How To Create Animated GIFs & BOOST Your Social Media Engagement 📈
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How To Create Animated GIFs & BOOST Your Social Media Engagement 📈

How To Make Animated GIFs for Social Media If you are trying to boost your social media
presence, then you need to make animated GIFs. Dynamic visual content is absolutely necessary
to boosting your engagement on Twitter (as much as 313%) and Facebook (130%). The good news is that GIFs are incredibly
easy to make, and the right idea could help you go viral easily. In this video, we are going to look at 3 things:
Why you should be making GIFs for your brand. 3 Most Important Rules to make great GIFs! Step-by-Step guide to make GIFs – I will cover
free tools, paid tools and the easiest way to make a split-depth GIF. Why make animated GIFs? [Reason 1: Cultivate a personal touch to your
business profile] There’s a whole lot of giffing going on. Facebook revealed that people sent 13 billion
GIFs in the last year, or nearly 25,000 GIFs every minute. Twitter users also love GIFs, sending 100
million of them last year. If you are looking to cultivate a personal
touch to your business profile, using GIFs is a popular way to engage them. [Reason 2: Spread your brand across the internet]
The other good news is that all of these Facebook and Twitter GIFs come from a library, usually
Giphy’s, which offers you an opportunity to have your content spread across the internet. if you search for “Good morning” – 2.1
million people end up selecting a Starbucks-branded GIF as a result. [Reason 3: GIFs can give you an easy way to
spice up your ads on Facebook and Email.] We all know that on Facebook, video is among
the most shareable content and boosts your reach by an incredible 135% over photos. Same thing on email. Dell tested the power of GIF in their email
campaign for the launch of the XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook. This is the GIF: The results were beautiful: 6% increase in
open rate; 42% increase in click rate; 103% increase in conversion rate; 109% increase
in revenue. Are you ready to get started? 3 Most Important Rules To Make Great GIFs
1. [The most important guideline is to know your
audience.] Know your audience. Once you are comfortable with your audience
and the boundaries you can start making some GIFs. 2. [Keep it short and sweet.] Don’t write a novel. Don’t tell them 10 ways to do something. Keep it less than 30 seconds, and make sure
your file size is low. 3.[ Title then text.] Don’t try and squeeze all of the information
into one frame. Make good font choices and avoid script fonts. They are especially hard to read on mobile
and Twitter. How to make animated GIFs for free
Use Giphy The best free tool is Giphy. Their library is used to send over 1 billion
GIFs and they are seen by more than 100 million daily active users. You can easily create and upload your GIF
to their library, which is attached to the biggest social media apps. The first thing you need is some video or
images. Or get stock photos for free online. Once you have your content jump over the Giphy
and get busy. Step 1: Click Create → Slideshow: Step 2: Select your photos and then drag and
drop onto the screen: Step 3: You can caption your GIF and set the
speed of the transitions: Step 4: You can order your shots according
to how you would like them to appear. Then click “Create slideshow” Step 5: You will then see the completed GIF
with options to Favorite, Copy Link, Download or get the embed code: Download – will give you multiple options. You can download a full-size source file,
or an optimized version, or the social version for the right file size. Bonus Tips: If you would like to pimp your
gif then you can use GIF caption to add animated text, subtitle and captions. [Other Apps Available] allows you to make from existing videos. It is free but you will have a watermark on
your GIF. If you are going to create a GIF from a screen
recording then the best option is recordit. The most popular paid option is Photoshop
and After Effects, because you will have full control over your images and GIF. My personal favorite is Split-Depth GIF, using
After Effects. It is the coolest of the GIFs, looking like
a 3D video, yet it is so simple to make! This took me 5-minutes: It is truly easy to up your GIF game and create
more impressions. Want to watch my videos on how to make a split-depth
GIF? Comment on this video “I love Giffing!”

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  1. Hi, Your tips are great, but I read the Giphy terms and conditions that say Giphy can only be used for "private," personal," non-commercial" purposes. I don't think it's a good recommendation for someone trying to grow their social media following because they are likely growing to profit from it.

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