How To Create a Facebook Page

So you’re looking to create a Facebook page.
Now there are many reasons why you’d want to do that. It might be for your business,
it could be for a product or service, it could even be for your band, yeah, you probably
have a rockin’ band, right? Or it could even be, you know, because people like your cat.
Whatever the reason why you’re creating a page in this video I’m going to show you how
easy it is to create that Facebook page. Now it’s super easy to create this Facebook
page. Now the first thing that you need to do is come up here to your browser and you
want to type in and hit enter, or return. And it’s going to bring
up this page right here. And you’ll see this green button right here, create page, go ahead
and click that. Now you come to this page and what Facebook wants you to do is pick
a category that your page will be about so if it’s for a local business you put in your
business name and street address, company or organization you just choose your name,
product or brand has several different options here, artist, band or public figure, entertainment
or cause and community. I’m going to go ahead and hit cause and community here. And I’m
going to put “friends of zion” and I”ll go ahead and hit agree to the Facebook pages
and terms. Now we’re getting to the final steps. Now
Facebook wants a little bit more information about your organization, so we need to add
a description, and this is required. I’m going to go ahead and just put something small in
there. And then also they want a website address, so I’ll put a website address that’s here.
And now here’s the interesting thing, Facebook is actually going to give you a custom web
address so when people go to they’re actually going to go to my page. And
I’ll go ahead and say that this is not a real organization, hit save. Now Facebook wants
you to upload a profile picture. So you can go ahead and find a profile picture on your
computer it should be 180pix by 180pix and let’s go ahead and upload that. And the next
thing that you need to do is to hit the next button and then it’s going to ask you to add
it to your favorites, that’ll put it on the left-hand side of your Facebook, but let’s
go ahead and skip this step. Now the last thing that we need to do is actually add the
cover photo to really spice up the Facebook page. So let’s go ahead and add that, you
can choose from your photos or from the desktop. I’m going to go ahead and do it from the desktop.
And now it comes in, all you need to do is save the changes, and it’s going to save the
changes there. And your page is now created. Now, I’ve made it really easy for you to really
know the right sizes of your thumbnail and also the cover photo so at the end of the
video click the link so you can download that free training. Now it wasn’t difficult to create that Facebook
page, right? Now wait, before you go make sure you subscribe to my channel, I have a
lot of great videos coming out on YouTube that explains how to utilize Facebook, but
I also give you great tips on YouTube and Google and all these different things to really
give you maximum exposure, also make sure you click on the link below to get your free
template of how to customize your cover photo in Facebook. Thanks guys, and make sure you
subscribe, like, comment, you know the drill. Thanks!

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