How to create a Facebook page for your business
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How to create a Facebook page for your business

Hey, you want a step by step guide on how
to create a Facebook page? In this video I’m going to show you how to set up your Facebook
page quickly and easily, stay tuned. Hi, I’m Sara Nguyen your online marketing
strategist. Helping you grow your business using tech and social media with ease. If
you’re new to this channel consider subscribing for all of the latest product reviews, social
media marketing tips and tech training. At anytime during this video check out the description
for all links to all the resources mentioned in this video. A Facebook page also known as a fan page is
the business offering that Facebook has. A page is different to your personal profile
and provides you with the ability to run Facebook ads and access valuable customer insights
such as rich and engagement for your post that you don’t get from your personal profile.
So let’s go over to my computer now and I will show you how to create your Facebook
page. In this video I’m going to show you how to
create a Facebook page. Now, you need to first sign into your Facebook profile and from the
home screen you want to click on create page. If for whatever reason you don’t have this
on your left hand side on the home screen. You can alternatively go to the URL,,
and this will take you to the create a page section where you can create your Facebook
page. The first thing that you want to do is pick
a category that suits your business. If your business is a bricks and motor business. So
you have an actual location where customers can visit. I’d recommend using local business
and place. The benefit of choosing this one is that you’re
able to put your business address here and Facebook generates a bit of a user a map.
So that people can get to your shop from your page, which is pretty handy, particularly
if they found your page and then they’ve communicated with you that they want to make
it over to the store. If this doesn’t suit your business whether
you’re offering services or you don’t have a front that customers can come to. Another
option for you to choose is Brand or Product. This one is pretty good too. The categories
in here are quite vast that you can choose from. Product or service seems to cover most
businesses that I know. let’s say they offer a product or a service and you would select
that one or whichever category works for you. Don’t get too hung up on this one, because
you are able to change it. So a lot of people get a bit stressed on “oh, no! Where’s
my business fit in,” and this is not the place to be stressing. This is just make a
decision on which category suits your business and choose a category within that category. So I’m going to choose product or service
and my brand is called Demo Widgets Then I’m going to click on get started, and from here
I essentially just follow the prompts. In the first one Facebook wants you to add
a description and your website which they will add to the About section of your page.
Now if you don’t have this information ready that’s okay. You can click skip, everything
except for this one here your custom URL. Facebook have been quite inconsistent about
the Facebook URL. If you’re able to set it here, by all means do so. Sometimes Facebook
requires you to have 25 likes before you can actually set the unique URL for your page,
and sometimes they don’t. They keep changing this. They originally changed it to be, you have
to have 25 people like your page before you can set the name, but then they removed that
for some categories and not for others. It seems it’s just even flow sometimes you
are able to do it and sometimes you’re not, and we go with that flow. So if you’re able to set the name, ideally
your business name, then do it here. If you’re not ready to fill this section in and you
want to come back to it. By all means skip it, and then you’re able to access it in your
actual page later. So I’m going to skip this one. The next thing the Facebook will ask you to
do is add a profile picture and if you’re not ready to add the picture just yet, whether
it’s still being created or you just want to have a play around. You can skip this option. Otherwise if you already have your profile
image which can be either a picture of yourself that’s a headshot, an image of your logo,
but once again something that will identify your business. Because it’s this profile picture
that people will see in the news feed when you post. I’m going to skip it for now, but if you’re
ready to upload it. You just click on upload from computer and choose that file and it
will go in there. Otherwise you can set it in your page later. So I’m going click skip, Facebook will ask you if you want to add it
to your favorites. This is a personal preference whether you want to have it appear higher
up in the favorites or not. I’m going to skip this for now, and then the fourth section
is the preferred page audience. Once again you don’t have to fill this in
right now, but you can. You can choose to fill in the demographics which includes the
location, different locations across the world, different age groups, gender, the different
interest groups and languages that are relevant to people who you want on your actual page.
So I’m going to skip this one now as well. You can fill it in if you want, but it’s not
crucial. From here, what you can do is you can upload
your cover photo. On this cover section, you click on add a cover, upload a photo. The
image that I’m going to upload is one that I prepared earlier. The size dimensions for a Facebook cover photo
are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, and that’s the size dimensions and you can create
your image in Kamba or some other photo editing software. Upload it like that and save it,
and that’s your cover photo uploaded. Then we can go back and add a profile image
to the left here. The size dimensions for this image is at least 180 by 180 pixels.
So it needs to be a square image, and ideally you want for this image to be your logo or
a picture of you or something that represents your business. So I’m going to upload a photo here as well
that I’ve just designed earlier, and that will upload. If you need to edit it Facebook
will force you to edit it there. So just crop it as relevant and click save, and there you
go. That is creating your Facebook page. If we go on the left hand side here to About,
we’re able to go into these different categories. Set your user name, fill in this description,
fill in the company overview, make the effort to go in and fill this section. Because Facebook
uses this information to populate search results when people are looking in the Facebook search
bar here. So you want to add in the keywords that people
are looking for. For your products or services as much as possible, but obviously don’t make
it spammy. It’s really good to fill in this section because the About page is a very common
page that people actually look at when they land on your actual page. The other thing that you can do when you’re
setting up your page is if you have a landing page or you have a sign-up page. You can click
“Add a Button” this will add this a button to your page. When people click on it from
your Facebook page, it will take them there. So it’s a good way of adding some link to
drive traffic too. Particularly when people first land on your page it gives you something
to do. So whether the call to action is contact us and you link them to the contact page on
your website or book now. This is the place to choose the name of the button and add the
link as well. So I’m going to have sign up. I’m going to
paste the link to my landing page, and click create. Now you see on the bottom right-hand
corner of this top section. The sign up button appears. So that’s pretty cool and that’s
probably the key thing that I would add when setting up your page. Now if you’re creating the page, but you’re
not quite ready for it to be live yet and you don’t want people to actually see the
page. when you create it it’s automatically published. So if you don’t want it to be live
just yet. You click on settings and then you can click on page visibility here. You can see that it says page published and
you click edit and you can unpublished the page, and from there your page will be unpublished
and people won’t be able to see it until to you go back in and unclick the unpublish and
that will publish the page for you. So that’s a quick overview of how to create
your Facebook page. So the key things when setting up your Facebook page is to add your
profile image, your cover photo, the sign up button or a call to action button, and
then to go into the About section and set your username if you can and fill in all of
the information in the details and to publish or unpublish your page. So there you have it, a step by step walkthrough
of how to create a Facebook page for your business. If you found this video useful,
give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. If you’re looking for more ways to grow business
using Facebook, make sure you grab a copy of my Facebook Live Cheat Sheets, it’s a super
simple guide to help you get up and streaming with Facebook live, even if you’ve never hit
record before. To get your hands on it, simply click on the link in the description below
and thanks for watching.

58 thoughts on “How to create a Facebook page for your business

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