How To Create a Facebook Messenger Bot (MANYCHAT Tutorial) 2017
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How To Create a Facebook Messenger Bot (MANYCHAT Tutorial) 2017

Sunny Lenarduzzi:
Today I’m gonna teach you how to create your own Facebook messenger bot and how you can
use it to grow your business and your brand. For the bright side of branding, business,
and being your own boss. In just a second I’m gonna tell you why and
how I use my Facebook messenger bot for my business but before I do make sure that you
hit that little bell beside the subscribe button to make sure you get notified whenever
I post a new video which is every single Tuesday right here on my YouTube channel. Okay so when it comes to a Facebook messenger
bot if you’re thinking, “What is that?” Or you’re just curious about how they work
I use mine to promote any new content that I have, to increase my response time on my
Facebook page which really increases customer service, and also to grow my email list and
to promote my new products and services for increased conversions, increased sales, and
increased business. If you want to create your own, free Facebook
messenger bot this is how you do it. First thing’s first, ManyChat is where it’s
at. This is for the most part what people are
using to create their Facebook messenger bot. All you have to do to get started is you can
get started for free, keep the free account, everything I’m gonna show you in this video
is with a free account and just hit get started for free and it’ll ask you to sign in with
Facebook through your Facebook for business page so that’s the second thing you need is
a Facebook for business profile which you can see here this is my Facebook for business
profile. Just a ManyChat account and link it, just
follow the steps with your Facebook for business page because that’s where your bots will come
through. I’m gonna show you three things in this video
that are really important to having your ManyChat messenger bot set up and running. We’re gonna get started with the Welcome Message. You’re gonna go over to the left side once
you’ve followed the steps to set up your account, left side of the screen go to automation,
and then you’re gonna go down to the welcome message. Anytime someone messages me through my Facebook
for business page they will get this message. It increases your response time which actually
shows up on your Facebook for business page so if it says you have a 99% response time
or one minute response time on your Facebook page that’s a really good sign that you’re
an active business and that you care about your customers and community. I like that this is set up and I’m not having
to actually respond to every single message that comes through my Facebook for business
page because it’s physically impossible to be active on it all the time and get anything
else done. This is how it’s set up and I’m gonna show
you how I set this up on ManyChat. When you go to the welcome message you’re
gonna go up to the top right hand side and you can edit your welcome message here. When it says, “First name here,” it actually
codes it so Craig is who messaged me and it says Craig right there. That’s just the code that helps you customize
your message to whoever messages you. I like the way mine is set up, this is really
important to have this at the bottom because then if people don’t want to receive your
broadcasts or don’t want to have messenger communication from you they can just press
stop or type stop and they won’t receive any more messages. Here’s the rad part about these welcome messages,
so I say, “Until I can get back to you here are a few options to take a look at,” I have
a link to the BYOBoss store, I have a link to my YouTube channel Checklist, and then
to add one of these you can add up to three, I’ll say YouTube for Bosses Course. Let’s say I’m gonna add that in there, what
I can do if you’re a brick and mortar business, if you want people to call you, depending
on what your conversion method is you can actually add in a phone number as well to
have people call you from this messenger bot. You can send them into a sequence, you can
send them into a website, whatever you want to use as a conversion. For me I’m gonna add in the URL for YouTube
for Bosses so that’s done. Here’s the extra amazing part, if somebody
clicks on this I can add a tag for say YouTube for Bosses August launch, let’s just say that’s
the tag, so anybody who clicks on this link gets tagged with YouTube for Bosses August
Launch and that means if I want to send a follow up message to just this group of people
who clicked on this particular link I can now do that through ManyChat, I can just message
the people who have that tag so it makes it customizable. All right, so let’s say that is done for now,
I’m gonna delete this off here because I don’t actually want that link on there but now you
understand how to set that up. This is really important to set this up first,
have a welcome message on your Facebook for business page. The next thing I want to show you is broadcasting. This is when you have something special that
you want to send out. For example if I’m doing let’s say a live
training on my Facebook page I want people to know where to tune in. I did a training with Mastin Kipp not too
long ago on my Facebook page I just said, “We’re going live in less than an hour with
Mastin Kipp, tune in to the link below,” and the link takes them to my Facebook page which
then allows them to watch live when we’re going live. I sent this right before I went live and it
built in a burst of engagement and viewers for that live stream so it’s just a good little
reminder and it works the exact same way, it’s just a button in here, and all I did
was add in the link to the live stream. If you want to broadcast a message to your
subscribers in your messenger bot this is how you do it. Super, super simple. Say that’s all I want to add in there, I can
absolutely do that. Let’s say they click on this link, you can
actually also send a follow up reply so you can see that you could totally send out more
sequences and do a whole follow up communication with the people that are responding to your
messenger bots. I’m just gonna say here, “See you soon,” if
they respond to the message so that’s what it’s going to look like, it’s just gonna be
a really quick little response, you can add emojis or whatever you’d like as well. You can do that and you can see now, so say
they say something back to that they’ll get a little “See you soon,” response as soon
as someone clicks that button. That’s a really great way to actually have
a conversation through the messenger bot and create further relationships with your subscribers. Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “Okay,
wait how do I actually get subscribers for my messenger bot?” Well that comes from the growth tools. There are a ton of ways for you to get new
subscribers for your messenger bot so you actually have people to broadcast your messages
to. You can choose new growth tools up here, I’m
just gonna click on this growth tool here, this is for a landing page. Now you can do a ton of different things,
like I said you can do a bar on your website so these are things that are going to pop
up or be overlays on your website or you can do an embeddable button or widget on your
website as well. These are super easy to set up, this is not
what I’m gonna show you right now because you can actually just go through this and
do these steps, they’re very easy follow on your own. What I do want to show you is just setting
up a simple ManyChat landing page. If you don’t even have a website you can get
started with this because it basically sets up a little landing page that’s customized
to you with a link to subscribe to your Facebook messenger bot. All you do is in those growth tools you’re
gonna click on landing page, this is the easiest way to get started with subscribers. You can customize it however you like, you
can change the text in here so let’s say, I’m just gonna make it really simple, “Want
to subscribe to my messenger bot?” obviously you’ll want something a little more
creative than this. I’m gonna say, “Can’t wait to chat with you. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on new videos
and content,” so that’s kind of what they’re subscribing for so it headlines subscribing
for. Then you can customize the actual button so
if you want to make it white or you can make it blue, whatever you like better. The button size you can make larger or smaller,
the larger the better because then people are more likely to click on it, and you can
also add an image in here so if I wanted to add an image of my face or something like
that I could do that here as well. You can also change the color so if I wanted
to make the colors something completely different I could do that, I would never choose green
but just for this purpose to show you. That’s how it sets it up, then when somebody
actually clicks on it they get a thank you message. Again, you can just edit in here whatever
you want the thank you message to say, you can edit how it looks as well, and then you
can add sequences and follow up sequences for this as well. I’m not gonna show you how to do that because
we don’t really need to get into that when you’re just starting out, but it’s something
that you can definitely do down the road but what I do want to show you is this is why
it’s so simple. This is why this is the easiest way to start
growing your subscriber base with your messenger bot, because you have your own little landing
page now where you can send people to to subscribe to your messenger bot. There you go, so that’s as simple as it is. You know how to set up and create your welcome
message, you know how to send a broadcast that’s customized, and you also know how to
start growing your subscriber base for your Facebook messenger bots so that you have a
whole list of people outside of your email list that you can communicate messages with
and to for your business and brand. That’s how you set up your own Facebook messenger
bot, I hope you found this video helpful and I’m gonna be sharing some tips in the coming
weeks about you can actually use your Facebook messenger bot to promote and increase your
views on your YouTube channel. If you do want to increase your views and
increase your subscribers don’t forget to grab my Zero to 100 Thousand subscribers YouTube
Guide below this video. If you like this video hit that like button,
share it with anyone who might find this helpful and be sure to subscribe. I will see you in the next video. Have you been thinking about using YouTube
to grow your business but you’re not sure where to start and you’re scared of wasting
time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide and I’ll show you the
right steps to ranking on page one for more views, subscribers, and leads for your business. Learn more at Speaker 2:

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