How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business (Timeline Facebook Profile)
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How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business (Timeline Facebook Profile)

Hi, it’s Brandon from and
I want to show you how to make a professional looking Facebook profile. Hey everybody. Welcome
to my tutorial on how to setup a professional looking Facebook profile. If you’re new to
Facebook or you don’t yet have a profile setup, this is a great guide that will go step by
step and show you exactly how to do it. If you don’t have a profile setup yet you can
go ahead and signup for one for free through Facebook and it’s a great way for you to be
able to gain more customers and interact with the customers and clients that you do have
and really build a social relationship with them. You can even share information, you
can announce sales, offer specials, and if you decide to do any Facebook advertising,
Facebook will even let you advertise at a cheaper price if you’re linking the ad to
your Facebook profile. So there are a lot of benefits to being able
to setup a business profile on Facebook. So let’s just get right into it. Step one is
setting up the cover page. The cover page is probably the most important part of your
Facebook profile. It’s the horizontal image that you see at the top of the profile and
this area is where visitors’ eyes will first be drawn to. You want something that’s going
to represent your brand and your company and this can be a nice picture of your products,
picture of your company building or even you as the business owner. The one thing you want
to remember is that people will be seeing this and be thinking of your brand so you
want to choose something that will best represent your brand and your company. If you don’t have any pictures to use, you
can always hire a photographer to come out and take a few. You can do it yourself with
a nice digital camera. Or you can just leave the space kind of blank, maybe a gradient
or just a nice colored background with your company colors. As you can see ours here we
decided to go ahead and use a couple of our products with our logo and a slogan. These
are all good things you can use. And we did write an article on this and if you want to
see a few more examples, we created a few examples of our page with a few different
cover images on it. So you can go ahead and click the link below in the text description
if you’re interested in seeing a few different samples. So the first step is going to be designing
this cover image. This cover image is actually going to be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels
tall. This is the allotted space that Facebook allows in this area. So we recommend using
the entire area. And what you can do to create this is use any image editing program like
Photoshop or fireworks or paint or any other program that you have on your computer and
I believe Facebook will be able to take png, gif, jpeg, all the major file types. So the
things you want to avoid, you don’t want to list any prices, any discounts or purchase
information on the cover photo. You don’t want to talk about your products; you do not
want to talk about the pricing of those products or services. You do not want any calls to
action. Meaning you want to avoid click here, visit us, sign up here, things like that.
You don’t want any contact information so avoid email addresses, avoid websites, and
avoid phone numbers or any other contact information. You also will want to avoid any Facebook references
meaning do not tell them to like your page, do not tell them to share your page. This cover page is primarily for you to be
able to represent your brand through an image. It’s not there as a sales technique and if
you decide to go ahead and use those anyway, Facebook could disable your page or delete
your page. So go ahead and do yourself a favor and do not list anything like that in your
cover image. Alright, now that your cover image is done, you already created it, you
can go to your Facebook profile and you’ll want to hover over it and you’ll see an icon
called change cover. You go ahead and click on that and you can scroll down to upload
photo. You go ahead and choose the upload photo on your site and Facebook will allow
you to upload it right to your profile. Now if you notice any problems like the image
comes out blurry or it’s distorted or something like that, you might want to go back and double
check that it’s actually 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Because if it’s stretched
out or looks blurry, chances are it’s not actually 851 pixels by 315 and you may need
to go re-export it so that it is, because Facebook may be trying to stretch it out once
you upload it to their site. The next step is uploading and adding in a new profile image.
The profile image is the one at the bottom left of your cover image. It actually will
go on top. Now this is a little bit tricky because the image is displayed at 125 by 125,
but the image you want to upload is actually 180 pixels by 180 pixels. So this means when
you design it, you want to design it at 180 pixels by 180 pixels. Do not upload it at
125 by 125 because it will look stretched out, blurry and distorted. The profile image is going to be the place
where you want to upload your logo, your branding, your company name, things like that. You don’t
want to really put that stuff in the cover image. You can but you don’t want it to look
too repetitive or like you have the same thing all over the place. Now you can see in ours,
we did but if you’ll notice, we left the dot com out of our cover image because that’s
really against Facebook’s policy. But you can put it in your profile image and that’s
what we did. So that’s going to be where you’re going to want to put your logo and company
branding and everything. And the other thing you’re going to notice is that this profile
image is also going to be the thumbnail image next to all of your comments and posts on
Facebook. So as you can see down here, we have our profile image and that’s going to
be the image that everyone kind of represents with our brand when they see us on Facebook.
So it’s a really good spot to put your logo. So once you have your 180 by 180 profile image
done and ready to upload you can hover over your profile image, go to edit profile, and
then go to upload photo, and then you want to choose it on your computer and go ahead
and upload it. Now that it’s uploaded you’ll see that it’s
in place there. We also have the option of changing the thumbnail down here. So what
you want to do to change the thumbnail is go over the profile image, click on edit profile,
and then hit edit thumbnail. Now this will allow you to kind of drag your profile image
in the thumbnail space you can kind of choose where you want to show up. Or you can choose
scale to fit and that will squeeze your entire profile image into the thumbnail space. And
you go ahead and hit save. Now you’re all set. Okay so now we’re going to move on to
the apps and tabs on the right side of your profile right here. As you can see, photos
is going to be your first one and that’s just the default that Facebook has setup. We cannot
move it to a different spot, we cannot rename it, and the last image you uploaded to your
profile will be the one shown in the photos tab here. And we can’t do anything about it. As you can see we uploaded a funny picture
for all of our fans to look at the other day so that’s the image we have going on over
here. But all these other ones to the right can be changed. We can change them to virtually
anything we want. So to get started, what you want to do is hit the little tab over
here with the down arrow and it’s going to open up all eight available spots. And you
can move around these apps all over the place. You can move likes down here. You can put
YouTube up here. So what you want to do to move one of them is to hover over it, hit
the pencil icon, and then it says swap positions with and you can chose which app you want
to be able to switch it with. So if we wanted to switch it with likes, there we go, YouTube
is up here. Likes is back down here. So let me just go ahead and set it back to normal
where I had it. Okay. So within the apps you can change everything
on them. You can change the cover image, you can change the name of them and you can even
change where they are linked to on some of them, it depends on the kind of apps that
you have. So what you want to do is hit the menu down again and you can hover over one
of the apps and go to the pencil icon. And then you go to edit settings. And then this
image will appear, this little popup and you can change the tab name and as you can see
we have it called discount code. You can change it to anything. We’ll call it discount code
now. Hit save. Hit okay and then now you can see it changed. Although there’s not enough
space there but it did change. So I’m going to go ahead and change it back. And then you
also see a spot right here where it says custom tab image. You can change out this image anytime
you want and you want to make sure that they’re 111 pixels by 74 pixels, so that’s 111 pixels
wide by 74 pixels tall. And all you have to do is hit change, pick your image, hit save,
and then okay and your image will be switched out. Now on these images you can place call to
actions, you can place virtually anything you want. So I would strongly recommend putting
a call to action on there to show people what it is and tell them what it is and you’ll
really get a lot more clicks to these different tabs and pages if you do that. So as you can
see here we have a $15 off coupon for all our visitors. So if they click it they can
go here, they can see our page and see our discount code and get it. We have a couple
of different other pages setup. Different landing pages and stuff like that. So there
are a bunch of different things you can do with these tabs. We also have another one
linking to our new YouTube page. You can link another one to your Twitter page if you want.
You can put the likes up here. There are a lot of different things you can do with them. So now you may be wondering well how do I
get these apps. Well the easiest way to get them is to click down and show all 8 options.
Now if you have an available spot like I have here, I have 3 available spots, you can click
the little plus symbol and then hit find more apps, and you can go in here and you can look
through all these different categories of apps. You can probably do a search for them.
And all you have to do is go to the app. You click add to profile and it will add it into
your profile. So once it’s in your profile you can go ahead and add it. And you can move
it around to wherever you want. Then you can start changing the names on it, uploading
different images. You can even go to Google and do a couple of searches for any third
party companies out there that offer apps for your Facebook profile. And I would recommend
making sure that they’re secure, making sure that there’s no spam or spyware or firmware
on any of them. Make sure it’s from a secure site and then download it and you should be
able to install it on your Facebook profile. All he ones you find from Facebook will be
secure, they will be fine, you can go ahead and upload them any time you want. We hope you liked this guide on how to setup
a professional looking Facebook profile. And if you have any questions or comments we would
love to hear from you. Just go ahead and leave us a comment in the comment field below this
video. And if you really enjoyed this video show us by hitting the like button. And if
you want to share this video with your friends and family, you can hit the share button and
share it via email. Or send out the link on your blogs or even your Facebook profile.
Our next video will actually show you how to setup a Facebook landing page so you can
put a tab here and then click to a different landing page and you can design any kind of
landing page you want to show anything. So if you want to get the newest videos that
we upload you can go ahead and subscribe to our channel or visit our newsletter at
and you sign up about half way down the page. Again, any questions or comments please leave
them in the comment field below. Have a good day everyone.

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