How to Create a Social Media Marketing Audit for a Business!
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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Audit for a Business!

All right what’s going on guys Cereal
Entrepreneur here um so I wanted to give you guys an update basically so
I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my social media and digital media audits so
I wanted to give you guys a review of kind of how I do it and what things I
put in the audit and what software’s or websites or platforms I use to UM kind
of facilitate some of the diagrams that I’m getting and kind of give me some of
the backend information about what their business is doing without having to get
through each inch and count individual focus obviously that would take forever
um so I’m going to give you guys an update on that as far as Tai Lopez’s
class is concerned he is only uploaded one more video not really worth making
overview over especially that video alone um so I’m waiting until he uploads
the rest of the videos I’m assuming he would probably do it by day and the end
of February since it’s supposed to be four months and I believe he started in
November so as those come out I will update you guys more but for now I
figured I’d give you this since I’ve had so much um you know interact interaction
and questions about this subject so I’m going to go through it really quick for
you guys how I put together – sawed it actually last night this is a company
that I really want to work for it’s actually a club in Atlanta um and so I
put this together for them and sent over yesterday but I’m going to kind of walk
through and just go help go through how I put it together so all right you
should be able to see the screen now and you’ll see up here obviously just the
name of the restaurants bar or of the club that I’m doing um name your
business name date that I put together foods prepared by over to me and then I
start with their social media so obviously we have Facebook Instagram
Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest and snapchat those are the big ones you’re
going to want to focus on LinkedIn as one but that’s more b2b or when a
company is focusing on Human Resources so it might be good if you’re looking
into temp agencies LinkedIn is going to be a platform you’re going to want to
use because they do a lot of recruiting so you’re marketing for them might be a
good thing I mean there are a lot of money there is
a lot of money in a ten pages to use so that’s your niche definitely worth you
know looking at and getting very good at LinkedIn so tongue-in-groove is a club
in Italy like I said these are all their social media links right here obviously
snapchat doesn’t have one so you can you know I just put the tag name it’s kind
of hard to get pull information for snapchat still just because there aren’t
really many tools out there that kind of analyze that so um and then you can see
the profile names right here for each page how many followers each page has
and then the posting frequency so we’ll just start with Facebook and that’s
actually what I kind of do first is I put all the URLs in here and get all
this back in information first so you can see up at the top I have all my
websites open this kind of just helps you move tharam quicker if you already
have it all open so that’s what you want start with fear so if I dive into
Facebook really quick can we just take a look at the Raval website so profile
image is that good is it cleared the banner or the cover image is that good
does it relate to their restaurant or a bar or club or whatever your niche is um
you know for me I usually with restaurants and bars I typically tend to
tell them to have a great picture of some food or drinks you know whatever it
is that they promote to go along here for this club they have a picture of you
know what looks to be like a pop at night so you know that’s really what
they want to do they have promotions for some of their other stuff so you know
they kind of have it on point I would suggest maybe a little bit clearer of an
image right here kind of looks a little blurry so that’s about it for that check
out the About section next just make sure they have all their information
they have contact information maybe information right here adultage and all
managers see what else do we have the phone number all of that the location is
that said do they have a description because they’re kind of missing a
description about their business you know the story right here they just have
you know these little things and I actually didn’t mention that didn’t even
look at the story because I was thinking club-like
so that’ll probably something I actually mentioned back to them in the
that I send them again but you can see they sell tickets here and then they
have their website so that’s that’s pretty decent we’ll go back to the home
page you see they have their button active every business page should have
some sort of button here there’s a call now they could probably do something for
booking tables stuff like that you can see rigger that table reservations then
all this stuff they probably could make that one of their buttons or that the
button if they’re trying to push it more but I guess they’re going more for
generally enquiries so it’s not too big of a deal you want to check out their
likes as well see how many likes they have they have about 24,000 or almost
25,000 their main competitor which is club opera in Atlanta has about almost a
hundred thousand followers so with regards to a club in Atlanta you know
there’s definitely room for growth there look at some other content what they’re
promoting so it looks like most of their content is people who are coming in or
you know celebrity stuff like that social influencers that they’re using
and then just you know promotional specific nights of Monday’s is Lady tree
all night with the RSVP $20 hookah you know they do a lot of event promotion
and then pictures obviously because their club so that’s decent they’re not
doing a lot so here’s where actually we will use our first school which is spa
eliezer you can see right here is like Eliza calm and you just put in their
information when you get a localizer it’s their website URL and then hit
enter it’ll bring all this up and this goes through an analysis so create more
engaging posts like I was saying they don’t have much engagement on their post
we’re not asking questions they’re doing things or saying things to get people
I’m kind of involved with in also more questions that you can like I said
review the links of the repose some of them are a little too long I’ll get to
that more a second encourage your fans has more questions for you to answer and
then increase the variety of in your posts so like I said you know a lot of
it was the same stuff it’s not very engaging so right here this is going to
be the first section you check you know their website their username correct
website do they have milestones made on their
page which is you know conic objectives on pages like they liked other business
pages and connect with you know other businesses in the
area that’s a very good thing to do especially for cross-promotion their
page performance how many likes they have obviously the amount of likes they
have is good num is twenty-four thousand is a lot of likes regardless of what
size business you are like growth though is two percent so they’re not doing a
lot of growth on their life on their light count recently I think this
actually checks within the past for this section only checks with them like the
past year the PT 80 so you can actually click
these if you don’t know what any of this means you can actually click it and
count I did you can see engagement rate gives you a little description but this
is basically how many likes you have so you can see right here engagement rate
is calculated by taking the total PTFE which is this number right here and
that’s people talking about this and divided by the total number of likes so
four hundred seventy nine people divided by that gives you one point nine four
percent that’s not very high considering how many likes they have and their clubs
so they should be getting a lot of engagement if they’re doing really cool
events and stuff like that so this could be a lot higher you go to paid post by
pages so this is what you would look at first how many posts are they posting on
a regular basis on a daily or weekly basis and right here it says one point
nine seven posts so almost two posts per day which is good um but with the club
they could be doing more on Facebook maybe three you don’t want to push it
too much but at least they’re posting once or twice a day so that’s good um
likes comments and shares propose averages three that’s awful I’m complete
how many people are following the pages they do ninety one point seven percent
pictures or video and then eight point three percent textual so that needs to
be just a little not so many pictures more text involved um they’re not
getting enough engagement because they’re not asking or closing right
questions or saying right things to capture their audience also their timing
is off so they’re not posting pictures and comments and stuff like that at the
right time length of post less than a hundred characters so they’re doing some
that are too long or some that just aren’t even you know enough characters
even registered as a defense so curiosity you should ask more questions
like I was saying earlier and they’re not using hashtags which I was a club in
Atlanta that’s one think that if you’re a restaurant in a big city period that’s
what you have to do that’s called geo targeting or
geo-locating and that kind of you know people who are in that area and tag
specific hashtags right that’s how you do if you go on Twitter and you’ll see
things that are trending that’s because a lot of people are tagging that hashtag
or that specific page or topic so that’s how you build that you know local viral
interaction by using hashtags you can look at post by others I don’t really
look at this too much it just kind of goes into engagement but I’ll get them
to that and I do that myself but this is where you’re going to pull some of your
information from right here on Mike Leiter and you can see right here my
facebook got it go down a little you can see where I’ve posted to my facebook
audit alright so next you want to look at and Facebook takes the longest
because this is where a lot of interaction really happens online with
business pages other than their actual website so make sure their map is set
their location messages website you know times they’re open stuff like that
obviously they’re not open right now as you can see if you click Saturday it’ll
show you their busiest hours same for Friday and Thursday there you go
so um you want to make sure all that set then check the reviews they have
thousand in eighty-three reviews they’re doing a great job there and then you
just count to check out the review eat need not need to review specifically but
you want to see if the brand is engaging with these people so not just liking it
because you can see right here they actually liked it there’s tongue and
groove ACL they liked it but they didn’t comment and they don’t do it for any of
them they like all the posts that are good but they don’t comment and then
their other issue is for example this one star this is one I posted on my page
or on the review but this one right here they didn’t even post alike they didn’t
add a comment in this person had a terrible experience so these are some
things that they definitely need to work on and start engaging with their
customers to make sure that you know they’re following up with them and
giving them opportunities to make their business better so for the most part
that’s it you might want to take a look at some of these so
columns over here and make sure the business is doing the right thing
they have the right things here so for a restaurant or bar I always check and see
if they have a menu here if they don’t have the menu posted they need to have a
menu posted or a restaurant or bar so then I go to the audit and I do the pros
of the page you can share your profile image good call-to-action button set
good images file section complete although like I said I would probably
need to change that and adjust that cons you know no my new section for drinks no
interaction with reviews or comments I posted that picture um let’s see no more
in another picture of no interaction no questions like in face so you can kind
of go back in here and actually not really copy/paste but you know use some
of those as some of the cons and then I post the pictures of their page
performance and then gave recommendations as to what they can do
to actually make their pages better um so next is going to be Instagram with
Instagram you kind of want to do the same thing except for you don’t really
have a tool to use so you kind of just do this manually so you look at their
actual page do the same thing look at their content make sure their pictures
are good biggest thing is going to be up here you want their name to be relevant
so that needs to be relevant you want followers to be decent which 90 100
followers is okay they could do better for sure description what you do they
just it just a phone number that’s fine you can do that and then right here you
want to have this bio link utilize you definitely want to have a link of some
sort in there whether it be right into your Facebook page your Twitter page
which I wouldn’t recommend ever doing to your to page but your Facebook page or
to your website either way is fine some people like to think that you can do it
towards your Facebook page and that I’ll do better for SEO because it’s building
more tears to your links so that could be one way to approach it on the kind of
depends on you and what you think is the professional so next thing you want
you’re going to want to do and this is one thing I include it was search really
quick you’re gonna type tongue-and-groove
and then it will bring up a search result and then punk shows so there’s a
business page you don’t look like that you actually want to click this usually
shows a little location icon and when you quit this so it tags
everybody who is ever tagged their location when they show up um it’s going
to show the pictures that they posted when they tagged their location so what
this she’s not even at too angry but she’s obviously going out tonight so
that’s what she tagged and as you can see so if you click on some of the post
you can see tongue-and-groove there’s not commented anything I don’t even know
if they’ve liked it I can’t exactly check that but they definitely have
commented so that’s not good all of these posts have timing groups like Seth
Matic I’m looking that Seth right here he tagged on years but it doesn’t look
like something drew said anything Congress should have definitely gotten
on here does he go check out Seth so it has another 50 100 followers okay the
guy guarantee you they’re probably some followers of sets that aren’t following
time gurus so it’s just a way to reach back out when you go down a little
further and you got stuff like this you know other people commenting and stuff
like that and they’re not really they’re not really you know going into anything
specific about what they’re posting about like so about that guys so now
like I was saying basically no interaction will give you the post so
this is a really good page to show them because they don’t know that they’re not
doing this so what I do is I come Instagram obviously I had the pros and
cons of the page that we just looked at but I also include this at the very
bottom because most people don’t know this like most about ninety five percent
of businesses don’t do this but I’ll include this little note customers are
tagging your location with no reciprocated engagement and for this bar
they have hundreds of missed opportunities to be interacting with
people so I put the link right there so they can go view it and then I’ll give
them an example where they didn’t post anything give them a recommendation
about it and then recommendations about the page itself you know post at least
twice a day for Instagram considering the size of their followers engage with
customers engage customers and get customers that’s what they really need
to do um and then I said for them to point it towards a Facebook page for SEO
building and then use way more video because video is very very good on
Instagram so then they could probably even try
Instagram stories I’m not on a person sure if they’ve been doing that yet
because those kind of go away in a day and I just started following them on
Instagram so I’ll definitely be sure to keep track of that and make sure they’re
doing that as well twitter twitter is the next one and as
you can see right here a lot of follow that they’re following a lot they have a
lot of followers on a lot of likes and then a lot of tweets so the issue then
is the fact that they haven’t posted since June 2016
so that would be a big thing and the biggest issue with that is they have a
ton of people who come to their location so you can do the same thing total
actually and you can type tongue-in-groove
and it will show you people who have either tagged business page itself or
hashtag where is it there’s a hashtag tongue-and-groove – I saw it the other
day but these are people tagging their their page on Twitter um you can see
seven likes here it’s not a ton but it’s still interaction that they’re getting
that they’re not taking advantage of you know DJ weapons here tag at timing root
and there was no response to that anything like that so you can see
they’re missing out on some opportunities here as well but we’re
going back to Page normal syllabuses utilize their website page I would take
probably um for Twitter for them to keep it pointed either at their website or at
their Facebook page since that’s where you know most of their social
influencers would probably want to also tag to as well
but they just need to be get back on Twitter and establish their presence
which is very ton of that this is where social influencers live and they are big
with social influencer so this is where they need to live for sure so you can
see all this here then you just kind of go back through the digital audit and
you do the same thing what the pros are of the page and really the only pro
since they haven’t been doing it for a while as they have a good amount of
followers not really even a good amount of followers they can wave and then just
a bunch of the content post in a long time to list build so let me go into
list really quick you guys haven’t built a list yet it’s very good for building
niche connections with other people in your
industry or in the industry that you’re servicing so for me when you go in here
you can see I have five listed here yeah okay so PR Atlanta restaurant news food
industry miscellaneous bloggers and critics and then restaurant bars in
Atlanta so 43 members added to that it’s just a way for you to segment people in
your industry or people maybe potential clients people who could help you out
somehow so this building is definitely good and as a club they definitely don’t
want to do that for social influencers they would want to do one for PR stuff
like that so and they’re not utilizing that function so that’s one thing they
should definitely be doing all right give them their recommendations you can
post pictures of stuff if you want to make it more visually appealing
sub-team Google Plus same config most businesses don’t usually have this
claimed as you can see tongue and groove has nothing no image nothing so they
would want to go in here and obviously just lose the very least add content and
an updated with a bunch of pictures at one time because a lot of people I’m
checking Google Plus for you know Club information to go to Facebook they go to
their website they go to snapchat to get to Instagram stuff like that so um you
know it’s not super important that they use this but they do need to have
information and pictures on there so that’s basically what I’m holding on the
audit radio observations recommendations you don’t always have to do a frozen
calm especially if the page isn’t set up they know the pros if it’s set up think
of the cons if it’s not that or at least the general ones like Pro okay to set up
your page setup good gone if your page isn’t set up your pages calm so not
necessarily you know getting too much information but at least give them
enough to know what you’re talking about or so they know what you’re talking
going to YouTube that will be the next one so you can see they have what like
ten videos on here something like going to do 5 6 7 8 9 10 but ok so it’s like
12 or 13 videos the last video was posted two years ago
they started doing it five years ago and they kind of stopped they were doing
like a video year seeing or not really like two or three videos a year it
seemed like and they stopped doing it about two years ago so um their club so
one of the things that I’m trying to do is I’m going to offer or I have offered
to make them a free hype video and I would want to do this for them at least
once a month you know like those cool videos you always see on social media
where say it’s like one of those waterslide parks or something and they
always got they have you know probably a hundred people there at this water park
going down this gigantic slide and it just looks like a really great time you
know that’s what I would want to do for this club you know you see this image up
here it looks like a blast I am a rave or something down there but they don’t
really have a video promoting that I mean they do but it was all two years
ago so I would want to do this on a monthly basis and then advertise that
through Facebook and get people excited about the events coming up you know so
that’s kind of the idea behind using YouTube at least for this this
particular business and that’s what I would do that’s one of the things I’m
going to offer them so you know not only am I going to offer to do this digital
audit for free which I’ve already done but I’m going to offer to do a hike
video for free this is a big client potentially so you know the bigger the
client the more value you get them the more likely they already want to use you
especially if you can prove to them that your services are good so it’s kind of
what I’m going after – so that’s YouTube and then you go through set up an arc to
bless those two years ago for you on the highlights avenge community engagement
and hide videos alright then we got Pinterest um you know for this
particular Club or the clubs in general I don’t really think of interested is
necessary they could do one if they wanted to um but you can see they don’t
have anything on here about their actual bar
I said I don’t think it’s super important but she would just want to go
through so let me see but I think thumbs up diner had a good one not landmark and
actually none of these guys have a good one that way so when you do this
actually yeah it says all pins you’re going to uncheck people or boards okay
so let’s do landmark I just did them I believe they one here we are seeing your
other page and see what their boards are about you know for restaurants this
would be okay um you do stuff on how to create foods you know just cool little
things about diners and stuff like that just pictures of diners people like
diners pictures of desserts stuff like that so you could do a cool board and
definitely make it interesting but you know for a club not really necessary I
just put general information on there they could just set it up create you
know two or three boards they don’t really have to update it often but it’s
good for SEO because it gives Google another place to crawl and kind of find
your information again stuff like that so could be beneficial
LinkedIn I’ll set up again it’s a club not super important unless they were
trying to hire a bunch of people which they’re not going to be I don’t think
and honestly when I say however much people because it’s a club bartenders
and stuff like that you’re not necessarily going to go on LinkedIn to
hire a bartender but for people internally so if they have a graphic
design team or marketing team internally you know that’s where they could use it
then I go into web presence so this is going to be the next big part and this
chemicals this gives a lot more information on the actual web presence
so Google search engines review sites Bing Yahoo stuff like that so I would
start with a web site first quick look make sure so quick tip if you
haven’t heard this before this is called above the fold you see I’m at the very
top of the page above the fold as soon as I scroll anything that is so right
here below this area soon as I scroll down this is all below the fold all
right so above the fold you want to have the social icons usually mailing lists
is good to have above the fold if you can get it up there you can see they
have all these like options right here follow options and they have called
carousel just Scrolls their images their navigational tab logo and then below the
fold they have all the extra stuff home about us all this stuff basically flight
navigation and stuff information about their business who created the website
all this so if your prospect prospecting um this is one good thing too if you
don’t do this click down here for the company that actually made the website
you might be able to get an idea who’s handling the marketing fits someone
you’re going up against a competitor or something like that to try and take
their marketing so redcap studios actually did their website you can see
they offer all these services for websites
looks like newsletter and emarketing website maintenance but it doesn’t look
like they do actual digital marketing or anything like that so that’s a good
thing for me but they did do the website so you can see right here alright i’m
we’re back again sorry everybody keeps on interrupting a day alright so um like
I said we have the carousel everything like this ads stuff like that so going
to the audit we do throws all the necessary information so do they have
contact information present do they have an about Us section their homepage
events because they post events table service they have photos and stuff like
that do they have all the necessary information pertinent to their business
so it’s different for each industry but you’re going to want to make sure that
each website has the right information so the pros side is easy to use that’s
another important thing the site needs to be easy to use the navigation needs
to be fluid it shouldn’t be super complicated to find information on
social icons are above the fold and the sales funnel so sales funnel are things
like this mailing lists are they utilizing that mailing list properly is
above the fold if I were to submit an email address does it go to another page
is it being tracked when people are doing that you know that stuff that they
would want to take into consideration especially if they’re using Facebook as
their primary source of advertising you can actually set up an event pixel which
will track you know when people will sign up here and then you can react vert
eyes to them on Facebook because they took that action on your actual website
so pretty cool feature that’s another subject though a lot more complicated so
then we go into the cons design needs refreshment first off so look at this
design just black you have pictures yes and they have cool pictures here but
just it’s very basic you know this is supposed to be a club I don’t feel
excited going to the site now let me show you club offers they’re the ones I
told you have almost a hundred thousand face book likes in the Atlanta area they
do it right there’s their website page makes you want to party I’ll just put a
few like that so you can see kind of comes up with some video graphics they
need to get a faster processor but it works okay for right now so they have
background music club music you know some kind of mix or something and then
they going to video if their actual club so you can see this right here and it
looks like a lot more fun than tongue and groove that will start playing again
and second it’s got to catch up there we go like doesn’t that look fun I mean it
looks like a blast I want to be there so that’s that you know they have all the
promotions you can see down here they have the music mix all their contact
information social icons are down here but you know that’s okay their page up
their video if you’re looking awesome you need to get their social icons up
here as well but that’s okay so this is the idea of what you know I’m
trying to pitch to them that’s one of the things I want to do is a website
remodel because they needed if they trying to compete with them which they
are so I gave an example of the goal room and offer you can see actually go
to gold room too Gold Room stages not the exact time but
it does do a good job so you can see big images of their actual thing of their
actual venue they would I would suggest for them getting some music on here to
that I think that’s a great idea offer did a great job putting music on
their website and you know that’s honestly something that every club I
think that I’m going to pitch should consider so that’s one thing but those
are just kind of the designs that they’re going with that you can see now
why tongue and grooves is so boring so that’s one thing I’m kind of proposing
to them and then recommendations are just really redesigned for the website
and like I said this is just for their website section so we’ll get into other
things on effect actually right now so review sites and search engines now this
is where we use our second tool it’s called the actually I don’t let me dip it as you guys will have a
hard time finding this then let’s take me along so this is the link right here
the slash index dot HTML and you can
actually use that that link right there to get to that’s right here you enter
their information the main phone number click this and then it’ll bring up all
of their listing information so give it a sec it will calculate it shouldn’t
take too long since I’ve already done it once and then it will show right here so
address information full information business mean which listing if they’re
putting a special offer out through that listing and then the status of whether
it’s verified rejects website which it’s not going to be so um because I’m not
paying for it yet uh and then you can see right here the red ones or interest
information so 2420 Maru that’s their old location where they used to be and
this is that because this is long thing you know that’s top three search engines
you don’t want your information rolling on one of the top three search engines
people use that search engine you know everyone knows Google’s God but Yahoo
main you still get quite a bit of search traffic so
down here more missing for incorrect information about their location missing
a listing at credibility calm you know not not all of these are huge pages that
everybody uses but for SEO and for dispersing information on search engines
this is important stuff so you can see all these missing locations look and
here’s another address Bri 3089 picture there’s another address 33 40 24 25 65
is their main address and then thirty fifty five forty 89 they have tons of
incorrect information on here so that’s why 56% optimization rates so that’s
basically saying 44 percent of the time people aren’t getting the correct
information um so that’s almost half so you know almost one out of every two
people see incorrect information it’s not good um so that’s what I set up here
almost three out of every five research don’t see location name ours contact
info or location post that little image there for them to see I try not to
include the website so that way they can’t go do it themselves
just little okay for me um review listing sites I post a picture really of
what’s incorrect showing their missing listing stuff like that and that’s
pretty much it for the listing and review sites so now you’re going to want
to go to do local SEO um and what we are what I use is called up city and you
just want to type in up city SEO report card on google and it will give you the
link to it you go in there you enter the information for your place and your and
they’re a powerful business you’re trying to talk to you and their main
competitor and you can see right here this is where all the information comes
up so boom how they’re doing online with search results stuff like that compares
operas are not as good so that’s one thing they’re going to want to work on
so this right here is your rank analysis for keywords so does your website rank
in the top ten for nightclub in Atlanta in Google it does but
behind opera which is their main competitor which operas says is sitting
at five so there’s obviously another Club out there that’s doing a better job
actually for other clubs half day later doing a better job than opera and about
six other clubs out there that are doing better than Tommy groups so there’s
definitely area for improvement and then does it ring in the top 100 obviously if
it’s number seven yes next is link building does your website
have more than 100 links this is going to be for SEO as well there are
software’s actually you can use for link building you enter in the address all of
the information relevant to the business and it’ll create stuff like that for you
on site analysis and this is important so you can see this is actually the
title in the coding for their website that’s a little too long a little too
much information wednesday latin night ladies and they don’t want that they
want more what their what they are so nightclub Atlanta which is why I have my
club Atlanta arm and then they want maybe something very specific like
uh hours or what’s their best night Friday night Saturday night stuff like
that but this is just a little too much information for a title website
accessibility how quickly does the site downloads that’s one thing they would
definitely want to work on I mean you can see opera has a much more detailed
site but it loads apparently a lot quicker than um then tongue and grooves
is going to do so it’s not terrible because it’s under five seconds but you
still want to be faster especially in today’s world um trust metrics this has
to go there this deals with how long your website has been a website you can
see they’ve been up they’ve had that website domain for nine years so that’s
good basically once you reach over a year you’re pretty much good and then
current indexing which once they have more than one page indexed in Google
Bing and Yahoo and this is going to be important because you don’t have at
least one page index which is almost it’s your listing then you need to get
those solved ASAP which you can do yourself as long as you have the
businesses information and that’s going to be the most important stuff the soft
bottom same thing here score summary and that’s pretty much it so when you go
into your audit you’re going to talk about each one of the sections that they
did that so there’s a title web recommendations in general clean
outstanding listings continued progress in SEO efforts adjust title refresh
website and that’s pretty much it for SEO for web presence stuff like that see
pretty basic then I go into a review just review everything we just kind of
discussed so recommended platforms must-haves for them Facebook Instagram
and YouTube snapchat and Twitter well a post relatives content we’re frequently
on all platforms get more active on Facebook Instagram ads engagement with
customers etc engage with followers comments pictures posting questions etc
etc and then use hashtags and posts for geo targeting brand building limit the
amount of hashtags used for post update the website which was one of the biggest
things advertising on social media platforms
you can kind of you get used to this you can tell what someone has advertised
five likes no one like milk you know there’s no ad being pushed on their
Facebook pages one you know if they if there were there’d be a lot higher
engagement and if they are pushing ads and this is all the engagement they’re
getting them they need to fire whoever’s doing it because that’s not good at all
my best guess is they’re not spending any money on Facebook advertising them
um and then get super active on snapchat and make sure to post engaging content
so that’s basically it I give them a little description of why I want to work
with them what I’ve done in the past and put my business information so as you
can see guys it’s really not that hard um it does take about 45 minutes to an
hour hour and 15 minutes to complete a very good and thorough audit you’ll get
faster and faster the fastest I’ve completed one was like 40 minutes but
I’m very thorough and when I do it because I know that if I give them good
information it’s more likely that they will come back to me with a question or
some way that I can help so that’s it for the digital media audit if you guys
have questions or concerns anything that I might be able to help help you with um
one thing I had somebody text me I prefer don’t text me email me I know you
guys have access to my phone number because of my website but don’t don’t
text email me write me a comment on youtube stuff like that I would prefer
YouTube just because I have a way to navigate and kind of get to everybody
um you know YouTube has a whole dashboard where I can see my community
and people were talking to me so definitely like this posted to helped
you out share it with friends um and yeah basically thank you guys for
watching them enjoying doing these videos and it’s helping me out a lot it
kind of it’s like a relearning experience every time I do one so thanks
again like I said Cereal Entrepreneur and good luck to you guys
I wish you the best and I’ll talk to you guys once I get the review up thanks

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  34. In this video, Cereal Entrepreneur goes over How to Create a Social Media Marketing Audit for a business or potential client. The marketing audit goes over the good and bad of a digital marketing campaign. If you run a social media marketing agency or digital marketing agency then you need to use this to land new clients!

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