28 thoughts on “How-to: Create an Auto-Retweet Twitter Bot

  1. I disagree, I'm actually genuinely interested in learning about things like this and I do not feel that the animations, which are superfluous to the demonstration, are entirely necessary. The animations actually had the reverse affect you hoped for and caused me to stop watching it halfway through. Content is King, the content is cool, but the animations are not.

  2. This doesn't seem to work for me, problem with pipes. Once the feed is published it isn't updating. My error?

  3. one of the best, and EASIEST tutorials on auto retweet feeds. i looked elsewhere already and this is the spot.

  4. For some reason my bots are still posting things in other language. In the video you put Does not contain "En" But in the CC you said Contains "En" which one do I do to ensure it posts in english?

  5. It's really sad that you're wasting a great tutorial with annoying sound and useless visual effects (which make the content far less readable).

  6. Yes, the music and video effects are slightly annoying, but it was very much worth the 3:01 minutes of my life to watch it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. did anyone use this software?  you can make mass accounts and increase follower rates, or can just make mass accounts and massive retweets?

  8. Unpatched followers machinery right here and still excellent formerly.
    => https://sites.google.com/site/TwitFolloweer/?4801347
    A number of mouse clicks and then obtained these people to my page!

  9. I think you don't need to create an auto retweet bot, you could just get a Twitter bot to auto retweet on Twitter. TweetAttacksPro https://t.co/bSh6HiQVzy is the best Twitter bot in the market. Le permite crear tareas ReTweet ilimitadas para que sus cuentas se vean activas. El programa puede realizar batch-ReTweet búsquedas de tweets basados en sus palabras clave, también puede ver nuevos tweets en tiempo real y retwittearlos a la vez. Puede seleccionar qué cuentas retwittear y cuántos tweets retuitean cada cuenta.

  10. This no longer works. If you want software that works and results in a real twitter retweet (not old school RT @user format) then check out this blog post: https://grouptweet.com/blog/automatically-retweet-a-hashtag-keyword-or-emoji.

  11. You could just use a Twitter bot like TweetAttacksPro http://www.whitehatbox.com/?auid=17063. यह हजारों ट्विटर खातों को एक ही समय में 24/7 चलाने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है, ऑटो-फॉलो, अनुवर्ती, पीछे का पालन करें, ट्वीट करें, रीटिट करें, उत्तर दें, पसंदीदा करें, ट्वीट हटाएं, अप्रत्याशित, प्रतिकूल, सूची में जोड़ें और अपने नए संदेश भेजें अनुयायियों .. आदि। You can also create a twitter bot with botchief.

  12. You don't need to make a Twitter auto retweet bot, just using a bot, TweetAttacksPro https://tinyurl.com/yb2wa8fd is this kind of Twitter bot. यह आपको अपने खाते को सक्रिय दिखने के लिए असीमित रीटविट कार्यों को बनाने की अनुमति देता है। कार्यक्रम बैच-रीटविट आपके खोजशब्दों के आधार पर ट्वीट्स की खोज कर सकता है, यह नए ट्वीट्स रीयलटाइम के लिए भी देख सकता है और उन्हें एक बार में फिर से ट्वीट कर सकता है।

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