How to Create a Facebook Shop with Woocommerce
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How to Create a Facebook Shop with Woocommerce

What’s going on, everyone? My name’s Larry Snow and in this video I’m gonna be showing you how you can connect your WooCommerce store to your Facebook page, so let’s get started. So, to get started, the first thing you have to do is to turn on the shop
on your Facebook page and if you don’t see it here on the left-hand side
navigation, these little tabs, you’ll have to turn it on through the page settings, so we’ll go over to our Settings tab, go down to Edit Page and scroll down until you see Shop. Now, I don’t see Shop here. So, what you have to
do is click on Add Tab. Now you’ll see a whole bunch of other tabs that you ordinarily wouldn’t see, I don’t know why Facebook
doesn’t list them all out, so you don’t have to click on Add More but this is the one we want, Shop. So, I’m gonna click on Add Tab and then we’ll click Close. Now we have added our Shop tab to our left-hand pane tab
or navigation for our page. Now, we have to set the settings. We’re gonna go to Settings and it says Show Shop Tab and that is now switched on. Share Shop Tab. This is the direct URL to our shop. You cannot edit it, it is to center your page on this case, page name, page handle and then shop. So, you can copy that URL
if you’d like but I’m not and we’ll just click Save. Now, we’ll go back to our page and make sure that our shop is there. So, here it is. That’s the navigation over here and I’m gonna come back and I’ll show you how you can adjust those tabs so we can put shop at the top like we have Newsletter at the top. But let’s click on Shop and it says Set Up Your Shop Section. To add a shop section to your page, please agree to our
merchant terms of policies, always a good thing to read. These important rules cover topics including listing products for sale, deliveries, returns and disputes and treatment of user data. So, I will not read off all of
the terms and policies to you but I would highly recommend
that you check those out on your own when you’re
setting up your shop. I’m gonna click Agree and I’m gonna click Continue. Now it says Select Checkout Method. Choose how you want people to
buy products from your shop. Check Out on Facebook, set up a secure checkout on Facebook so people can make purchases
right from your page. Or you can Check Out on Another Website, send people to another website to complete their purchases. For now, I’m going to check
out on another website. I’m going to click Continue. Now it says setting up your shop. What currency do you use? We have US Dollars and I’ll click Save. Okay. Now that our shop is set up, we can start adding products but we’re not gonna add
products through here, we’re not gonna upload images and videos and put in a price and put in a link and all that stuff, I’m not gonna do that here. We’re actually gonna go over to our store and connect the page
and the store together. So, in order to connect your store to your Facebook page shop, you need to install a
WooCommerce extension and it’s free and it’s called
Facebook for WooCommerce. So, you’re gonna go over
to the WooCommerce website, log into your account and then go to, I think it’s under Extensions, and then download that plugin for free and then to install it on WordPress, you would do that with any plugin, you would go over to your Plugins tab and click on Add New and then Upload Plugin and then add in the zip file and let WordPress install it for you. Once you’ve installed the extension/plugin to find the settings for that, it’s under Integration tab
under the WooCommerce settings. So, it has a Get Starting button, we’ll click on Get Started and then I’m gonna click on Facebook page, we gotta click Next down the bottom. Now, on the Facebook page it ask you what page do you want this connection on? And we want it on the International Security
Driver Association and we’re going to click Next. I’ve already got a pixel and that’s something
I’m not going to cover in this video but that’s something that you definitely want to have so that Facebook can track visitors coming to your website and I’m gonna select Advanced Matching and we’ll click Next and then it’s gonna say what
products do you want to add? And I’m gonna say Add
Products to our Facebook Shop, I’m gonna switch that on and since I’ve already had this set up, it’s saying that any existing
products that we have will be deleted and replaced
with these new 14 products and I’m fine with that,
so I’ll click Finish. Now it says you are ready
to create ads on Facebook. Shops and products are usually
reviewed within 24 hours. So, I’ll click Continue and of course, Facebook being Facebook it wants you to create an ad which we will do at a later date perhaps, so I’m gonna close out of this. Let’s go back over to our Facebook page and we’re going to click on Shop. As we can see here, more products are being filled in. They’re all filled in,
they’re all processed, however, Facebook is still processing the shop itself. All the products have to be
verified through Facebook before they can actually work and be public on your page but for the sake of this video let’s just see how it looks. Let’s click on When Stuff Happens. So, all of this
information’s being picked up from the store, the image and the title and the price and even the variables that you put in your
WooCommerce store for sizes. So, if this was actually live, you would select your size and you click on Check Out on Website. It will take you right over to the cart on your WooCommerce store and let’s just go over there now. So, from Facebook you would come right to this type of setting where you’re ready to check out, you already added it to your cart and then you can go view cart and go through the checkout process. So, that’s how simple it is to add your WooCommerce store
to your Facebook page under the Shop tab. One more thing I want to show you before we end this video is to reorganize these tabs. So, we’ll go back into our settings, go back into Edit Page and so, here’s all of our
tabs that we have here and they’re in a certain order and in order to change this order, we just click and drag, so we’ll put Shop right
underneath the Newsletter and it says it’s already been updated, there’s nothing to save and if we go back to the page, we’ll now see the Shop
under the Newsletter. Pretty cool, right? Thanks so much for watching this video, so let me know what you think? Are you gonna install the
Facebook for WooCommerce plugin and connect to your WooCommerce
store to your Facebook page? Let me know in the comments below. If you’re new to the channel, make sure you click
Subscribe and click the bell so you get notified immediately when a new video goes up on YouTube. If you wanna know more about me, go to and I’ll see you in the next video.

73 thoughts on “How to Create a Facebook Shop with Woocommerce

  1. Hi I did install this and really want it to work but mine only goes to catalog I didn't get the send to shop button.Where that is on your screen all I have is see in facbook. then it goes to catalog. Maybe I should reinstall – has this happened before thanks

  2. Hi Larry… Great video! Have the plugin and seems to work half decent for uploading products. Do you know how to delete or edit products once uploaded? There does not seem to be a feature, from what I can see. Any suggestions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  3. super useful content my dude ill be coming back a lot to your channel its was great meeting you over at yankees channel

  4. Hi thanks for your video , i just follow exactly your video but i have a empty shop on facebook , did someone have the same problem ?

  5. Great video Larry. I have the store up but image sizes are off and there does not seem to be an order to the products as it is in the WooCommerce store. Any ideas how to fix? Thanks!

  6. I am getting this error please help me "The content you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." Thank you

  7. Hey Larry, great video. Very easy to follow. I apologise in advance for this lengthy message. However I've followed all the steps but my products won't show on Facebook.

    If I go back through the settings by clicking on the "reconfigure Facebook setting" I can see that there are 47 products in my inventory. If I click on "see your products on Facebook", I can see all my products in a catalog page (Catalog Manager), but they still won't show when looking through facebook.

    If I click on the All Catalogs link, I'm shown the catalog I originally created and right at the end it shows diagnostics. I have 2 errors. 1. Missing "AddToCart, Purchase, ViewContent" events in Easy Peasy Poo pixel and 2. Incorrect Number of Columns in Initial product sync from WooCommerce. DO NOT DELETE. Lastly I have an issue listed: Invalid google product category provided: "google_product_category" in Initial product sync from WooCommerce. DO NOT DELETE.

    I have spent hours Googling a fix for all this stuff and can't find anything. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Warm regards, Nicky

  8. Thank you for this video. It was very helpful. I was stuck finding the plugin before I found your video. After watching your video, setting up was so easy!
    For anyone who searched for the Facebook for Woocommerce plugin, for whatever reason, it is not on the list when you search directly in your Plugin dashboard. I downloaded mine from Github (just click the green button on the right) The main woocommerce page requires you to sign up, bla bla.
    Hope that helps.

  9. On Facebook shop, product images duplicated two, or even three times. How to fix this?

  10. Thanks a lot. This video was useful. However, I have a question.

    If I connect a Shopify store to Facebook and I have a verified Instagram business account. Instagram allows followers to buy directly from the store by just clicking on the image. Is this the same for a Woocommerce connection?

  11. Thanks for the video. I thought I was following along correctly, and my products synced and I could view them in the catalog. They're not visible on the Store tab on FB however, and in the catalog it showed 2 catalogs…one for the WooCommerce store and another empty catalog that was evidently created when I set up the Shop tab. WooCommerce says I'm connected to my page and it said that products were synced.
    I tried deleting the Shop tab and starting over again, with the same result, however now in WooCommerce, I don't have the link on the settings window to view the products in the catalog on Facebook.
    Not sure where I went wrong, any thoughts for me on how to get this set up correctly? Thank you 🙂

  12. Hi,
    I finally managed to connect my web to my Facebook shop, the problem is that it sends the customer directly to the shopping cart. My products are customizable and want the customer to go to the product page not to the cart page directly. Is it possible to do that and how. Please somebody to help me.

  13. hi, how will i edit the product settings 5:57? i didnt change the existing products that is why my woocommerce is not synching in facebook. thank you.

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  15. Hello sir
    Thx for such a nice video.with the help of this I am able to linked my facebook page with my website.but now I am facing one issue that prices are showing in fb store is actual price not selling price.but when we click on this then selling price appears.but in first view only actual price are appearing,which is normally will can distruct our customers. Can u give me the solution for this.

  16. Hi Larry – I'm struggling – I see no option to chose to checkout on my website (woo) – when I add the shop it asks me to set up the store and it asks for the business details and the bank account etc, which means I'm not getting the option to select checkout method and use my own page for checkout…. any ideas? Thanks

  17. Hi, thanks for your video, it's amazing.
    I have a question, if I already have the plugin installed and configured to a specific page, how can I change it to another page, you know how?

  18. I just didnt found a "Add Tab"!!! And what i did? i added a Shop Template in Template's setting, and this button is works. So for all who didnt found it, do it like this 🙂

  19. Hi, I had a real problem with the download As it was an unzipped file. After 10 attempts to download and failing to persuade the plug in to install It dawned on me to zip the folder (compress) and then add new plugin Hey Presto – success. Winner winner chicken dinner. Great video.

  20. when you use this plugin do you have to create the separate triggers on tag manager or will it automatically be added?

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  23. Hello, what if I have about 2500 products? Is there a way to narrow my offer on FB? Is the soft able to import all of them? 🙂

  24. Dear Larry Snow!
    First of all thanks your video!
    I need a little help. I've used facebook for woocommerce, but it got error cuz of my wordpress refresh. Then i wanted to add again the same facebook page.

    1, I deleted my catalogue in my business managment, what i used before.
    2, Then in wordpress i click facebook for woocommerce-Get Started and wanted to add again the same facebook page, but its indicated that its already in use and i cant connect.
    But i deleted the catalogue( i have 0 catalogue) So i dont understand..
    3, I really need to connect, but i can't
    Maybe do you have any idea what should i do? :/

    Thanks your time!

  25. I've been trying to do this for hours now to no avail. I seem to have created quite a few pixels and got all confused. I can my catalogue products in the business settings manager but not on my business facebook page where it says shop now. My page is

  26. Nice, but the products on my website are sold by weight and you have to put a weight value before you can add it to your cart. Is there a way to direct the link to the productspage instead of the checkout page?

  27. Hi, I have a question regarding product categories and filters.

    On my website, there are several filters which allow the customer to view products per brand, and I can see that the plugin is recognising those in the back-end, when I go to the Product Filter and Improved Variable Product Attributes tabs. However, it does not seem to be able to do this on Facebook. I.e. all the products which are now synced to my page's shop have my page's name as "brand". Is there a way to teach the plugin to read and write our site's attributes so that they are shown on Facebook? 

    Thanks in advance for your time and please let me know if you need more context or info.

  28. hi can you please help. during setup after i click next, and selected a facebook page, in the tab facebook pixel i received this error "Ad Account Not Allowed to Create Pixels".

  29. Did all the steps, I see the Catalog of items but Nothing is imported into the Facebook shop. Even the "Fetch Now" button to import all items seems to be stuck. Deleted shop and started over – nothing.

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