the way to the end and it asks select the link type for your ad. It isnt to get it to a website or is it a facebook event. I just want to put an ad up.

  24. dude. the facebook layout has changed, the layout is not the same anymore, and you also uploaded the video in 2018 so to put 2019 in your title is misleading

  25. How about if I want to direct my leads to my DM on Instagram… How can I do it ?

    Please I need your help on it

  26. Hey guys, help me understand something. Is it necessary to have a facebook page in order to post an ad on insta ?

  27. I tried to create my instagram account to a business account, but it didn't happen n popped up with "you are no longer allowed to use facebook products to advertise. You can't run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts. Learn more" what does this mean??? Plz help me!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Jason I have just watched your video showing how to create Instagram ads. Could you tell me how to use hashtags so that they help push your Instagram posts to targeted audiences. I am trying to advertise to people to come to an art event. If I add hashtags of other events/ specific art shows/ whats on will it channel my post or ad to others who click onto these other ads/posts? Many thanks

  29. Hey Jason! Question: whats been the most important or impactful factor in getting maximum clicks and subsequent conversions (ie, textual content, media content, social media platform, etc.)? Any specific tips on how to maximize prospect/link click conversion (as in conversion to paying customer)?

  30. Hey, Jason! I have a question for you and it might sound a bit stupid but I hope you can keep up with me 🙂 When we create an ad from scratch, does it get published on our own profile/feed? Is it like also creating a new post…? Thank you!

  31. Hi Thanks for the nice video, I wonder if I can post a ad for personal tutoring services without having a company for it. Once I tried to do it on youtube/google, and it needed to have a registered business for that. any help? on the video i didint see anything asking about a business or so.

  32. aren't there two types of facebook acct business and personal? which one did you use or can you place ads in both.

  33. You have watch ALL YouTube ads? And you are still making 3 minute videos? FB ads already speaks for itself and has built a long and solid relationship with its customers, while only 14% of marketeres are using Google ads. Which leaves me with only one thought as to why you didnt make money on FB ads. You have sold the wrong product

  34. QUESTION: Hey, thanks for the vid. Which type of campaign would you select in the beginning if your goal is to get YouTube views for a specific video via IG ads? Thanks!

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