How To Create An Instagram Story Ad In 2019
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How To Create An Instagram Story Ad In 2019

Did you know that 60% of people who make
$100,000 plus a year are hanging out on Instagram and that 25% of people
are swiping up on sponsored stories. So why aren’t more businesses
advertising on Instagram? Hello? It’s where the people with
money are hanging out. You’re going to want to stay tuned for
this one because I’m going to share my favorite app that helps
me create eye-catching
Instagram story video ads that currently are only costing
me 70 cents a click. Running Instagram ads for business
has worked for me, Elise Darma, in collecting 53,265 leads last year
to my free Instagram masterclass. All through strategic paid advertising. I’m Elise Darma and I’ve helped
thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers and creators like yourself
use Instagram to grow their business. And in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to create
an Instagram story ad in 2019. Quick heads up, I’m going to go deep on advertising your
business on Instagram in today’s video, but I know I’m not going to
be able to cover everything. Marketing your business
takes continual learning. So be sure to hit the subscribe button
and the bell so that you never miss one of my future trainings on how to
market your business on Instagram. To run an ad on Instagram stories,
first, you’re gonna need your content, like duh. What is your target audience going
to feel compelled to swipe up on? This is really important. You need to put yourself in the
shoes of your target audience. Is it going to be a photo?
Is it going to be a video? What’s going to get them to stop, pay
attention and swipe up on your ad? Instagram is a visual platform, so you have a few options of
visuals that you can run as ads. One could just be a photo or a graphic. One could be a 15-second video or you
can run three pieces of media together in one carousel post. A photo story ad will show as a single
story and will stay on screen for up to five seconds. A video will play up to 15 seconds and
a carousel ad will allow you to stitch three pieces of media
together. It can be all photos, all videos, or a mix. Now, what’s the quickest way to get an
ad up in Instagram stories? Well, it’s just basically running
a photo or graphic as an ad. The graphic you can make
up in Canva and the photo, you can decorate in your own Instagram
stories app, save it to your camera roll, and then run that as an ad. However,
the most engaging type of ad is video. So if you have a little bit more time, I highly recommend to create a video
ad to run in your Instagram stories. In today’s video, I’m going to share with you my favorite
video editing app called Swish. So to get started with this demo, I’m
going to need to film my video ad. To start filming my ad, I’m going
to open up my Instagram app, open up the camera and film
directly inside of Instagram. “We’re all hanging out on Instagram
these days, right? Here we are. But how do you actually use
the app to grow your business? My name is Elise Darma and I’m sharing
a free masterclass on how to grow your business today in 2019. Swipe up
to catch it.” Nailed it. Nice. So now that my 15 second video is saved, I’m going to hit the save button in the
upper menu and it’s going to save to my camera roll. This is key because I need this 15-second
video to bring over into the Swish app. Once you’re inside Swish, take a look at all the many
templates you have access to, to start building your video ad so you
can check out their favorites or you can look at different categories
like education, real estate, food or travel. So for
the sake of this demo, I’m just going to scroll down and choose
one of the templates and preview what this ad might look like.
Here’s the square version, but because we’re dealing
with an Instagram story ad, we want the nine by 16 option. So I’m
going to choose this project template. First thing I want to do is replace the
clip that I filmed inside of this ad. So I’m going to head to the clip option.
And I’m going to choose ‘Replace’. I’m going to go to ‘Videos’ where I
can find the video that I just filmed. This is the ad that I just filmed on
my Instagram stories. Hit ‘Close’. Then I want to go to music. I want to replace the music that they
have for this ad with the audio from the clip that I filmed. So this is key. So
now that I’ve turned this feature on, I’m going to hit ‘Done’ and now we
can preview what we’re looking at. “We’re all hanging out
on Instagram these days”. So you can see that that’s the first
frame. This is the second frame. This is the third and this is the fourth. Obviously I’m going to have to edit
this text to be relevant to my ad. Now that I’ve gone through all the frames
and I’ve added in some real jazzy text to make it interesting to watch, you can go ahead and hit the ‘Preview’
button and you’re going to be able to watch your entire ad in full. “We’re all hanging out on Instagram
these days, right? Here we are. But how do you actually use
the app to grow your business? My name is Elise Darma and I’m sharing
a free masterclass on how to grow your business today in 2019. Swipe up.” Once you’re happy with your ad, you’re going to hit the Share button
and then the Save button and what it’s going to do is save to
your camera roll. Alright, now that we’ve made our ad with Swish, we’re going to head back
to our Instagram account. One thing I want to show you right away
is when you’re on your account there’s a Promotions button, especially
if you’re a business account. Don’t hit that button. Don’t try to
run an ad from the Promotions button. That’s almost equivalent to hitting the
‘Boost’ button and in 2019 hitting the boost button just doesn’t give you enough
options that you need in order to make your ad effective. So now
that our ad is created, what we’re actually gonna do is send it
over to our desktop and we are going to use Ads Manager to run
this Instagram story ad. All right. Here we are in Ads Manager, so all I’ve done is hit this green
‘Create’ button and this window has popped up. This is where we’re going to
enter in the basics of our campaign, so what you want to do first
is give your campaign a name. Then you’re going to choose the objective. This is where you see “traffic” selected. Then you’re going to set your budget and
then we’re going to get into the ad set and then what the actual ad is as well. Before we start into this process, I just want to show you
“Switch to guided creation”. If you’re feeling a
little new to running ads, this is actually how I got my training
originally by following this system. So Facebook makes it a bit easier
to set up your very first ad. I’m going to jump back to ‘Quick
Creation’ to show you how I quickly set up Instagram story ads. All right, so let’s give our campaign a new name. In terms of the buying type, I
always leave it at ‘auction’, but the campaign objective always
changes depending on my needs here. So typically I run
campaigns to drive traffic, so that’s to drive clicks to my landing
page or I’ll choose ‘conversion’. So that’s to get people from my
landing page to my thank you page. For the sake of this demo, I’m going to choose ‘traffic’ just because
setting up a conversion ad requires a few more steps. So in this case we’re going to be looking
to drive as many clicks as possible to our landing page for as
low of a price as possible. So we’ll set our campaign
objective to ‘Traffic’. I’m not going to turn on campaign budget
optimization right now and let’s just copy our campaign name over to
our ad set name and our ad name. And that’s it. You’re going to go
ahead and then hit “Save to draft”. Now that we’ve started our campaign, you can see that it’s in draft
mode and we have these red errors, meaning this campaign is not ready to run. That’s because we haven’t given
Facebook enough information. All we’ve filled in is the campaign name
and we have selected our objective to be traffic. Remember that’s to drive
clicks. So this is the campaign level. Let’s go down to the ad set level. Now, this is the step before your actual ad
and this is where you choose who you want to see your ad. So this is, like, my favorite part of setting up an ad
because you have a lot of options. First of all, you have your budget option. So let’s start our daily budget at $20
and let’s give it a start date of now. And let’s not give it an end date. We’re just going to run it
ongoing and see how it does. This is where the fun happens where
you can actually choose your audience. So when it comes to what I’m promoting,
which is my free masterclass, what would be great is to promote this
to my warm audience. So for example, I want to get in front of anyone
who’s engaged with my Instagram. I want to get in front of anyone
who’s engaged with my Facebook page. I also want to target my email list
and I also want to target my website traffic. So that’s what
I call my warm audience. Anyone who has fallen into
those audiences. And then
as you get further down, I can actually choose which
country I want to target. So Canada is selected by default. We can also choose anyone
in the United States. We can also choose anyone in the
United Kingdom and Australia. Those are typically the top four that I
choose when I’m targeting my audience. Now this is all a custom
audience. They’re warm, they’ve interacted with me in some way. But you do have the option
of getting more specific. So let’s say I only want 22 year old
to 45 year old women to see these ads. So you can see that my daily estimates
get a little bit smaller because we’re getting a little bit more specific. That’s typically as detailed
as I get in my targeting. Um, you could go next level and, like, target anyone who’s interested
in Instagram for example, but because my audience is already
customized to my warm audience, I just let Facebook do its thing and find
the best people who are going to click on the landing page. So
that’s pretty much it. Now in terms of placements, because
this is specific to Instagram stories, you do want to hit “Edit placement”. And you want to de-select “Feeds” ’cause
you don’t want it to go into the feeds. You just want to select Instagram stories
here and so I’m going to de-select all the rest. So you’re totally allowed to just
choose one area. And in this case, the only one I’ve selected is Instagram
Story because we created the ad for that specific reason. In terms of the rest of this ad set, we are optimizing this ad for link clicks. So we want people to click on the link. So we’ll leave that one
as is. And that’s it. In terms of all your
options in the ad set, we’re not going to hit publish yet
because we still need to take care of this error, which is loading in our
ad. So let’s get to our ad. All right. So the very first thing is to choose
your correct Facebook page and if I can find mine, there we go. Then
there’s my Instagram account, which is attached to the
page. So that’s important. You want to be running the ad from
your correct Instagram profile, especially when you’re like me
and you have multiple accounts. The next section is you’re
going to create your ad, so because we’ve already
filmed our ad in Swish, what I’m going to do here is choose
“Add media” and choose “Add video”. I’ve already sent it to my desktop, so in this case I’m just
going to go to “Upload”, “Upload video” and find the
video ad which is right here and Facebook’s now going to
go ahead and upload that Ad. Our ad is up, we already get a little preview but we’re
not done yet because we need to tell Facebook or Instagram what
link to lead people to. So I’m going to lead people
which is the signup page of my masterclass. I don’t like to put text in an Instagram
story ad because as you can see, we built that into the Swish video
already. So I’m going to leave this blank and the only thing I really
need to fill in is the URL. I do have the option of changing
the Call to Action button here, so “Learn More” is the default.
You can also make it “Sign Up”. So let’s try Sign Up and
that’s pretty much it. You want to make sure that your
correct pixel is attached to this ad, which is the very last step. If
you’d like to preview the ad, you can see what it’s gonna
look like in Instagram stories. And of course if you chose
any other place to place it, you would see a preview here. But
because we only chose Instagram stories, we’re just going to see a preview of
it there and that’s pretty much it. You can go through and double check
your entire ad. We’ve got our video, it’s less than 15
seconds, which is perfect. We’ve got the link that we’re leading
people to. We’ve got our call to action, we’ve got our correct
tracking set up. That is it. Now we’re going to hit the “Publish”
button and we’re going to let Facebook review the post. Once it’s been
reviewed, it’s going to start running. So let’s hit the “Publish” button. If you like this video and you want even
more Instagram growth tactics for your business – hey, I have a
free masterclass for you. You saw me just create an ad for it.
Head to the link right below this video, I’m going to teach you what’s working
today on how to grow your business on Instagram in 2019. To ease and revenue, I’ll see you in the next video. Do you want to use Instagram
to grow your business online? Do a couple takes if you need. We’re
all using Instagram these days long. Let’s try it again. We all know that Instagram is the
hottest social media platform today. We’re all hanging out on Instagram
these days, right? Nailed it.

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