100 thoughts on “How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

  1. Excellent tutorial Shubang, love you bro
    Everything worked very well but the moment i am verifying it is show me the error "Due to the young age of this domain name, verification won't enable sending." How to fix this, please help!

  2. I followed all the process mentioned on the video, but I still cannot send an email from my work email. Any tip how to fix it? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the video, was a good help.
    It failed to send emails when I used the SMTP server you recommended. I fixed it by changing to – SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com – …and it was FAR less complicated and time-consuming than setting up the smtp2go account. Instant fix if anyone gets stuck with a "Message not delivered" gmail msg.

  4. Great Video Shubhang, Is there any difference between This Method of Getting a Professional Mail AND Getting it through G Suite…??? is there any difference in Functionality or Performance or any Limitation through this method…?

  5. "Note: Now, if you’ve got your hosting with someone else other than Godaddy, then you need to go there. "
    If the hosting other someone then how to MX fix error remove

  6. Hi , @weblearners not able to complete the process in the middle it self it showed access denied by the reciepnt server mailstore1.secureserver.net

  7. Excellent tutorial! But when trying to remove the "via" message, SMTP2Go said my domain was too young to allow sending 🙁 STILL AN AWESOME TUTORIAL THOUGH! YOU ROCK!

  8. I did all the steps and i successfully RECEIVE emails to my gmail BUT NOT successful to SEND with new name email

  9. what is the storage we will get for email unlimited or some capping is there, id we emails through the same procedure? pls reply

  10. Great video BHAI… Many Congratulations!👍 Is anyone created through this just wanted to know for one more % to confirmation to 100%

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  12. Can I use the same smpt2go account to make multiple emails with the domain name or it only works with one

  13. Great tutorial! Worked for me. Now I have free email that I can use answering inquiries concerning possible gigs. Thank you so much!

  14. Hello sir,
    I am following you from last 6 months & today I have one issue related to this video, why we can connect only 3 business emails in Gmail account??

  15. I m facing this error while replying from business email using gmail.
    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

    The response from the remote server was:

    550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send.

    My SMTP2Go account is verified as well as sender domain and DNS settings are also verified.
    but still getting this error.
    can you please check and help
    Regards:M.Asad Ul Ghouas

  16. The SMTP2go is no longer showing the SMPT Server and Port (as shown at 9:25) what should we do then, please guide us

  17. Did everything exactly like here. Keep getting this when sending

    Message not delivered

    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

  18. 550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send

    For those who get this error. Go to smtp2go dashboard
    > Settings > Sender Domains

    Enter your Domain Name that you have purchased in the Manage Your Domain Box. After adding, your domain shows up below in blue.

    Now click on your domain that is in blue. You will see three rows of CNAME, Hostname, and Value.

    Copy paste this into DNS Settings of GoDaddy Dashboard and Click Verify. Once all three are verified and you get three green ticks. You will be able to send emails through your domain.

  19. when I am sending mail its showing ''via smtpservice.net'' after from address. can we remove it? great tutorial.

  20. #websitelearners i cannot find Records in DNS settings (I Use godaddy ) when i changed my server (AS shown in your other video for Free SSL ) Please Help.

  21. 1) I added the MX records manually as in this video. However after doing so there were a total of 3 records, not 2. I contacted GoDaddy support and they said that as long as the domain is with GoDaddy, you don't need to add the MX records.
    2) SMPT2GO only has a free TRIAL. After that it's $14/mo. Cheaper to buy an Office 365 account for $60/year from GoDaddy.

  22. Still showing " No MX records were found", i have added refreshed and logged in again. Please help solving the issue?

  23. Hello I am not able to send mail I am getting an error as ' 550 that smtp username's account is not allowed to send' please help.

  24. This video is fantastic. Super well edited, paced just right for a first timer. Great screen capture. The only thing I changed was to use the gmail smtp. Thank you soooo much!!!

  25. From company mail not going…. message not delivered (you're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'send mail as' account are miscofigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending)

  26. Good video until you reach the point with smtp2go. which price is much higher than email product by godaddy. So you pay the price but to a different provider.

  27. smtp2go charges $14 per month, it is better option just register customer domain email on Gsuite for $6 per month. what say?

  28. Hi dear, I m sure that this is the first time I’ve got the easiest way I mean video to understand and make website, email etc. God bless you. And thanks for your video to help people.

  29. This video is amazing! It helped me a lot in setting up a business email for free through forwarding using GoDaddy. I was looking for a solution and this video turned to be perfect. And the comments were really helpful regarding the SMTP2GO verification. Thanks a lot for the video!

  30. while replying from business mail…. mail could not be delevered as error show "Message not delivered

    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending"

  31. I need help as after I have set up the smtp to enable sending email from business acount it does not work. I have followed the steps several times. How do I rectify this? It also says on settings 'not an alias'…..please someone help

  32. Hi Subhang, my godaddy account does not come up with email forwarding option in additional products. Please help.

  33. I appreciate all the work you've done for this video! Amazing tutorial!
    One thing that's unclear for me is the subscriptions.
    SMTP2GO has a yearly rate of $139/year, but with GoDaddy, if you buy the Office 365 Email Essentials is only around $29/year.
    Doesn't add up.
    Do you only have the service for free only while your on trial on SMTO2GO?
    And then keep signing up for a new account every time the trial ends?
    What's the catch?
    Because if I have to redo all these settings monthly, I'd rather pay to save my time and buy the Office 265 Email Essentials package.

  34. Dude are you kidding us? That is not for free! You need to buy a domain and you did not show us how to create a domain for free so it is not for free.

  35. Hi Website Learners,

    my products – You do not have any redeemable products at this time.

    I transferred my domain name to wix from godaddy.com

    is that the reasonwhy i can no longer set up y free e-mail?

    many thanks

  36. Bro this is awesome.
    You helped me create an urgent free custom email for my client, when i didn't have any knowledge about it.
    You're doing a fabulous job 🙂 Lots of love!
    God bless you!
    from- Darshan

  37. GoDaddy has changed their additional products to Website builder instead because they have linked with Office 356 to handle with emails

  38. smtp2go isn't free on a long run right? In this video, only free trial has been chosen, does that mean all these privileges are temporary?

  39. which application u can use for making youtube video. I like your videos and editing is very clear and sound is very good ; verywell understanding easy english language. Please send me reply.

  40. Hey Man, I need your help My client want to have art portfolio with multiple filters and Toggle switch to change view (grid and list)

    I'll be greatful if you can suggest me any plugin

  41. I believe Godaddy has changed a couple of settings that for some reason am having hard time to find the “create forward” option ounce I redeem the 100 pack emails. If anyone knows how to solve this, I would appreciate the help!!

  42. Bro plz reply fast that in additional product there, free email forwarding option is not there, some website builder option is there what to do?

  43. Hey thank you website Learners for this stuff, so can i send mass emails with that business email? thank you so much

  44. getting this error Message not delivered

    You're sending this from a different address or alias using the 'Send mail as' feature. The settings for your 'Send mail as' account are misconfigured or out of date. Check those settings and try resending.

  45. Seems like GoDaddy will only allow this process for one hosted domain, I have multiple with GoDaddy and the steps don't work. Additional Products, Email forwarding defaults to another domain that I own. If I want to set up forwarding GoDaddy directs me to set up a paid account. Am I missing something?

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