How to create a Social Media content calendar
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How to create a Social Media content calendar

are you currently using social media in your business but you kind of need help getting all of your different social media
accounts organize and streamlined in this video I’ll show you how to create a
social media content calendar so you can finally sort out your social media schedule stay tuned one of the biggest challenges
I hear clients is that they find social media very overwhelming they don’t know what post, went to post, how often to post let alone dealing with all the crazy
number of social media accounts that they have. Here’s where creating a social media content
calendar helps allowing you to comprehend exactly what you need to do I
use Google Docs to create a month view of my social media content calendar
putting it on Google Docs also allows me to share it with my team so we’re all
looking at the same plan and any changes that I make are immediately visible to
the team firstly you need to commit to putting out a piece of your own content
regularly whether that’s once a week once every two weeks or even once a
month pick a number that works with you and
that’s realistic that you can stick to my aim is to put out a YouTube video every
week on Wednesday so I’ve plotted that on my calendar in red. in order to make sure that
i create videos to be released every week I batch create my content so I
assign time on my calendar to actually create this content I work better when
I create things in batches as opposed to working on a new video every single week
so I’ve plotted the time in my calendar of when I’m going to assign time to make
this happen I assigned time at the end of the month to work on the next month’s
content you can see this marked on my calendar in orange once you’ve released your
piece of content each week you want to make sure that you shared across your
social networks for me I use Facebook Google+ Twitter and Pinterest so I plot
that in my calendar to make sure that after I’ve released my piece of content I share it to all of my social media
networks I’ve plotted this on the calendar every week in purple I also want to make sure on my
social media calendar that I’m emailing my list regularly so I email my list on the same
day that I release my new piece of content to let them know that there’s a
new piece of information for them to digest. I mark on the calendar in blue
so far on a social media content calendar we have our own content being
released once a week and shared to our social media networks and e-mail list
once a week. But what happens on the other days of the month for your social
media posting to be successful you need to be posting regularly, ideally every day or at
least three times a week so you can increase the chances of your followers
seeing you in the different social media new feeds the more that they see you
the more they get to know, like and trust you and inevitably buy from you during
these other days of the week I’d recommend posting other people’s content
I’ll look for videos articles resources podcast and quotes with information that
will help my audience and I schedule this content searching and scheduling
once every two weeks you can see this marked on my calendar in green. to make my content
searching extremely easy I use which allows me to subscribe to different feeds of news articles podcasts and media outlets in my niche this way I can then
have a look at all these different sites articles news items and resources that I
can share with my audience I can filter through all of the articles and pick the
best ones to schedule in hootsuite for my audience. HootSuite is a great tool
because it enables me to post my content to multiple social media sites that I own
at the same time saving me a lot of time in addition to this I can
pre-scheduled content in advance so I select the different social media sites
that I want to share my post to write up the post add the link an image that I
want to appear, schedule it for a later day or I can use HootSuite’s auto schedule and they’ll figure out the best time to
schedule the content and do that for me and with the click of the button my
content is automatically scheduled the main activity for a typical social media calendar consists of
creating content, distributing your own content searching for content scheduling
content and any launch and promotions you want to plot out all of activity for
the month in advance and then every single week plan out the daily
activities to get these things done it’s a lot of work but this is the kind of
work that can also easily outsource to a virtual assistant or social media
manager particularly the content searching and scheduling part once you
get into the habit it becomes a lot easier a lot less overwhelming and
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  1. really great job. I just liked and shared your video on twitter. hope to connect there 🙂

  2. Question: I’ve been told that posting organically from each social media outlet is best… is using hoodsuite considered organic?

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